Came to Bring Division?

In Luke 12:49-53, it says Christ came to bring division, but how is that logical?  Doesn’t seem like it would be, but yet it actually it is.  What we as those who align ourselves with  Biblical  Faith, Truth etc.., not secular truth so we can do what we want, when we want and consequences to ourselves, soul, to others be dammed, but actual Biblical truth, and faith that Jesus and those who understood He was the Messiah were truthful, it can get intense.  We have to be like the rubber tree plant, where we stand strong in that, in objective morality and truth based on all this, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and though we might be pushed etc.. we may bend, but we do not break and we bounce right back firm in these truths.  How is that an issue?  If you are firm and can’t be broken in these truths, living among those who reject, even loathe these truths, and want to twist biblical truth, refuse to acknowledge or live them in your circle of friends and family, clashing may be inevitable.  Jesus knew that since we are not all robots, no everyone would accept these moral ect…boundaries, laws to live by and that i would test us, that life would test us.  It’s easy to have faith etc.. when you are around those who also believe and honor actual Biblical Truth, but when you are not, not always so easy.  He was aware of this.  Not that He came saying “I want to divide humanity, yeah that’s what I am here to do”, but He knew that there was going to be this division because of free will and human nature.  We say “hindsight is 20/20” , well Jesus was giving us hindsight ahead of time.  What about you and me, are we going to cave to the secular, to the warped social justice twisting of the Bible and Bible Truth, objective moral truth?  I hope not, hope we stay strong in the faith, which does not mean you don’t at times have crisis of faith or feel let down by life, God, but you don’t stay there.  May be stand strong in these truths, in objective moral truth etc.. and stand with Christ, be anointed by and with him.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen