Can Only Encourage

Dark violet fractal flower pattern
The Future is Also the Present.

As a friend, so on and so forth, encourage is all you an do.

You can care about a person, feel connected due to the common, creative cultural, even the faith component, denominator, even feel a deep psychic connection as an empath, intuitive. However, as much as this is so, and you have a sense of where you feel they can really fly on their path, you can only give the map so many times. When it seems that for whatever reason, fear of the unknown, pride, whatever, they just don’t want the road map, or are, oh I forget the word, tip of my tongue, pretending they are considering it, but really aren’t for whatever reason, there has to be a point at which you have to say “fine, keep doing it your way, and not for me to care anymore because I have my own stuff to work on.” Hard to do that when you care as a friend, in any way for a person, and you really see potential if they can get past the fear of the unknown factor and go off that cliff, trust there will be a parachute. I am not saying it’s easy to do that and being and artist and putting any of your work out there, yourself out there is not easy, raw, what you feel, think etc…whoa, even scarier, but the potential to really rock people’s world and even your own is amazing. I guess it’s not really about not caring about the person as much as it is about just letting go and trusting that if you have them in your prayers they will be able to be freed of all shackles etc… that do hold them back in every aspect of life, to a new life, and that they will be able to chart a whole new course, even when it comes to their vocational path, even within their current path.

That will be a really amazing day and time for them and those who get to see it unfold and take place.