Can’t Have It Both Ways

mourning us

Women want to be equal, treated equally to men, be considered in all things equal to men, so then what is the problem?  

Well there shouldn’t be, except when there is and when we fail to see that women are not men and men are not women.  God, the universal force of creation, call it as you will was biologically clear on that, including with childbearing, it’s the ladies being the ones giving birth to new life, the ones feeding from the breast all that.  The woman is both nurturer, yet one tough cookie.  However she is not a man, so there is this paradox that a woman lives in being a woman.  What do I mean about can’t have it both ways?  If woman say they want to be treated equally to men in work situations, in education, then that is exactly what they should expect, and not whine, moan and groan acting like some delicate flower that has to handled with kid gloves emotionally, verbally, but we had better all get a very thick skin and not expect to be treated any differently, given dumbed down testing or have tests or anything changed to facilitate it.  If we can hack it as is great, if we can’t find another line of work etc… I see it in politics where if the male politician or journalist gets really tough, and I mean bulldog rough and tumble grill your tukkus on your life, your record, your history etc.. same as he would a guy everyone freaks out including the female candidate.  If you can’t take the grilling, and the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.  Why should a female candidate be treated with kid gloves or any differently than a male candidate?  Why?  I would hope that if I were running for office my opposition if male would not take my gender into account and if I were running against another female I would not take gender into account, I would grill her tukkus and nail her to the wall as I felt was necessary and don’t expect PC as part of the deal.  If they got fiesty, bring it on lady, the fiestier about the issues , the better, so long as we stuck to absolute truth and fact, including in the case of someone like Killary that she enabled a sex addict to be a sex addict for her pure ambitions and she has no right to say she is a champion of women based on her marriage and her record.  Women can’t say they want to be treated equally, are strong etc.. then want safe spaces for speech all this crap.  It doesn’t jive.  Doesn’t mean men can treat women in any way with violence or should degrade them, but at the same time if you are in the political arena or if you are in a high ranking position, and female don’t expect kid gloves and don’t act like you are to be treated like some delicate flower.  

Feminism went far out of what it was meant to be and society in general has warped everything to where everything is upside down, down side up, inside out.  Feminism is not about giving up your femininity, your nurturing, motherhood any of that, despising it, just the opposite.  It is about celebrating all of that, but also recognizing that we are strong because of that and asking society to give us the opportunity to realize the potential of our gifts, talents.  That does not mean we are men or equal to men by nature in every sense,  in upper body strength for example. Again if we are going to say that we are equal in all things to men, that we want to be one of the guys, then we had better not expect any special treatment, adjustment etc.. or to be treated like a delicate flower, and we had better not whine moan and groan when we get treated like one of the guys, grilled like a barbecue on the fourth of July on the debate stage, or in the conference room.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen