Can’t Move On Until…

We hear the phrase a lot, move on and it’s important not to sty stuck in woe is me, what if etc.. For that to happen, there are some things we need to embrace.  Not saying it’s easy, there is a magic want to make it happen overnight, but if we can keep these things in mind, it can help.  

Closure, everything tied up in a neat package etc.. is awesome and healthy.  Sometimes people can’t give us closure, whether it’s in a romanic relationship, friendship or family, even in terms of career.  Sometimes people can’t give us that, whether it’s due to emotional stuff going on or for whatever reason.  There are times when we have to give closure to ourselves.  We can write a letter and then burn it, meditate and have a closure discussion with that person or situation, and if we need to have a good cry afterwards, cry.  When people behave ways that make us nuts etc..we immediately take it personally and it’s understandable.  However, maybe, just maybe their actions etc… are not about you or any issue with you.  Rather, it could be that a they have demons of their own they never dealt with or are trying to deal with.  Sometimes, you need to step away and pray for them, meditate on them receiving healing and awareness to be able to change the way they are expressing themselves etc… in a healthier way.  From when we are little tykes, what do we drive adults nuts with ?  “Why?”, a question we ask over and over again.  Human nature is that we want explanations, want to know why things were, are etc…Somethimes there is not explanation because sometimes people don’t know themselves why they act as they act etc.., so they can’t give you explanations and sometimes life throws curveballs that might be for us to learn something or teach others something via our experiences.  It’s not always clear, so sometimes we have to just roll with it and see where the journey takes us.  Two of the hardest words for many of us to say is “I’m sorry” and for some because of past experiences and Ego, it’s not going to happen, it’s just not.  They view apologies as weakness and can’t do it.  If there is a pattern of this, one can say something in a constructive manner, put up with it, or was, away.  This brings us to change, and especially in relationships, love how people think they can change the core of who a person is, or totally change their ideology, viewpoint on life etc…, and do so overnight.  Even Christians sometimes get all puffed up with the notion that they converted the person, they changed the person from an unholy to a holy life, a healthier choices life.  Yeah, think that if you like, but nah, you didn’t change anyone, the Holy Spirit did, their own reaching rock bottom made them receptive to what you were communicating.  They did the changing, and we need to realize that the best change we can bring is through example, prayer and meditation.  These are lessons I have had to learn and am still learning to some extent and it is not easy, but with meditation etc…, studying sacred scripture I am getting there.  I hope these pearls of wisdom help you in life’s journey.