Can’t Regulate Thoughts, So What To Do?

a dark room

There are dark places in some people’s hearts, minds and souls that make for some very dark thoughts and feelings.  From these you get some vile ideologies, even some very stupid ideologies, ideologies of entitlement, of victim mentality etc… For a lot of people, the thought is make it illegal, put a gag in these people’s mouths, pass hate speech laws, make these ideologies illegal. Sounds great, let’s make “dangerous, offensive” and such ideologies illegal, literally.  Great idea, right?

Well, no.  Don’t get me wrong, I loathe communism, marxism, nazi and all such ideology, Alinsky ideology, Marxist Liberation theology.  Even Christian so called Social Justice ideology gone amok, harboring undocumented immigrants, stuff like that, OY!!! No, none of it is in any way something I can or would ever say is a good thing.  However, if one is a spiritual person, one realizes a very important point,  Law is important, yes, and we must have law and order, that is crucial,  The Constitution, the Republic form of our government, seeing to it that is all honored as is our Capitalist foundation, crucial, the spirit of all men are created in God’s image, all that encompasses as a nation , crucial.  Not everyone is going to have positive healthy thoughts, inclinations of the mind and heart, and yes in some cases medically it can be treated, taken care of.  However in others such as certain world views, Facism (my mum grew up under the time of Mussolini and knows facism well, so let me say for all that think Trump and the Conservatives are that, you have no clue, get one, so far from the truth, not even close to it), Communism, Nazi mindset, you can’t erase that with laws.  That will take lots of spiritual prayer, educating, not sure what else, good smack upside the head, maybe.  If you decide to pass hate speech laws, well who decides that? Who decided what hate speech is, how do you measure that?  What i view as hate speech as a Christian isn’t to someone else and vice versa, so who decides, how do you decide?  It can get awfully messy and sticky that road of passing laws to curb speech.  A threat to assassinate, to dismember, that is a whole other level and that is a direct threat.  Regulating thought through law and law alone, regulating anything, solving anything by just passing laws is never the solution.  Healthcare is a prime example.   Can we curb action, and reaction, yes to an extent, but thought, unless you  plan on electroshock for all of us and making us all zombies, good luck with that.  Also, best we know what the other person is thinking in a sense so we can address issues and bring them to resolution, constructively, perhaps.