Can’t Run or Hide From Them

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary


Some things you can run from, hide from, I mean when you’re kids you play hide and seek, no problem.  You can run from the crazy neighbor by not answering the phone or door, pretend you are not home, so some things you can run from, hide from.  Then there are some things, you can’t run or hide from.  

I suddenly found a certain song come on Youtube and realized memories are the one thing, along with your emotional baggage you can’t ever run from.  You can change apartments, cities, states, counties, countries, hair color all that, but you would be a fool to think you can ever ever run from any of that.  It becomes a game of catch up and you will never outrun the memories or the baggage.  Luckily the baggage you can get rid of and over time the memories fade, but running, thinking that will take care of that, make life honky dorey, is silly to put it kindly.  It’s no picnic being in the thick of memories all of them, the good, bad, full range, not fun at all, not one bit, but for healing to take place in any real way it all has to be faced head on stared down and when you come up out of the deep and the cold, ice cold water, you come out stronger.  If you have some really great supportive anyone around to let you know they have your back as you make this journey of face these memories, a lot easier granted and hopefully you do or God puts that person in your path.  I do know that memories even if they fade, don’t get erased, are always there and they can’t be ignored as if they never happened, don’t exist, same with pain, especially the emotional kind.  That is something I have had to learn and it has taken me a long time and been a long journey and I hope others learn it a lot faster than I learned the lesson and process their baggage, face their “demons” a lot faster than I faced mine in life.  I always thought if only I could go to another state, country, planet, world then no more emotional hurt, no more ikky memories etc.., all would be by magic made okay, but that is not the case because memories, feelings are in the heart, spirit, soul, muscles and molecular levels of our being, so they go with us wherever we go.  I am realizing I have to be much more aware, focused, streamlined etc.. with my life and create much better and aligned to common ground with me choices etc… and better memories for my life.  Life keeps teaching and making things clearer if I stay open to understanding and what the Holy Spirit wants understood.