Can’t Use the Heartstrings or Fake News

Danger to America.jpg

Growing up one of my favorite shows was Dragnet with Det. Joe Friday, and his infamous line, ” Just the Facts ” He was right as is Thomas Jefferson and we are seeing this played with with immigration and so called rights of certain groups, which now mean that other groups such as legal immigrants, law abiding citizens, traditionalists etc.. are being kicked in the teeth, their lives, children, those who work for the President, American Citizens, ICE agents etc.. are under threat, even literally.  Why?

First of all, the narrative.  You have even so called Christians with their fake social justice stuff, and the Trump hating truly biased media, those who want no borders spreading falsehood, ignoring completely the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Precedent decisions made by the courts and pulling at the emotions to try and decide law and order, thus creating the opposite, chaos and disorder, destroying The Republic for Which We Stand One Nation Under God.  The media and the no borders activists, even Latin American countries who want to get rid of people rather than fix their nations perpetuate all kinds of false narratives about Conservatives, Trump, any government agency, official that stands by the Constitution, Border Laws etc…Anyone who firmly says, stay the hell away from our borders if you are not coming legally, for the benefit of our nation, not your benefit, and only under very strict asylum criteria will be crucified, branded a Nazi etc.. Funny because by the way Trump, his family, his team, those of us who firmly demand a total immigration overhaul very strict protocols etc.. on immigration, e-verify etc.., we are the ones vilified and some of the stuff thrown at us is truly vile, but do feminists, does anyone call that out, no.  The media, they wan’t ratings and much of the media is truly skewed Alt Left, Socialist, Marxist, so anything that seeks to restore America’s exceptionalism as a True Capitalist Federalist Republic, reclaim it’s Judeo-Christian heritage values upon which the founders based its’ formation, not he fake liberal interpretation, the actual true understanding of it, they will loathe, reject.  Even the Church is complicit in the lawlessness, which is surprising considering Jesus saying that we should give to the government what is due, and we are to submit to the laws of the government, unless they truly are Nazi, Fascist, which in no way is it the case in the USA under Conservatives, but it is Law and Order 101! It is surprising since the bible makes it clear that both God and Satan run things like a government, with hierarchies, everyone having a specific assignment, ranking with some ranking higher in authority and power etc…, and you don’t cross any lines of what role you have been assigned, Lucifer tried it with God, didn’t work out well for him, got banished, and won’t have a pretty end at all.  You would think the Church would have figured out not to promote lawlessness, aid and abet it, but apparently neither the leaders or members of the Christian community have.  I guess wisdom doesn’t come from religion or theology, sadly.  Then again, someone has to fill the pews I guess.

The politicos, what’s their excuse for lawlessness, stupidity etc..? Each side prostitutes itself, nothing new in politics.  The Dems funny enough founded by the KKK and up until not too long ago in no way supportive of emancipation etc.. for minorities, now prostitute themselves for votes to the Latino and Asian community, the groups that cater to open border and illegal immigrant advocacy.   Not that my Party, the Republicans are angels, no.  They also do it, but they do it to the Koch Brothers, Commerce Chambers and the like who want cheap labor.  The hell with actual law and order, statutes, any of that, the actual danger posed to the immigrants making the journey, the children put in the hands fo the coyotes etc… the destruction to our Republic, our values, heritage of being a strong Capitalist, Federalist, Democratic Republic, not a Democracy since we don’t want any group determining law for the whole, or any large state or large group of states running the show for the nation, nor do we want, nor did the Founders want emotions, the heart strings deciding law and orders, but rather law and order, safety, security, long term benefits on many levels to tho Citizens fo the nation to determine that.  When the Church, the Media, anyone, even Politicos put lawbreakers, and their activist advocates wants before the security, sovereignty, law and order of the nation, they have shown themselves to be a disgrace to all. 

What do we do about immigrants?  You sure as hell don’t create incentives for them to make this dangerous trek, and with their kids tor for anyone to make the trek.  If you truly want to help anyone, you kick ass of the nations that allow these crossings into our border, you make it clear you expect them to clean house fast, and will help them do it, either they clean house or face stiff penalties for allowing their people to violate our sovereign borders  You also radically overhaul your nation’s immigration policy so you have people come based on what your country needs, not what they need and for the long term, with e-verify etc.. in place.  You also overhaul international policy, so you don’t go into nations to rebuild etc… in  ways that are more damaging than helpful, and that have  100 year strategy, not kidding, with as little military intervention and more logistics and tactical assistance that does not involve the military, so they do their own fishing for the long haul and don’t come to our borders.  Enough already with the fake news, the heart strings, prostituting for votes etc…, time to get tough and overhaul the world!!