Caring Without Suffocating

Loving someone is a beautiful thing and it means you open yourself up to also being frustrated, hurt a host of emotions and if you are an artist,  a poet, songwriter, a creative intuitive, empath in any way that can be scary, but if you don’t live and love raw, what are you here for?  Love, true love means putting all of you on the line, not in a destructive way, but you give without counting tit or tat what you receive back each and every time pro quo.  You should have a give and take of course, but how do you give without suffocating?  If you are an artist, an intuitive and such, communicating, reaching out etc… is the core of who you are, sharing is the core of who you are in a relationship with one you love very much, especially one you love very much. 

What happens if they are not artistic etc…?   How do love them authentically without suffocating them, especially when you intuitively sense they are going through a tough time, something has happened, that they could use comforting etc…, but they haven’t yet reached out to you for it? As a sensitive you are frustrated that they haven’t shared and you want to be there for them, so what do you do?  On the one hand you want to vent your frustration, but you also want to be respectful of the fact that they are not an artist, creative, communicative etc… like you are, so you find yourself in a conundrum.  That is where the discernment, discipline and the poetic come in all in synchronicity.  You are able to connect to the divine to put into words simply and strictly to let them know you are there for them, and just want to know they are okay and at the same time you can meditate and pray to deal with any frustrations you might be dealing with in regards to the situation, even put it into poetry, song etc… As with all situations, it becomes a learning experience and maybe another poem, or song, painting etc…It doesn’t become another thorn in your rose.