Castle Falling, Too ?, Scattered To See

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary


There are times when you are watching people in a castle that is falling down and they just don’t see it.  You see it, and quite clearly.  Why don’t they see it? 

Issues, and scattering, lack of focus.  Often in life we can have a true passion, but not know how to focus that passion, have a true path, vocation, love and yet not have had the opportunities, courage etc.. to pursue it early on in life, so we don’t and then we take on a million projects and start to dabble in that which is our passion.  Yet, because we have not found a way to channel that passion, that love into a central core venue and are basically flying by the seat of our pants, no plan, just in the moment, moment by moment, no long range plans, lots of baggage maybe and stuff we ran away from, haven’t really faced, memories we refuse to process, just ran from we are in a sand castle that at any moment will crumble and we will hit that bottom hard.  We may be dividing ourselves into many pieces, problem with that is we will end up shattered and into a million pieces and take everything down with us.  Our passion, true love and vocation must have a core outlet and venue, and for example for me right now it is these blogs.  Ideally it would be also a partnership with a like minded partner and soulmate with whom I would be producing and creating material as well, joint production team artistically and in deep friendship, that’s a whole different issue.  What I am sensing and seeing is a situation of scattered energy, scattered dreams, time etc.., no focus of the core passion, core vocation and calling into any one core venue, outlet, partnership creatively.  Even Meatloaf had one core artist collaboration, even if it went through a rough patch, same with Simon and Garfunkel.   I realize even for my own life that scattering of energy and diluting your passion, not really focusing on that which is your passion, trying to divide yourself here, there and everywhere, keeping busy for the sake of busy as I tried to do in the past, running from issues, feelings etc… is not ever a good thing, ever.  Stuff has to be faced, dealt with, constructively, but dealt with.  Passions needs to be focused, one’s vocation clarified and then a core venue for that chosen, and core alliance for that formed, a positive dynamic one that will spur you to grow in every direction and to grow up as well, whether you like it or not!  I am also at a point where I realize people clutter their lives as a way of not facing themselves, or what they think is boredom, they want thrills all the time, as if somehow quiet time with self, with maybe just one other person and God, total silence with self and God or just one other person is a horror.  It is not, it can be absolute beauty and give way to great creative output.    The arts is a all or nothing kind of path and if you want that path, well you have to give up other pieces in order to make it happen, to really give it all your passion, especially if you are getting into it later in life, sorry that is the truth.   I also think having a really great creative partner helps, one who will kick your tukkus and they will kick yours as required to help you focus, grow etc…, inspire you every day,  that you can bounce stuff off of,   and study with, really explore, have a ball with as you make that incredible artistic very focused journey.  Scattering, dividing of self into many pieces, trying to be something for everyone and not focused on your path, your journey, core passion will lead one over the cliff and take everything along with you.  When you see someone on that path of being divided into so many pieces, not focused on their true primary passion, knowing you have that same love of the arts as the primary love, the potential of collaboration if there were focus on the creative as a team, equal partners team and that they are driving 180 on a 50 mile zone headed for a cliff, right over it, it can be really frustrating, even more so when you are an intuitive and empath, words can not begin to describe it.  So, what do you do when you see someone scattered to the winds, not focused on their true passion, and not having a core outlet venue for that and not sure if there is a key alliance creatively in their life that challenges them artistically, creatively, etc…since  an artist needs to be challenged so on and so forth, especially when you feel they have potential, sense they have potential?

At some point, you make your point one last time, put it out there as strongly as you can one last time and you pray, just keep praying, meditating, and praying for a miracle that they will declutter, and get extremely focused on their true path, primary vocation and passion and with a core venue, core alliance, even collaborating with you, whatever role you are meant to play in that journey of theirs core alliance, whatever, they begin that very focused journey.   Meantime, you simply keep doing what you are doing and hope for great things in your own life and your own journey, so your castle gets stronger and never falters, never falls.  If they refuse to see that their sandcastle is on very shaky ground and not very fortified because of their scattered focus, well then their castle and everything they are working with will have to crumble as well.  Only then perhaps will they finally get make that leap to focus focus focus, declutter,  etc..