Dark Night…

In these times we are very much experiencing the dark night of the soul.  Why are we doing so?  Basically we have become humanists and when a society because humanist and humans become the God and the enemy, well you get dark nights, lots of them.   Divinity, holiness, sacredness is not about religion per […]

Who Does It Actually Hurt?

Once again my mom went o a tangent against God for how her life turned out, for the erroneous marriage choice she made to my dad, his family, how rotten they were, saying it was all destiny, in router words, God’s fault.  It pained me because for one she has had this eat away at […]

Righteous Anger or Acting Out?

As we see radical left political ideals and chaos take hold of this amazing experiment that is America, has such potential, it is sad.  There is on the one had a cry for justice etc.., yet at the same time they are destroying people’s property, livelihood etc…The two are not congruent, not in alignment.  I wanted to […]