Why Feedback Matters.

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Number One Music allows me to send outa newsletter every 10 days and I recently sent one out and here are a few of the messages I have received.

Carolina:   “I never get bored this tune Even In The Greatest Storm. I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track.”

Pasquale  “hi I just have to say that you create a very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. I’ll be listening to you, I’ve just added your n1m page to my faves.”

Efrain: “hello you’re far too talented not to share what you can do with a vast audience and make a living from it –

I believe that ability shines through and that you’ve got plenty…”

Lesley “now THAT’s music ive been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!”

One or two of the music blogs I submitted to the feedback was that the vocals, the accent threw them off though they liked the lyrics, but the melody was a bit too laid back for them.  On that track I didn’t do the vocals.  The feedback on any project we do, from a few different sources, provided we don’t take it personally as an attack on us, but rather feedback on the material can be very useful.  These comments and others tell me I am on the right track and if I look at which songs got the comments, what genre, style people are drawn to that I put out there, then I know what to focus on, so it helps me.  It also gives me encouragement to keep going, and hopefully the day comes that I can earn my daily bread with the music and coaching.  Feedback helps us to know where we are, what maybe we need to work on, focus on etc… and where to go from here.  In the creative business, or sales, it is not personal, though it feels like it at times, when what we put out there is not readily accepted by all, but not everything can be liked by everyone, or appreciated by everyone.  We need to keep that in mind and not take it personally.  Feedback is important in life.



Problem With the Met Gala

met gala 2018

This is not even counting the bondage rosary mask.  Scripture tells us that in the latter days truth will be twisted and mocked and what is evil, unhealthy etc… will be lauded as good.  All you have to do is look around you and know that is true.  This shows that.  Even worse is that the Church gave their blessing, the Vatican sending the Choir to sing at the Gala had to know, and so did NY’s Cardinal Dolan, he even took photos with the Gala organizers I believe.  These people wearing these garbs belong to an industry that mocks the Christian faith, not any other faith group, no it gets all upset if you use the word Islamic Terrorists or Jihadists, but mocked Pence for his expression of faith, mocks Conservatives and Christians constantly on and off stage, simply for believe and adhering to, especially those who fully do, to God’s Scriptural Truth, Biblical Truth.  Does the media dare do so with any other faith group?  No they don’t.  Mainly because Catholics, Christians in trying to love thy neighbor etc…don’t really war against those who mock us, we don’t do jihad.  The sad part is that the Church sold out, it sold out to the things of the world, the very thing that Jesus said we were not to do, we were not to be of this world, neither was the church to be.  Yet the Vatican, Dolan sold out, sold out to the world in the name of whatever.  If the Church sells out, well what example of scriptural faithfulness can they provide?  Same with the debacle of the Boy Scouts undermining the role of male and female, their beautiful differences, the differences in how they learn.  This sacrilege of this Gala really brought home how degenerated Hollywood, and society is, and how sad the Church has become, how it has through so called Social Justice and in different ways sold out, and sold its’ soul.  That really is a terrible day and thing for humanity, and it is going to be up to the patriots and true faithful of scripture to get the church and things back on track and regain the soul of the Church and nations. 

Shalom and Amen

It’s Up, Woo Hooo!!

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The site is up and I hope to have the first full length meditation up for you this week.  I hope you listen to the songs on soundcloud  ( https://soundcloud.com/kathy-appello) and then consider purchasing them on bandcamp.  A percentage of all proceeds will go to organizations such as Water, UJF, Americares, Gary Senise Foundation.  The same goes with donations to this blog.  I hope you will donate or purchase on bandcamp.  God Bless.


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Happy Thursday.  I wanted to update everyone on what is going on with me and what I am working on.  

In regards to the seminars, I really hope that for future, you will register for any online seminars I offer.  I really would like to have a minimum of 15 people.  I will schedule it for May or June, the next one and provide the link once I have at least 15 people registered.  As for the music, I decided to put all the songs in one place, sell all my works in one place, so all my songs and meditations, spoken word material will be sold on my bandcamp site https://katherineappello.bandcamp.com/, which will be fully set up by Monday, that’s the plan.  I am dealing with some fribomyalgia stuff, my right foot is bandaged, have to say off it for a few days, try to as much as I can.  That is frustrating and this diet where I have  print out of three pages both sides, of what I can and can’t eat, is annoying, as I have to take the list with me every time I go shopping.  I have to make sure any product I by is GMO, Gluten Free, Soy and Wheat Free, also Lactose Free.  It’s been a frustrating, but also good week, as I decided to streamline things.  I refuse to let it knock me down, rather keep me down.  That’s the latest and I hope to have new songs up for sale and the bandcamp  site fully up by Monday.


Latest NewsFlash

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The latest news, well here it is!

I have been featured on the following blogs and here are the links:



Inspiration, Philosophy, Poetry and Faith: Inspirational Guide.

That is what has been happening so far, and what’s coming up and what I’m working on?

  • Writing new pieces, material
  • Podcast interview -in the next two weeks
  • More blog and podcast tinterviews
  • Radio interviews
  • Summer live show- July Independence Day)
  • Christmas live show -Advent Season

That’s the latest news, God Bless and thank you for following!




Newest Pieces and News

Northern Lights II

What is going on, what’s the latest?  for one, I recorded some new stuff including the poem I posted on here and you can listen to that and other works of mine on my Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/kathy-appelloThe newest pieces will be available on iTunes and other online music stores in the next three days. I am also looking at putting together a live show for the early Fall, as I want to plan the material for spoken word well and the song part, that will be pretty much freesyle, spur of the moment, very much improv.  That’s the music end of things.  The ministry and coaching, I realize that people really have to want to move forward and be part of something and so I am going to be limiting the number of people for any future seminars, likely hosting them through zoom, limiting the seminars to 100 people and having a fixed ticket investment for each seminar.  Meantime I will create mini meditations for you, share them with you., but the more specific, specialized life coaching seminars will be handled differently.  I have been contacted by a Christian radio program about potentially being interviewed for their show on overcoming obstacles and life’s storms without losing faith, so hopefully other such opportunities come along.

Life is funny though because on the one hand there is this great clarity more and more each day, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and good stuff slowly and steadily happening, but I have now been put on a two month strict test diet to see if that helps to get my health on track and improve my fibromyalgia, and a number of my favorite foods are on the list of NO CAN HAVE, bummer.  I am still waiting for that soulmate I know is is my soulmate to find the courage to come into my life, to actually know on the door so to speak.  I know the prosperity aspect, though I have gotten another request for licensing of my music through music reports, is still not showing up in any great numbers in my coffers, but I am doing what I am doing because I love doing it and ministry in some form is what I am meant to do, is that meaning music or coaching, well, God will have to guide me.  If the music is not meant to be my path to earning my daily bread, just what I do for enjoyment and my ministry path and coaching is supposed to be my ministry and where I earn my daily break, that’s fine with me.  Doesn’t mean I have to give up the poetry, music, I can still do that, and I never have to resent God because I didn’t hit fame and fortune with it.  If I do, if I am meant to, cool, down with that, but I am also down with that not being the case.  I am learning to be quite flexible to God’s will and knowing best for me, not easy, initially, but it gets easier and you find great peace, calm.  Pray, meditate, but also allow yourself to be navigated through life’s waters by the Holy Spirit, don’t a stubborn twit.  Trust me on this, been there, done that, never turns out well when you rail your fists against God.  Some will point to the founder of Apple or such things, but what if that was their path, they got on the path very early on without even realizing that God had planned for them all along?  Just a thought, not that I would have wanted to be Steve Jobs, from the sounds of it he was great with computers, but not people, not even his own family.  I am not thrilled about this strict diet, but sometimes for the greater good, stuff has to be given up, stuff that is toxic to us, that’s life.


Color and Mood,Let’s Look Shall We?

Colror and Pyschology Wheel

If we look in scripture we see color associated with for example the priesthood, royalty, regalness, and seasons have colors, nature is all about a range of colors.  In winter people can get more depressed, less light, less, color.  Yet, too much sun and your skin burns and it can be deadly, so too much yellow, hmmm, not so good.  Too much darkness and depression will set in, so everything, even color has impact and I find it interesting what colors mean, what effect they can have on mood.  Interior decorators will use color to often give the appearance of more space to smaller apartments or rooms, or add color accents with rugs to do so.  How can we use color?

When decorating, if we have someone who has good taste to help us out and can work with the color wheel we might be able to create the perfect harmony of colors in the home, and same goes for our office if we have leeway in decorating.  What about wardrobe?  Let’s say you want to look savvy, sophisticated, but also vibrant, well maybe outfits for ladies that mix black with turquoise when going to work or to events, things like that.  If you want to bring creativity to your area if you are an artist, find a balance of two colors to bring out focus, but also creative flow, put decor around your space, artistic space or workspace. We can encourage others to do the same, friends, family, partners.  It seems to be an interesting area of consideration as regards moods and psychology, even for how we decorate our space, our wardrobe, accessories.  Don’t you think?

Shalom adn Amen

Is the Past Ever Truly Put to Rest?

night sky and stars

The past came has come visiting me these past few weeks, almost like a haunting, like a ghost.  It stays buried for a while, but then either something with the fibromyalgia, something will resurrect the ghosts of the past, all the frustration about not paying attention to God’s plan for me, frustration about letting my childhood stuff cloud my choices etc… into adulthood.  The past should stay in the past, shouldn’t cloud tomorrow, but I realized something.  It has taken away, rather the baggage I have carried has taken away  from me.  It has up to now taken away any sense of safety, of choice, any real sense of the ability to make choices, not the right ones. In essence, what was ahead scared me because what had been had hurt me so much.  Yet, I kept putting myself in relationship and career situations that would hurt me, cause pain, be one wall after another, one obstacle after another.  It is only now that I am coming to understand this fully, this notion of being scared of what was before me, so I didn’t embrace, seek out fully God’s plan for me because I was too hurt by what had been and couldn’t really trust anyone fully, not even God.  Am I in a place of being totally healed, where I can totally trust, even totally trust God?  No, getting close, getting there, but not totally there, not yet.  I am sure God understands and He is quite patient, so I just have to keep walking the journey till I get home, that’s all.   What does home look like? Lots of music and ministry/coaching and lots of smiling as I share God, and the lessons of life with all the world, God’s path for me.

Shalom and Amen

Talented Bloggers, Something For All

Peaceful Retreat

The Internet has brought great benefits, even with it’s downsides, to society, such as a range of bloggers to suit any taste, even in poetry, in all areas.  However, I do worry about accuracy in blogging, even journalism, a cautionary tale learned by the whole FISA debate and scandal going on.  I very much appreciate my fellow bloggers, who are passionate about their work, and for that I say Kudos.  I do hope that if bloggers are posting anything related to current events they are doing some solid research first, and that goes even in offering an opinion.  Another piece of advice I would give any blogger is to write about what they are familiar with first, but even when giving opinion, step back, be at least partially logical and level headed, not purely emotional.  Blogging, writing, coaching this stuff is something that can make for break reputations etc.., so let’s be as responsible as possible.