A Bond So Pure

This is one my latest pieces.  There are those that from the first moment you cross paths with, there is an instant flow, connection, beautiful thing.  Not even a sexual thing, something that inspires you, they inspire you to move forward with your gifts, talents etc.., an inspirational bond.  Those are the most beautiful.  Enjoy.

Celtic Blessing

I want to thank my followers and fellow bloggers, influencers who make a difference followers in supporting the bloggers, the bloggers for sharing a piece of you with each post.  So I wanted to extend this prayer, blessing to all of you.  The Irish, Celtic have such lovely prayers, when one tugs at me I […]

Blessing of The Rain

Rain, can be annoying, inconvenient, causes floods, but often out of the ruin of a flood etc..communities come together, realize what really matters.  It can also be a symbol for the Holy Spirit, God’s love, wisdom, correction etc.. Rain has a number of purposes, as does choice.  Choice can enslave us or free us, depending […]

Why It Matters, More So Today

https://www.crosswalk.com/faith/spiritual-life/what-is-the-sabbath-and-is-it-still-important-today.html Tonight I participated in the Sabbath prayer and candle lighting with the local Chabbad and it always is special to me.  It is also special that when my mom has gone to bed on Friday night and also during the day Saturday, find a spot outside maybe, listen to Sabbath prayers.  If we are […]

Palm Sunday Within Us

Jesus enters the city in triumph, though he knows what awaits him is pain, humiliation. At that moment he doesn’t allow that to keep him from being in that moment of victory, of triumph, of being embraced.  Jesus came to clarify and fulfill the law, and part of that was entering the city in triumph, […]

A Native Blessing

Today I tuned into a prayer and modified Mass meeting and it brought home how affected we are by nature’s rebellions, such as these pandemics.  I wanted to send you all blessings, something to give you wings in these troubled times.  God Bless, Stay Safe, but DO NOT let fear overrule faith, prayer, meditation and […]

Holidays, Fatigue and a Fall

The holiday season brought a fall on the way to church and pain, omes from day pain on top of pain.  The fatigue that in and day out with Fibromyalgia is not always easy to navigate.  This fall did not help the exhaustion that comes with fibromyalgia.  The thing that most scared me I think […]

1st Step to Creating

Do you know at least one person that seems to make the most of out every situation? Someone who has great success at the act of manifestation (the act or product of bringing about change through the direction of consciousness)? You may even have felt a little jealous of the person because it appears they […]

Count Your…

This week I share with you these wishes, and this wisdom.  We spend so much time looking at what is wrong, the ugly etc.., even in our own lives and we forget to look at the beauty, blessings to be found.  May we all learn to count the blessing, not the “curses” so much. Amen […]