Sometimes It’s Best

I came across a piece of wisdom and so I decided to reflect on it.  The title of this reflection is “Sometimes It’s Best”.

Parent Self Care

Being a parent is by nature about care, providing care, nurturing etc.., but to do that effectively on an ongoing basis, especially in today’s world where you have a lot of single parents due to divorce or by choice, or because both have to work due to economics the parent can burn out easily.  While […]

What is the Trust Thing About, Really?

As I anticipate this potential second chance with one who still haunts my heart to some degree and the chance to build something lasting this time around, really lasting, healthy and all that, the trust thing has me really thinking.  What is that all about, really?   Each of us, without even realizing it maybe, has […]

Healthy Relationships

When people think relationship, they often think romantic, but we have all kinds of relationships, including our relationship to self, so it’s important to understand what constitutes a healthy one.  I’ll be going in depth for the next week on this.  At the core of a healthy relationship is Respect, but what is respect?  It’s […]

My Boundaries Meditation

This meditation will help you look at where you are at with boundaries in your life, relationships, so you can make any shifts or adjustments needed in that regard.

Boundaries, What’s That All About

When people think about setting boundaries, drawing lines, even with themselves, the though they, we may have is, something along the lines of not wanting to control or being controlled.  Problem with that is lack of boundaries is being controlled and at some point having to then go overboard on control because things get out […]

How to Communicate Boundaries

I will be providing e-books that you can then download to further expand on the topic of boundaries, as I continue to discuss this topic before moving on to next week’s topic.  Even if we have boundaries, if we can’t articulate and communicate them, then what good are they to us.  I hope my sharing […]

Preview of the Week Ahead

What’s on the horizon, what’s coming up: More In-depth look at Boundaries – I am going to go more in depth on boundaries in different areas of life Checking in Meditation – a meditation for checking in with yourself, you can do this at the start and end of the day, also to relax Boundaries […]

Healthy Boundaries 11 & 12

Healthy Boundaries 11 & 12 I am going to be recording some of the material and presenting it in this format.  For previews of topics to come, please check my twitter and instagram: kappellocoaching I look forward to going more in-depth on the issue of boundaries and also delving into financial management and other topics […]