Health Boundaries 9 and 10

Relationships can be a number of things but often will fall into one of two categories health or toxic/unhealthy.  The key is figuring out which of the two they fall into and that can include family, much as we may love them.  Relationships should help us to grow in our gifts, talents, our discernment, understanding of […]

Unhealthy Boundaries 9 and 10

Your values are who you are, they are your identity.  If you don’t know what you stand for, will fight for, why you do so, means you have no identity, you are a piece of paper blowing in the wind, not firm, not solid. When someone tries to manipulate you, push you to compromise those values or […]

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Unhealthy Boundaries 7, 8

Personal Values, Moral and Ethical Boundaries are all important parts of who we are as persons in every sphere of life, they matter, should matter to us, as should our general human rights, rights as citizens.  All this matters, so when persons or even our own ego, emotions, personal ambitions get in the way of […]

Social Awareness

  Now we come to social awareness.  Non verbal indicators can be the most authentic ones when it comes to understanding people and what is going on, even when guarded because they will sit a certain way, their arms  a certain way, so without realizing, we give “tells” of what is going on with our […]

Self Management

Once you have the awareness, then what?  Then comes the next aspect of this intelligence, which is managing the awareness.  Life will put us in situations and we will need to sometimes be in situations just in our day to day routine, to get from point A to B in the morning where there is […]

Unhealthy Boundaries 7 and 8

We all have impulses, part of being human, impulse shopping, so impulse in and of itself is not a negative, as one can have the impulse to do good, and when in the right context etc.. it can have a positive outcome.  However, if we forget that our body is a scared temple, that houses […]

Healthy Boundaries 5 and 6

Knowing our boundaries is important, very important, why?  We can’t know when your sense of self, your boundaries physical, emotional, spiritual, ethical etc.. have been violated if we don’t even know what those boundaries are.  One of the reasons I am going to be doing seminars on discerning Values, Moral, Character and all that is […]