St Rocco, The Mass, Confirmed It, Again

St. Rocco Mass.  It got to standing room only.  Once again in contrasting this to the secular concert events we have had or months, with empty seats, the message was clear.  What was the message and what is the message with conservative, traditionalist churches and diocese thriving and liberal ones dying? For one, wake up church, […]

What Do You Do With…?

As I was realizing that the Festival of San Gennaro was right around the corner and I had done all I could to coordinate things,  all I could, to get things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, but was not getting as far as I should, things not moving as they should suddenly I […]

The Church, Cultural Center, Why Not?

The church is often mocked, the Catholic Church in particular, as well as the conservative evangelical.  That is quite funny considering. The church was since Biblical times, as was the King’s court, the main patron and supporter of the arts, the talent that was present in those times with the writing of the psalms, and […]

New Year, New Start, Where to Start?

As August 4th approaches, my birthday, my 52nd birthday, I ask myself what do I want, what gift do I want the Lord to bring me? I guess I could complicate it, get overly analytical about it all, go through a whole childhood issues analysis, get all academic and intellectual about it all.  At the […]

Why I Came Home.

The Roman Catholic Magisterium is crucial to Catholic cohesion, and identity, so is a cohesive doctrine, and worldview.  Why does this matter, who cares? I realize I care, very much.  I realized this as I saw this Pope push aside conservative, in a sense show a level of disdain for pure conservatives like Burke, Muller, […]

Going to Plan B?

I care for much for my faith, for the core truths of the faith and the magisterium, boundaries taught in sacred scripture, and also for the parish I now call home, for the traditions of my heritage.  I would hate to see that lost, so what do I do? I understand clearly that as much […]

Context Is Everything

When youth is taught that science and Catholicism are not compatible because the faith rejects science they are out of context in that view because well it is out of context.  How is that out of context? Let’s see. First of all, the Bible is not meant to be a book about science, though it […]

Stirred to Clarify, So Here Goes!

Often Protestants will get all in a huff about the Catholic Bible having seven more books and sacraments such as Confession, the Pope, Magisterium, all that stuff, saying it’s not in the Bible, the devils work, all made made stuff that Catholics follow. I could try and get into all of it in one shot, […]

Ladders, In Life and Spirit

Majestic isn’t it, the soaring bird, eagles wide spread, clear skies, beautiful picture.  Isn’t that what we all year for.  Genesis 28:10-22 would seem to tell us, yes. Let’s look at this passage.  Jacob has a dream about a ladder, wrestling, and then there is transformation after wrestling with an angel, God, something that changed […]

Beauty, Goosebumps, Close to Tears

Yesterday as we celebrated the Latin Rite Mass at Shrine of the Most Precious Blood in Manhattan, with the Latin Chant etc.., goosebumps, almost cried at one point for the beauty of it.  I also thought of the direction the RCC has taken to be PC and be of the world. the mass exodus to […]