Intelligence, Is It About Books, Facts?


We often think of intelligence as knowledge of facts, as if knowing facts or being passionate about a cause, for the sake of the cause, makes for  intelligence.  Well, no it doesn’t.  Intelligence is not about how much information you know or retain, nor how passionate you are about a cause just because you are.  Intelligence is more complex than that, so when I came across this, ti really spoke to me.  When coaching, teaching, ministering, parenting,  in relationships, intimate ones, it might be a good idea to try and understand which of these intelligences a person is operating from, so we can interact accordingly.  I hope this chart can be helpful to us in our interactions with others, as interactions with others can be baffling at times.


Why oh Why We Ask Ourselves. Oy!

Free To Choose

As a nation, in governance, in who we elect, in our own day to day life we make choices, and we want the free will and freedom to choose, to decide. That’s awesome, great unless you make as we do in life dumbass choices.  Life is all about the series of choices we make, good, bad, ugly and yes our early years can influence that, as can other factors, but does that mean we have no choice in how we decide etc..?  Hmmm

My childhood was one of pain and sadness, torn between mom and dad, lots of junk that left my world turned upside down and left me feeling on very shaky ground, and then later on in life came the fibromyalgia, again turned it all upside down.  As I have said fears etc… from that influenced my life, the childhood stuff did have an impact but as I am 51 now and reflective of my life, I realize something.  I did have a choice, the choice to find a way, constructively to release all that baggage very early on and discover my greatest gifts, talents and map out a solid plan to move forward, seek out mentors to help me with that and push through the fears etc…I was a snowflake plain and simple, and impulsive of ten times, so life went in circles for most of it.  It was only when the fibromyalgia hit and hit hard that I was really pushed to examine my life, choices made, and realised we can easily fall into a trap and use the past as an excuse to justify lousy choices and decisions, even ancestral history.  With the Fibromyalgia I could have been a whiner, whining and decided I was a victim and how could God do this etc…all that crap, but I didn’t.  I chose after I got over the initial stages of denial and all that to pursue what I should have done in the first place in my life arts and ministry, tough love ministry, no sugar coating and if it went over well fine and if not, not.  Even my mom, love her, but I have given her some tough love when she has beomoned how destiny messed up her life, and destiny is why she married my dad (lousy idea, nice guy, but not for her at all) and all that.  I have given her some tough love and told her to not whine about it, nothing to do with destiny or God, she had opportunities, good ones in Italy to marry, but didn’t then at 40 something decided she should marry and get out the small town she was in, and without really knowing my dad well at all, to marry the guy.  I have pointed out in no uncertain terms that I love her, but anything that is her life now is down to her choices.  The same goes for me.  Yes choice is great, but choices, decision, even those to give into anger etc.. have consequences and we often love the notion of choice, but then get all pissed off if we have to face the consequences.  Getting pissed of at God, Life, Others is not going to help one bit, though neither is continuously beating yourself up.  Recognize that choice, decision, and reaction, even to when you are done wrong to, has consequence and you are going to have to or need to own up to it and suck it up.  It is fun, no, often it’s not, but whining and complaining, blaming, wanting revenge is not helpful and rather dumb.  I spoke in a previous post about righteous anger versus destructive anger, and it’s important to know the difference, and it’s also important not to make life about your being a victim, and those around you being victims, seeing victimization everywhere you turn because that will create perhaps not so pleasant consequences.  Choice, decision equals consequence and one of the problems with our society having created all these snowflakes is they don’t get this, so they will blame guns, blame everything under the sun, but won’t engage in any serious discourse of opposing ideas (doesn’t mean you force anyone to think your way or you have to change your way of seeing things), and see themselves and others as victims of something or everything, so we have a society that refuses to accept the chain of choice, decision, consequence as necessary for constructive, actual constructive action as regards their own life and society, they want others to fix everything, mainly government. Yikes!.  That is truly tragic.  We should not be afraid to make choices and decision, so long as they are not being driven by the past, by past baggage and that alone.  The past can inform us, so if you had certain experiences under certain circumstances, you know to avoid those in future, one would hope so anyway that the lesson had been learned.  The past and having a constant victim mentality is not going to lead to wise choices, decisions nor positive results.  Yes life will throw stuff at you, but it is the choices, decision made at that time and after that can determine the trajectory of the future.   One thing you should not be is a constantly whining snowflake blaming everything and everyone for the choices you made and the consequences.  Sometimes life puts in in situations where we have to make tough in the moment decisions, but we need to get centered, focused and make the decision that is constructive and not as a victim, but as one who has the ability to think, and choose, the ability to choose wisely if we do not choose, decide strictly based on past baggage.

Shalom and Amen

Part of My Heritage, But Not Who I Am?


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and love my Italian heritage, but, yes there is a but in there.  I have tried to be part of the Roman Catholic faith, but every instinct in me says, no who you are and what makes sense is biblically accurate Evangelical Protestant,Athanasian Creed and 39 Articles of Faith.  I understand that we all have a different calling in this life, that salvation comes strictly through Christ. What does that mean for me? What is at the core of this?

It comes down to how one understands one of the most important moments in the Gospels, the moment when it is revealed to Peter by the Holy Spirit who Jesus is, and Jesus’s response about the Rock.  What is that Rock, is it Peter, the Rock that can’t be penetrated by Satan?  What is the rock upon which Christ would build His Church?  As prayed and read that whole scene over and over, it became clear to me anyway that the Rock was the truth revealed to Peter, that truth, along with the holistic truth of the bible, which can be found in the Athanasian Creed quite nicely.  How does does that affect my life and how I interact with my quite liberal Roman Catholic and community of people I’m connected to?  It’s a balancing act because my mom is 93, so I don’t want to have a family rift or division.  On the other hand, I believe in the natural law and order of things as God intended, as well as standing by that truth no matter what.  How I stand by it is the part that can be tricky, not getting riled up when I am told I am on the wrong side of things.  I am now realizing the best thing to say is something to the effect of “I am a conservative evangelical and I’ll always be.”  I just have to keep responding in that way, firmly, keeping calm, and that is true of everyone I interact with that is RC.  What of my daily life?  I enjoy saying the Anglican Rosary, helps me focus and calm myself, same with certain prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, and hymns that uplift and teach me, inspire me in my faith and in all things.  It gives me a sense of peace, of calm, the ability to think through stuff with clarity and objective truth guidelines.  Ritual is not a bad thing, and the RC faith has some beautiful stuff going on, but if I can not embrace the theology in full, then I would be hypocritical to be part of it on a day to day basis.  As I said I can appreciate it as my heritage, which I should and do, but in terms of theology, day to day living, prayers etc… I am truly Non Denominational Evangelical Christian, and with a very clear sense of what I need to understand more in depth of, to live the faith and spiritual path more fully.  I will always appreciate the heritage of my ancestors, but faith wise I can not follow it.  I must be true to God and Biblical truth as the Holy Spirit guides me to be. 


New Habit, Hmmm What Shall it Be?

Forming New Habits

I have been thinking about it and we work with three areas of being, heart, spirit and soul, for me the balance of those and of those with consistent right knowledge seems key to a great future and solid faith journey.  My new habit, to start with I would like to work with is balance of heart, spirit and soul as a Christian artist, with this seeking of this consistent right knowledge.  What do I have to for that to happen? As I see it a few things:

  1.  Meditate on the right things
  2. Choose the right place to seek knowledge
  3. Develop my craft as an artist and my faith building in a way that balances all three

The right things, right place, that is the next piece that has to fall into place, which I will be working on, and sharing with you.

all a bit broken, still color

As I recorded my latest improvisational poem and posted it today, and saw then the email that gave hope of potential artistic representation, I had mixed feelings. 

I love doing freesyle poetry, recording, singing, and if I have the means etc.. I will welcome the chance to , produce etc.., but there is still a broken wings factor that will never fully perhaps heal.  There is that child within abandoned, hurt throughout her life that will never fully heal perhaps, that has only in the past two years found her voice, truly begun to find her voice.  Can one fly with a broken wing? Can one truly color with broken pieces of crayon or chalk? Yeah, I used to it all the time growing up and teaching.  Was it easier to do so with a full piece of crayon or chalk? Yeah.  I still colored, just took off the paper and colored.  It was not impossible, just meant I had to maneuver my fingers a bit.   This is no different.  Broken wings, heart etc… we all have some of that, but that does not mean we should let it stop us from coloring life with beautiful colors, with our beautiful colors. 


Knowing Their Spirit, Knowing Them


Often people will speak of what Christ, or a person did, but they don’t really know them, and even when they think of characteristics they don’t understand the context that the creator intended for those characteristics for our greater good and that of society.  One of the problems with religion often times  and relationships is that we might know what people do but not understand who they are.  I would like us to look at where we are.  I will share where I am with all of this as well

First I want to discuss a few things.  When the bible talks of love, it does not mean love without truth, even if it is a moral truth they don’t want to hear, without moral boundaries, even if they don’t like the boundaries being given to them, same with charity, it does not mean charity without wisdom, or charity that keeps a person a victim or dependent, rather charity that empowers, that helps bring one to healing, and patience does not mean patience with destructiveness or self destructiveness. Everything has to be with truth, with moral truth, integrity, balance, wisdom all that jazz.   Where am I at with the gifts, with ministry, teaching, discernment, with patience, charity, kindness?  Well ministry is not necessarily about a pulpit or teaching about a classroom, these things can be done through the arts, through internet platforms such as a blog, a podcast. The discerning of spirits, word of knowledge, have those covered pretty much. Wisdom and Fear of God, getting better at it, in terms of self discipline in overcoming sin strongholds through meditation and prayer, giving myself a literal “stop, think before you act” instruction when necessary, prompted in the spirit.  The kindness part, well could do a bit better we all could.  I have the tough love tendency a lot, have a tendency to lean that direction, love you, but will hit you with the truth whether you like it or not especially biblical truth.  I could do better in my approach.  Patience, I have gotten better, but it is not one of my virtues, never has been and will always be a tough one for me.  Do I beat myself up for not being perfect in the gifts of the spirit, for not having achieved immense success in ministry and teaching through the arts etc… yet, for not having reached millions across the globe, for not being perfectly patient all the time etc…? No.  Do I give thanks in Christ that I am on the road to being a better person? Heck yeah!  Do I periodically examine my life, self to see where I am at with things, cultivate my gifts, see if I am cultivating them properly, wisely etc…? Should I? Heck Yeah!  With the help of The Advocate from the High Heavens and my will to do so, I shall!  From the study of the gifts and fruits including character character traits spoken of in the bible of the Holy Spirit which are also those of the Father and the Son, I can come to know who they are and who I should strive to be, but in right context, remembering integrity, moral boundaries and all that jazz, matter.



What A Warped Society We Weave

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The first story should make us all gag and do a exorcist like full head spin, going “WTH?!!!!!”  Imagine what a field day NAMBLA will have with this one and other pedophile groups! How the hell does kids playing with toys or play around mean they are gay, transgender etc..? How the hell do kids understand they are anything about sexuality as two year olds or even eight year olds? If they are molested over time and that is the sexual relation they are exposed to or have traumatic experiences with the opposite sex or antagonistic ones why might that not be why they are leaning a certain direction?  From a spiritual and physical world existing understanding, dark entity oppression and influence?  In our warped society, many would see no perversity in the first article, in the first worldview.  Yet, a statue of a man with a kind heart giving a hungry child a loaf of bread, that is deemed lewd etc..?  Drag queen TV that’s fine, teaching all kinds of LGBT lifestyle stuff to young, very young children, that’s progress, but teaching about solid boundaries of behavior, about traditional family, strong family, a strong community of faith, a creator of all things etc.., that’s being Nazi.  Debating all ideas in college, having a range of opinions expressed including Christian, can’t have that.  Someone like me, I would be enemy number one on college campus as a professor or a student because I would be open about my faith, my conservatism, my capitalism, make no apologies, even if it literally cost me my job and my degree.  I have to be true to self and He who created me, who gave me life and to a orderly and right order society.   These two articles are just one example of many contrasts I could give.


Spiritual Self Discipline, Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Spiritual Awareness can be pretty messy, which is why this subject of self-discipline is not really an option. Especially if you are going through spiritual awakening process, you will understand that it can be a painful process. Parts of your soul will awaken, nagging your attention to develop them. New gifts of observation and visualization will often pop up, sometimes dragging your whole normal life to mess. It is for this reason why I can’t stress enough the importance of self-discipline. You will need a whole structure or procedure of meditation and prayer practice to handle the new surges of energy your soul parts will manage to attract. Trust me!

I have been through this process and I found that without specific structure of practices and prayers, my life became a total mess. I even started losing interest in life. All became meaningless. It is then I found the truest importance of self-discipline.

Now don’t give me those excuses! Work, daily routine… where there is a will, there is a way. Self-discipline is not going to rob you of your precious time. It will in fact teach you importance of time management. There is no better way to develop punctuality than incorporate set of practices which you do on daily basis. You will also find out the relation of your spiritual gifts in daily life. You will find the practical implementation of those abilities which you are starting to find out in life as spirit grows.

Find the Balance between Strict Structure and Open Mindedness

There is a line between being open and being strict. We often see religious people with narrow minded personality. They are too afraid to let a belief challenge their already established ones. This is because losing your pre-established thoughts for sake of new ones can be a really scary thought. Why you ask? Well isn’t it obvious? Such people have restricted to few beliefs and told themselves this was the only way towards spirituality. Although they are very structured and follow fixed routines, this is not the spiritual structure I am talking about.

We then find sometimes the examples of too open minded spiritual people. Not pointing fingers, but being spiritual without anything to guide is like handling a large flow of water coming towards your way. Without a channel to guide its flow, you are going to surely let it be wasted everywhere. You can’t harness the force of water, what you will do is create a mess.

What I am talking about is a perfect balance of two. Why? I just told you the bad things of these two. Remember we are talking about the bad side of extremes. Extremism is always wrong. What I am talking about is true side of Christianity which is balance. Be open-minded but be self-disciplined. Be accepting yet be mindful of what is socially as well as morally unacceptable. You must find ways to express your spirituality. By this way, you actually create a channel to handle the massive amount of energy which you will put to great use.

Whose Responsibility, Risk and Reward?


Two schools of thought, ideologies etc…Socialism and Capitalism.     This chart gives the differences in a very concise manner.

There are key differences, important ones being responsibility, spirituality, risk, reward ration, full realization of self, the basis or even incentive for that.  True capitalism, not crony, which is what we have had much of, but true capitalism and private community and faith based charity create an amazing society, world, but for that to happen some key elements have to be present at all levels of society.  First thing is a natural love of law and order, personal development, and of development of one’s talents, gifts, discovering what they are, a supportive law abiding community, and natural order family unit of great integrity to also show you that path and help you discover that.  A true capitalist society understands the value of individual, as well as collective contributions of gifts, talents whatever they are and even when life circumstances change, new or perhaps never before explored gifts are encouraged for continued self reliance etc… There is also in the USA, used to be a strong faith component that kicked you in the tukkus to strive for integrity etc…, not to say we are perfect and achieve it perfectly, but it was there, strongly, it mattered.  The government in a capitalist society, the education system is not the parent, is not the primary educator and shaper of worldview, rather the family and local community is.  When that is strong, solid with solid ethics, integrity, morals and thriving through true capitalism, when there is no crony capitalism, no corporate welfare, rather full range of risk and reward, everyone knowing there is no bailout, so make it work, do it right, no one is going to save your tukkus, stuff gets accomplished, innovation happens.  When government takes on a role of parent, nanny everything under the sun, and has constant bailouts for everyone, no one learns any lessons, no one develops thick skin, no one seeks to innovate.  Does that mean that government shouldn’t have some laws to keep law and order, all that jazz?  No, of course it should, but not to point of suffocating, stifling innovation.  A big part of life is this equation, not a comfortable one, but a necessary one, “risk and suck up risk if you want reward, potential reward, realize “buyer beware, if anything seems to awesome to be true, triple check it, likely is”  Life is about discovering what you and your gifts are made of, which means risk, reward, and potentially disappointment and heartache here and there.  That is what builds character.  It also forces you to learn to make decisions, to think through things critically not with emotions, or seeing boogeymen everywhere, but it teaches you to figure out how to discern things in life.  When government says “we will take care of everything, decide everything for you, guide every aspect of your life”, you are in serious trouble, for many generations to come. 

For there to be true freedom, you can’t have snowflakes in a society, a society full of them, the government micromanaging lives or society.  Human beings can not, must not be micromanaged.  Nations must as true to capitalism as possible, full risk and reward, yet community, locally and individually we should be able to constructively help those in need and those who did risk and lost in that process to rebuild.  That is true capitalism and a strong society, nation.

Quote of the Day Reflection


There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.
Bryan H. McGill

Do you have to like everyone you love? Do you have to approve of every action taken by those you love? Wait are these trick questions?  No, they are not.  Loving people does not mean you are going to like or love everything about them, or how they live their lives necessarily.  You may not always be thrilled in the aftermath how you lived your own life, may have moments you don’t like yourself much.  Can you love on a broad human scale to forgive, even if you voice your distaste etc…, hopefully and please non-violently?  You can’t really forgive if you don’t have genuine love for the person, or a general Agape love that is taught in spiritual communities.  Does that mean you have to associate with them, especially if they show a pattern of negative behavior, show they are incapable of true relationship etc…, even true friendship?  No, you don’t.  Forgiving is as much about you and your own journey, loving yourself enough to release the harmful poison that bitterness and lack of forgiving bring to your heart, body, spirit, soul and life.  What about in cases of a tragedy, don’t we want justice?  Yes, but you won’t get justice if you are do blinded by anger and rage that you can’t let justice take its’ course and trust that whether in this life or the after, it will come, in God’s time, not yours, NOT yours.  Justice is not the same as enraged immediate revenge, which could result in an even greater tragedy and error. Without forgiveness there can be no discernment of any truth, that includes forgiving one’s self for errors, missing the mark as scripture says.  Not to say we shouldn’t strive to be better persons and cultivate discernment, right moral, ethical etc… judgement even in how we live our lives, we should, for our sake, the sake of nations, communities and greater society, future generations.  Forgiveness does not mean you have to be a part of someone’s life, have a relationship, or if you do approve of how they are conducting their lives, it means you can mutually agree to disagree and express how you feel without fear one to the other, if you have a really together life with solid boundaries, moral and ethical boundaries etc..who knows you can be a great example for change and transformation.