God’s Words Speak in Any Language

This Psalm is a staple of the faith, The Lord is my Shepard etc,,,, but even if it weren’t, and even though I don’t understand the language, if it were evening, low lights a candle or two, or three quiet still of the night, even a quiet Sunday afternoon, God’s words can still penetrate the heart, spirit and soul.   If you happen to find yourself on vacation, somewhere where you don’t speak the language, even a Jewish Temple, an Orthodox Church, don’t be afraid to go in, because God will speak to you no matter what the language being used that day.  


What Do You Do With…?

Holy Ghost

As I was realizing that the Festival of San Gennaro was right around the corner and I had done all I could to coordinate things,  all I could, to get things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, but was not getting as far as I should, things not moving as they should suddenly I was taken back in time.  

I was reminded of the movie The Sound of Music and when she is walking down the aisle to get married, the nuns start singing “What do you do with a problem like Maria?”  The song goes on to say that there’s many a thing you ought to tell her, many of thing she out to know, implied that she just doesn’t get stuff she ought to get.  Again it asks what to do with a problem like Maria.  The nuns had to acknowledge that you can’t really do much.  There are those who will never be focused, never be like a laser beam with their ideas, quick to action when action is what is needed.  There are maybe lots like Maria out there, who ought to get it, from how to treat friends and colleagues etc.., to how to be timely in their actions, reactions, have a sense of things, but don’t.  Often as a result projects that we may have been really hopeful about, had lots of enthusiasm about in the beginning, that can get crushed when you feel you are dealing with a Maria, male or female, that type of situation, person.  This birthday could have been one with a few smiles for me, but frustration from feeling like a lone ranger in getting things off the ground, moving etc.. take away the smiles this birthday.  Add on top of that the fibromyalgia acting up, and my frustration with this Pope, the “social justice, PC” confusion he has created, other factors and not feeling very smiley.  I realize also that I view Catholicism really more as a culture aspect, an aspect of heritage.  My true Christian soul is perhaps more in line, tune with let’s say the Neighborhood Church of the West Village, that Protestant, Congregational type of Christianity, a strong sense of the church being the one to foster the arts.   I guess my conflict or so called conflict, which I thought was about Jesus and who he was is more of one within my framework of faith as a Christian, in terms of “Is my soul Catholic or Anglican Conservative.  That is really what I need to explore and I intend to, but how?

I think that seeing how I would feel, fit into someplace like the NCGV and still respect my heritage, including the Catholic faith, but really see where I feel truly authentic and myself, where I feel I can fully embrace the theology.  The exploration really is about my Christianity, what does that mean to me, how do I identify myself, in terms of being Christian.  This is going to be interesting, but necessary.   As for my role as Arts Associate at MPB church, let’s see how that goes, if we can get organized for the arts program.  Not holding my breath on that, not totally.  I hope the church survives and thrives, really do.  There has to be a lot more of everyone being proactive, efficient and organized, moving at a solid fast pace to accomplish what is to be accomplished.  We shall see, only time can tell.  One thing I do know is that the ballon of hope for great collaboration etc…has been somewhat deflated.  Who knows it might just turn around right?


Heritage of America Squashed, Sad

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

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Adopted children at some point want to know about their biological parents, people are sending in kits to see their ancestors, what their DNA says their heritage is so on and so forth, but yet as a nation, America has done the opposite, tried to erase and deny it’s heritage, foundations.  Doesn’t bode well, as we can see.

Your heritage, particularly your cultural heritage gives a point of reference, an identity, a foundation for your life, as do parents, whom one hopes are mature stable etc.. persons, not perfect because no on is, but mature, stable, decent people doing the best they can.  A nation also has a heritage and unless one understands it, nows it, embraces it, at least appreciates, honors and respects it, there can be no identity, no love for that nation, no real ties to that nation.   Secularists, especially academics, have done a good job of fooling people in this nation, teaching that our founders had no faith heritage, this nation never had anything to do with anything of faith, of Christ.  Problem with that is, it’s false, blatantly false.  If we are going to be a United States, then we must accept the heritage of our nation as the foundation for it, for its’ laws etc…, also respect the rights afforded by the Constitution and stop attributing phrases to the Constitution and founding papers that never existed such as Separation of Church and State.  We must also get the truth about he context of such things, the whole letter that phrase was written in.  Even the Supreme Court has forgotten or twisted our heritage to something unrecognizable, and that is too sad for words and frightening for the future.  I hope you will look at these sites on this Independence Day week and learn about our heritage, honor it, respect it and embrace it.





You can not know who you are as a nation or a people unless you know your origin and heritage, love, honor, respect and embrace it.



Love Means Also Chastise, Rebuke

Most PRecious Blood

I love it when progressives and those living certain lifestyles talk about how Jesus was all about love and how he forgave the woman, stopped her being stoned, he ate with sinners all that, yeah, ok, but…Yeah, there’s a crack in that whole philosophy of love is just let it all be whatever, whenever, however etc…Jesus, the apostles taught that it’s all just about love and forgiveness, it’s bunk.

A parent who has that attitude, what do think is going to happen with their kids, think Fleiss, Hollywood Madame, dad thought there should be no boundaries, kids should be equal to adults, no discipline, no boundaries nothing. Everything goes, just love and forgive it all.   Don’t question what your kids do or anyone in your life does or feels etc…, hey freedom, love, acceptance, right, all good, right? Do you seriously think that any parent with even a quarter of a brain and wisdom would think that a anything goes philosophy is a loving one, or a spouse who truly loves their partner would also have that attitude of not caring what the spouse does at any time?   What of Jesus, let’s see hmmm? Jesus said the woman should keep on sinning, the apostle who then became Mathew tax collector, he just kept stealing people blind right?  No, wait the opposite happened.  Jesus said that those of Sodom and Gomorra who had lived lives of perversion, no consequences to their souls right? No, wait not what he said.  Didn’t Jesus say marriage was whatever we felt it was, or ought to be based on “feelings, woo oooh feelings”?  Wait, no, he referred back to the Old Testament to define it and the rules for divorce etc… Paul thought socialism where you just get everything for free was just dandy, you just stood back and took and took and took was great, right? No wait, he did the opposite.  God can’t be a good parent if he doesn’t have clear rules, guidelines etc… for our actions, and clear consequences at some point in time for there to be consequences to those actions, for crossing boundaries he set for us, whatever our “feelings” swept up in the moment might be.  There are very clear boundaries etc… set forth that when violated must have consequence by natural law of cause and effect including second causality.  No parent in their right mind or spouse says “yeah sure okay, whatever love means anything goes anytime, anywhere, no boundaries nothing, just whatever, so long as you always have a smile plastered on your face.  Seriously, there would be something very wrong with that picture and it would be and already is a disaster for society.  

What is the job of The Church in all of this?  It is there, though the people may not be perfect, to make sure they convey those boundaries, those very clear, distinct, boundaries of the teachings of sacred scripture.  Whether we choose to honor that is an individual choice, but the job of the church and those in the church is have enough common sense, courage, and love to never compromise the truth of scripture, no matter what, to stand against government and all who would try to compromise that truth, stand strong in that truth, same with the members of the faith, not in a mean or cruel way, but firmly.  This is the true love society and all generations require of the Church and of us.



Culturally …., Spiritually…,OY!

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The Journey That is Life.

Culturally I am Italian, and of course big part of that is being Catholic with the feast days, and all that being Catholic entails. So far so good, but…

Here is where being human is a bit more complex because though I grew up Catholic, and appreciate aspects of the faith, as I was watching The Watchman this week and a few other programs I realized, not that simple.  Yes my cultural context of faith is Catholicism and I am respectful of that, will always be there to preserve the heritage.  However, yes there is a however, though I do go to Mass, I don’t pray the prayers, the rosary of the Church.  I don’t look to theology to understand the Bible necessarily, but to the Bible itself, common sense and if I can do some research on the culture of the time, context, as well as nature, the world around me.  I pray by meditating, by chanting certain Biblical related affirmations perhaps, and by talking in a prayerful state to the Trinity.  On social issues and such, I lean more with I guess Conservative Evangelical Protestants again based not on any hierarchy theology or anything like that, but common sense sense of natural order, of sovereignty of nations, separation of powers, law and order, respect for authority, for God’s natural order as he intended.  Culturally I am Catholic because I grew up with the traditions, but when the RCC takes certain stances regarding immigration and such, then I can’t align myself with that because I believe in strong law and order, borders etc….  Then I see the difference in energies between the two and it is also an interesting thing to watch, where you have often the Catholic Mass very somber, and the people in the pews not engaging, or if they are it’s robotic, mechanical, no fire in the belly so to speak.  With this culturally Catholic, but in other ways much more aligned with Evangelical Protestant what the heck is one to do?

I can handle it by appreciation.  I can appreciate the Catholic faith, part of my culture, go to Mass, help to preserve that part of my culture, the Italian churches, things like that, appreciate the Mass for its’ structure, all its’ different qualities.  However, I can still pray how my soul is called to pray because it is still praying to The Father, Son and Holy Spirit for my gifts to expand, for me to be able to have a life of abundance, creativity and make a difference in the lives of others, in society.  I can be culturally Catholic, honor the faith and culture of my ancestors because it aligns with the Bible, though some might disagree, but that is another issue, and still be true to my Conservative Evangelical True self as well.  As long as it does not violate The Word, and it helps me stay connected to the Trinity,  core that is Christ, and helps me in my life journey, then I can reconcile both.  To add to this cake of layers, I can also appreciate the Jewish holidays and such because Jesus was Jewish, the apostles were a number of them Jewish, so I can also appreciate that.  As long as what I am appreciating, a part of aligns with the Bible, not my own whims to live life as I please, doesn’t twist anything into a pretzel, not that I have anything personally against pretzels, but when it comes to the faith, no pretzels.



Metaphysical Look At Acts 6:8-15 and John 6:22-29


The Journey That is Life.

From a metaphysical standpoint it is first important to know the meaning of the names of those in the Bible, what they represent.  We will begin with that.

Acts 6:8-15

Stephen means “crowned”. and thus represents the head, crown, reason, orderly thought.  Those of balance, even when the Spirit stirs in them, don’t go off in a frenzy, all  balmy, no.   They heed the stirring, but they meditate, they seek to balance the head and the heart, so there is no discord.  Stephen was presenting well thought out logical we could say “law and order” arguments, but that did not well with those of pure emotion.  Unity says it beautifully when they say:  This cry of “blasphemy” is always made by those who are put to rout by the Truth—it is their last resort. So we find in our own minds this tendency to fear that we can go too far in spiritualizing our thought and its environment. When the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth, or the Spiritual Man Demonstrated, shows us that this fleshly temple must be replaced by one of incorruptible substance, which will not be under the mortal law (Moses), we are apt to halt in our upward flight. But when the illumined Stephen is brought before the whole consciousness, “All that sat in the council, fastening their eyes on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel.” In the face of all opposition Truth shines undimmed. If we look to the New Testament and to Christ we see a new paradigm.

I pointed out in a previous post about the beauty of the dignity of the Catholic Mass, but there is also a beauty in the in depth reasoning of the theology of it all.  Reason must accompany faith, just like it must accompany even a dream one is to pursue.  The New Testament takes us from Law of the Flesh, what in metaphysics is referred to as Mortal Law to Spiritual Law. Now the law of God, in and through Christ, Salvation is written in the heart, and the sacrifices etc.. are Christ centered not me centered.  Even though Stephen knew he had reason on his side, he got goaded into a fight, false accusations against him came up and he got goaded into full emotional outpouring and “I’ll show you” kind of thing.   It’s easy for that to happen to us, when one or the other, the head alone or the heart alone rule the moment etc..  What this is meant to show us is that we must never be goaded into going into either mode, pure academic or pure emotion.  Rather there must be a coming together of the head and the heart, which I will say is not an easy thing, far from it and is a lifelong journey of grasping.  However it is worth making the effort.


John 6:22-29

Substance, where does that come from? Think about the process of something coming to life.  First you have the idea, the thought, then you might write it down, or speak it to someone, then after that it begins to take shape in the physical realm of things.  God spoke it all into existence, the Word was with Him, was then made flesh.  That means God had this idea in his head already for creating a world.  It originated in God’s psyche.  Christ is the eternal life and bread sent to us, and we are to gnaw on him, which you can imagine seemed pretty barbaric to some, that notion.  The holiness of God, the wonders of the creator, the teachings of Christ, in Context please, not just hippie love kind of context.  He was clear about law and order, adhering to God’s moral laws, and sinning no more, so let’s keep that in mind always.  We must live in full consciousness that we are created by the Word of God, and the great gift given in Christ in the Word made flesh who willingly, this is key, willingly gave his life so we could gnaw and have eternal life, always have that sacred Christ to look upon dead, buried, resurrected as an example of God’s amazing grace.