Faith, Even Anger Require Reasoning

Christ Consciousness

The faith community is often times divided as is the non faith community, be it academia, politics etc.., whatever the faction, and the division it seems is the battle between emotion and reason, faith and reason, heart and mind.  However, what is so sad is that we think there has to be a choice.  Perhaps this is why I don’t quite fit into any particular group, faith group.

I have a strong intuitive sense that I will follow more often than not, but I also have a strong sense of reasoning things out even when following that strong intuition and receiving information through my dreams that 99% of the time is on target in regards to myself, my life, my kin, friends and even world stuff.  I am a strong believer in mediation, the power of music, of vibrational music to change the mood, bring about peace and clarity, and as a form of prayer. I understand the chemical effects that music and vibration can have on the body and the mind, so I have a combined spiritual appreciation, but also logical approach and understanding.  This also then applies to politics, to parenting, to all aspects of life, even to faith, to religion.  Politically, I understand the ambition of wanting to have a long career in office and the temptation to kiss tukkus and do whatever you have to to gain the votes for your party and you to stay in office, it also means you have no credibility as a human being of integrity.  If means you have no respect for your country, the laws, the letter of the law of the Constitution, for God and Country, for National Sovereignty.  From the point of view of I want my party to win and I want my career to be a long one, to stay on the thrown forever, natural human response I suppose, but from the view of responsible citizenship and civics, betrayal of the trust placed in you as a fellow citizen to do what is best for the fiscal, social health of the nation.  Whatever decisions you make politically have to be in the context of the forrest and the trees, not just the forrest, not just the individual trees, but both, hard as that may seem.  Faith, spirituality, same thing.  God, creator, angelic being that assist, all of that is not without logic, but if all you do is pray and take no action yourself, that is not logical, for God gave free will, a physical body to act with, so prayer, meditation are meant to guide us to constructive inspiration and inspired action.   With everything we do there needs to be a balancing, even with meditation and creativity, if you lose yourself all day in the meditative, even creative state you can lose all touch with physical reality, so you have to balance these things with connection to nature, to the physical world, to engaging with the physical world.  Correcting injustice also requires constructive reasoning, which is why God says vengeance is mine because he understands that if we act on impulse the consequences to us, to our family etc.. can be truly devastating, even to our very own salvation, so he doesn’t want that for us.  Thus, as with anything in life, balance.  



Residuals and Shadows of the Past

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary


Often we think we have long buried our past, cut cords with all the toxic baggage, or so we think.  Have we, have we truly buried the baggage?

We may think we have, but that baggage can remain, residuals can remain like a shadow over us and our lives, relationships, preventing us even from trusting, so we never for a bond of raw depth with anyone ever again or ever.  Those who come from broken homes, or those whose marriages or first great loves ended in a tragic, painful way or with a harsh betrayal, can find that though they think they have gotten over it, are past it, residuals still exist.  There is a shadow self as metaphysics and psychology would refer to it and that shadow self can become quite cynical, can overcompensate in different ways, like never wanting quiet or to be alone, fearing the quiet, fearing being every in stillness and solitude to face that shadow of residual or unspoken of pain.  Is there a way to make peace with the past, with the shadow self? Yes there is and there is a way to grow up, it be okay to grow up.  What needs to happen?  Truths must be faced.  Yeah, I know not exactly fun stuff huh, but best get it over with and face what truths must be faced.  Steps to actually healing the crap past and all the crap baggage:

  • Learn to be alone with you and face yourself, shortcomings, not so great decisions all that jazz, suck it up
  • Don’t run, or avoid, accept, deal with and confront (don’t mean aggressive, but assertive, wise and confident confront)
  • Remember the suffering of the past is not the past, but how we deal with it in the present and how we deal with the result of any decisions we have made and make
  • Find the root decision, root pattern of behavior that creates the chaos etc.., correct that and the suffering pattern can cease

Suffering is not noble, no matter what any theology professor etc… says, and perpetual suffering even less.  It is your choice whether you suffer or grow up often times because suffering, emotional and spiritual suffering, can be a result often of our not being willing to be alone with ourselves to face our own frailties etc.., to face and confront truths, and change patterns we have to change, to grow the hell up!  I hope in life we all learn to face what needs facing constructively and live well emotionally, spiritually on all levels.


Realistic Optimism, Focus, a Grown Up Thing

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Many times one would like to go back, relive youth and do all one didn’t do in their youth, reclaim dreams not realized and all that jazz. What happens?

Oy, Mamma Mia!  I didn’t see every dream realized in my life, in my younger years, now at over 50, I am looking at life from the point of view of hopefully maturity and that means being a focused optimistic realist.  I love to write and perform, as much as I love to inspire and teach, but realistically, I have no voice training, am not trained in terms of musical instruments though I like to fiddle with the piano and keyboard and can get some decent music at times.  I have done nicely performing poetry and my songs have been licensed recently via the Harry Fox agency, and some good stuff has happened with my songs, artistic gifts.  This coaching blog has been a blessing to others it seems, and is growing.  I hope to have live seminars in NYC soon, hopefully this Fall that you can attend and we can meet in person.  However, realistically, for me to think that at this point in life I am going to become some major performing artist is pie in the sky.  Would I be Optimistically Realistic to think that with promotion of my music to DJ’s and with it being posted, even samples of it online, I might get some local performance gigs? Yes, of course.  Would I be happy to do local performances NYC, and maybe if Florida would have me and pay all expenses, sure, why not, but not June-September.  Would I be smart to be all over the map musically and with coaching? NO! I have been told my best work is when I do with my natural style which is surprisingly R&B/Soul, and as for the Coaching, with my own life path, my best niche is Motivational and Spiritual Coaching.   Realistic Optimism is a great thing, and with focus and planning that can make for a great life.  The spotlight of fame and huge fortune may not be very realistic and trying to relive my lost youth, to recapture any lost years or lost anything is a game only fools play.  Optimistic Realist and wise ones look at where they are at and work very well with that to create something awesome for the now and the future, to leave a very distinct, very focused legacy, a very mature legacy.

Some may think why realism? Why does that need to be part of anything? Why can’t I just be super optimistic, free spirit and full of faith, roll the dice live in the moment etc.. and all will be well, why do I need both realism and optimism? For one like I said, called being a grown up!  I also did some research to find out why you need both.  If you are going to process and face problems etc.. in life, you had better friggin have a good dose of both and not be a snowflake or a “free spirit” butterfly that runs whenever their is an issue, or a bunch of lousy memories thinking that will solve it.   Also when there is a blind optimism about life, there is this tendency to think quantity not quality of everything, that includes activities and friendships, so one never has any intimate close connections or friendships to anyone.  One may know a whole slew of people be the life of the party, but not be able to have a true intimate, raw, know you inside out, heart on the line connection. The article points out and I would agree:  “So when it comes to optimism or pessimism, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is an ideal motto. To achieve that you must be honest with yourself about your usual approach to life. Discover the ways in which your past may be distorting your present. Doing this can transform your grip on the truth for the better. By far the greatest cause of the emotional disturbances that make us avoid reality is our childhood relationships with our parents. Surprisingly few people have an understanding of the true role they played in their family,”  I myself am still exploring that further.

I am glad I am not a pessimist, nor a false unrealistic over the top optimist, but rather I would hope a grown up optimistic realist and that I always well be and a focused one that looks at and for quality, never quantity when it comes to people, relationships, and activities in my life.


The Plan -Coaching and Arts

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I want to figure out how to best approach the artist and coaching path, which in a way I see as connected and both matter to me, very much. I have worked out a plan for this, as planning wisely is important in life. Here is what I plan and I hope to see it come to fruition.


  • Continue to offer songs and poems on the blog
  • WIth your financial support, this is crucial, create greater quality of work
  • With your financial support, periodically create video pieces as well


  • Continue sharing my personal life experiences through this blog
  • Create short meditations you can listen to anytime on this blog, and should be able to download, as I know everyone is pressed for time in our society these days
  • Create longer meditations for when you can take more time for yourself perhaps on weekends, those would be for sale on my Bandcamp site, higest quality mixed and mastered works, with your help and support
  • See what else in time the spirit leads me to offer

I could offer everything for sale, but I don’t really want to, I really would like with your help to offer what I can on this site to as many people as possible.  Not everyone has the ability to go out there and pay for a Coach and even buy books of poetry and enjoy music performance, so with your help, we can bring poetry and more to a wide audience.  Thank You.



Sometimes, Gotta Let Them Fall

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

Sometimes and some personalities, we have the desire to jump in and save the day, even “save” them, when we see someone in the ocean heading right for a wave, big one, and really rough waters, when we see them headed for the edge of a waterfall or a cliff.

It’s a beautiful instinct and even government liberal progressive officials have that policy when it comes to corporations.   It seems like a really great noble thing to go in and try to rescue someone who has put in wrong people for the job all kind of stuff you can spot a mile a way is going to end up sending things and them right over that cliff.  I know that we should be willing to point out to those we care about and when we care about something when we see red flags that we see red flags, so things and persons don’t go over the cliff, the waterfall.  If it is a life and death situation then yes of course we must intervene.  However, there are times in for example one’s professional life, friendship, and other relationships, situations when as much as you know you have some really solid advice etc…when though it is painful and even with one’s kids, parents, you have to step back. Why?

Some lessons about quality of people not quantity, right fit of people for the job, any number of decisions, sometimes the person has to to fall, come crashing down and have it all come crashing down around.  Not that one wants to see the other suffer, but there are times when no amount of words, yelling, screaming, even graphs, nothing will get them to realize that they are close to a cliff and can fall right over any minute.  They have to be seeing the red flags you thing to yourself, been given the stern lecturing, yelling, two cents worth of advice, all of it,   Yet they keep going towards that cliff and like I said your instinct may be in a work situation or a personal one to run in and rescue, bang your head against the wall over and over to “rescue” the situation, the person,  When they made the choices and decisions they made, they were likely convinced they were the right ones and may not be open to seeing the truth even if it is right in front of them.  You might be thinking “why is it important they be allowed to fall off that cliff?”, again keeping in mind if it is a life and death situation then yes intervene, but even then sometimes they have to crash to get it.  In order to learn better ways to do things, to make right choices, choose the right people, right partners so on and so forth, sometimes we have to fail, we can’t be rescued because when one is rescued and if  over and over again well a few things happen according to a good article I discovered in Forbes and I agree with this myself:

  • Self reliance and resiliency are never learned
  • One never learns to take risk, even manageable risk
  • One never learns to adapt to failure and setbacks
  • One never learns to innovate
  • One never learns to take control of situations, or confront people etc… constructively

What do you do?  Forbes made some suggestions and this was for work situations but, you can use the gist of these suggestions for even personal situations.

  1. Share past stories of struggle. Everyone’s been there.
  2. Practice recovery so people aren’t paralyzed by failure. When I was coaching sports, we didn’t just diagram plays. We always developed a Plan B. That’s why great organizations scenario-plan. It helps people think of struggle as part of the process.
  3. Help people around you think like long-term investors in their own ideas and their own careers. The aim shouldn’t be to try to have one uninterrupted string of successes, but rather to have a portfolio of some winners and, yes, some losers.
  4. If someone is struggling, your job is to figure out how to get them on the right path. Help people learn from failure and move forward.
  5. Champion failure that turns to innovation. Find examples where ordinary failure has led to extraordinary opportunity.
  6. Encourage failing fast. Sometimes we recognize that something is failing, and our instinct tells us to push harder to make it succeed. Knowing when to pull the plug is always difficult but is necessary.

Not fun to fall off a cliff or a waterfall at great height or any  height, but if you jump in to rescue, even one someone has chosen the wrong people for whatever reason things are not going well, or in a really awesome direction, and you do this all the time directly rather than guide, encourage and allow them to fall flat on their tukkus and sometimes hard, not doing them any favors, or society because you create a whole world of snowflakes and such.  Please don’t do that!  Thank You. Guide, encourage, let people fall, fall hard sometimes, pray and meditate over these things, but don’t run in to rescue constantly.




Healing, Wellness, What Do We Mean?

The Journey That is Life.

I can only work with my gut instinct and intuition along with my training in energy healing, metaphysics etc…and research.  I would suggest for regular detox and release on a day to day basis: meditation, detox tea and please make sure it is a supermarket or health food store tea, not something you don’t know what you are getting and walking, nature contact of some kind.  If you are like me, you like walking when you don’t have a whole bunch of people around, when the streets are more quiet, so I will tend to do my walking later in the day, when the weather is nice, really nice in the evening, every evening practically.  I also would recommend if you can and not everyone can handle this, so those of us with Fibromyalgia have to be careful with exercise, what kind of exercise, even massage, but if one can I would recommend both on some kind of regular basis.  Deep tissue massage and certain massages are great and if the person has a solid intuitive sense, is an empath, know energy healing and all that, they can really tune into what you require to release all the toxic memories from your tissue, muscles, your cells.  They will know the right music to have on, right words to use to help you let go and dextox at the deepest levels.  Wellness is about also how well and constructively you live your life and dreams, manage your time so you are focused, decluttered, streamlined in a way and living your dreams, your passion.  Then there is people aspect, important, very important, not about the quantity.  At some point you realize one can know a whole of people, but lack that one deep profound companion connection that surpasses all connections, that gives you wings to soar in a way that no other does.   I like the National Wellness Institute’s definition and work on dimensions of wellness, as a general guide, something I came across today. Here is their definition of wellness. The term wellness has been applied in many ways. Although there might be different views on what wellness encompasses, the National Wellness Institute–along with the help of leaders in health and wellness–shared many interpretations and models of wellness.

Through this discussion, there appears to be general agreement that:

  • Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential
  • Wellness is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment
  • Wellness is positive and affirming

The definition of wellness, long used by the National Wellness Institute is consistent with these tenets. Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.  

They also give six dimensions of Wellness, which I agree with: emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational and physical. These all need to be addressed and if you go to website, you can read more about this and download the six dimensions handout. Their site is:

Wellness has many layers beyond the physical, and that includes memory cords, psychic consciousness cords.  Healing and wellness when we decide on a plan of action, balanced and wise one, needs to address what we know and what we don’t know we are carrying and that is no easy task.  If we can do things daily like watch what we do eat, detox tea, some kind of exercise regularly, massage if we can handle it.  I hope we can all find the path to our expression of creative, whatever that is for us, and wellness in full. I hope this helps you on path.  



Authenticity Can Be Messy

mourning us

The journey to authenticity of heart, spirit, soul, love and life is not easy, as it may require a full change in your life, your relationships etc.. and because we often are so tied to others, not out of love etc.., but history and whatever concepts we have about relationships, commitment, all that. In addition we want to have an authentic self spiritually, creatively and in life without making waves.

Good luck with that!  If we are going to be authentic, realistic etc…, release toxic unions etc… then we had better get used to the fact that it will not be smooth sailing and yes there will be hurt, pain all that.  What is the alternative?  The alternative is to be miserable, to be lost, in shackles and chains that slowly poison our heart etc.., even our view of life.  It will at some point affect our health, well being.  I am not saying that one has to be cruel in how one approaches change, but when change must be made, it must be made, end of story.  When we make changes, we have to accept that not everyone will be pleased, or supportive, any of that.  They may even turn their backs on us, even if only temporarily.  However, if we give space and time for healing, and if we meditate and pray on that daily, it will work out.  If we try to push people to accept changes, even after we have determined to make those changes and do so, we risk total alienation from them.  It is human nature to want to have people love and accept us and our choices, but that won’t always be the case, not immediately.  We have to be okay with that, learn to be okay with that.  We have allow space for ourselves as we transition to a new life, new relationship maybe, whatever we are changing, making changes to, leaving behind etc… and for others as well.  Staying in situations, relationships, career paths that make us miserable and spiritual paths that are not authentic to what we truly feel with our entire being is authentic, after careful examination, is not a positive, not in any way you look at it.  

Make the change, be fearless, be bold, be courageous, but don’t try to please everyone at your own expense, and don’t stay in situations you know are toxic to you, as soon as you have the means and opportunity to change that, even if it means walking away and having some bruised hearts etc..  Over time they will mend, and new lives by all will be accepted.  It takes time, which I know for us humans if very frustrating, as we want everything now, like yesterday, which is not realistic, or mature.  Like I said be bold, be courageous, for yourself and maybe even for the other person who should not be in a toxic environment and you can set them free constructively, but firmly.  Be authentic in all ways to you, your inner true self, heart, spirit and soul, give everything else time to heal, don’t push for acceptance of changes etc.. in your life, just don’t.  Meditate, pray, let those who are unwilling to accept the changes know you care and will always have them in your prayers, but the change is happening with or without their blessing.  So long as the change is one that is constructive and truly authentic to you, others will then accept it at some point in time.

Namate, Shalom and Amen

Why Aren’t People Supportive?


Why aren’t people supportive, don’t they want you to be happy?  Don’t they want you to follow your dreams, your heart etc.., find true love, grab it when you find it and not let it go?  

Yes and No.  Friend, family, your boss, they all have become accustomed to things a certain way, and they may even have a certain belief system that says things must always stay a certain way, even if that means everyone is miserable, which is literally not healthy.  That makes zero sense, is without logic, but humans are not always logical, nor do we make sense.  They have a vested interest in things staying as they are.  On the one hand they do want to see you happy, but on the other hand, they are used to things as they are etc…When you suddenly start taking control of your life, make changes to be happy, to reach for the stars, sun and moon etc… and that is going to disrupt the status quo, life as everyone has known it, you may find some of your support slipping away, and people even trying to convince you not to change things.  when things do change, some people you thought were those who cared can do things that might even seem spiteful, cruel, unfeeling.  It’s because they are hurt, confused, panicking even due to things changing, no longer being as they were, and some can’t adjust to the new landscape well.  If there is a situation of relationship change people may feel they have to take sides and that can create a sticky situation and sometimes surprises.  Changes are wonderful and when they bring us closer to our bliss, our joy for the long term, to our truest love and soulmate, our truest vocation all of that, it’s awesome, but it also creates anxiety for others, which is to be expected and reactions will vary from supportive to confused, even angry, hostile for any number of reasons.  We mustn’t be intimidated by the reactions of those around us to the changes we make to our lives, so long as they are done with careful thought and truth to self and our long term wellness, happiness etc…and for the greater long term good overall.  Those who are meant to stick with us will understand and those who are not meant to will fade away from our lives.  We must not resent them for doing so.  We must not let others interfere in the new life chosen because as well meaning as they might be, we must listen to our heart, spirit and deepest intuition, which we must cultivate, and prayerful instruction from the highest heavenliness, not necessarily religion per se, though it can have some valuable insights into things overall, but it can also keep people tied in misery to situations, not very wise.  Should people be supportive? Yes.  Will they automatically be? No.  Should we hold it against them indefinitely? No.  

Shalom and Amen

Getting Out Of “Fed Up”


When we feel fed up with our current state and life there are stages to getting out of it I am realizing and they are not always easy because realize it or not humans are creatures of habit and not necessarily good habit.  

How do you start with getting out of “Fed Up”?  You first figure out what the heck it is that has you fed up and how you might actually be getting in your own way, be your own obstacle by clinging to stuff, people situations you ought to not be clinging to because they represent a security blanket and what you know, all you know, have always known.  Just because something is all you know does not mean it is where you are supposed to be forever.  It is up to each of us to make the journey and know when fed up means time to make changes, maybe major changes in our lives, our relationships, spiritual path, behaviors, viewpoint.  It might be painful at first, even or us, but if we want to get out of fed up, we have to find a way to make changes.  First understanding what is keeping us fed up and how we contribute to it ourselves is crucial.  Then we can get out of it.  How do we get out of it?  If someone offers us a life raft, a rope to climb out of the “fed up” waters we are drowning in or ditch we are in, we wise up and take it, we run with in swim with it, fly with it and as powerfully and as focused a manner as we can with as little damage in our path as possible, including to ourselves.  We don’t just stare at the lifeboat etc.. offered, the opportunity offered to change our lives, to go to a more authentic life, to fulfill our dreams, full potential, be miserable, fed up etc.. hoping somehow by some magic wand if we just pray enough it will just magically fall on our laps and walla all will magically change.  We are co-creators with Adonai in this world, and we must work with him to co-create our lives, and get out of “Fed Up”.  

If you find yourself in the ocean or ditch of “Fed Up” find a life boat, a rope or someone offers it, and grab it for dear life and get the hell out of that ocean, of that ditch, get over being shy, uncertain, scared whatever the hell you have to get over and move from fed up to something very different.  Ultimately, you are co-creator with the creator, so co-create, have the courage, have the guts.  I say this for all of us, me included, whether in love, in vocation, in spiritual path, have the guts to co-create, prayerfully but actively and proactively.

Shalom and Amen

My Purpose?


What is my purpose for being here?  Seems God did give me an inclination to the creative, to writing and I love recording projects, so what is my purpose?  Is there a core path I am to take to achieve that, besides Judaism as my faith?  These are all important questions to ask myself.  What is the answer?  

I realize it is teaching and inspiring through the arts.  That is a broad broad goal perhaps, yet it is not.   The arts have a way of impacting perhaps like no other, so I am meditating that I am able to be a great teacher and inspiration through the arts while also earning my living. I also realized that maybe I should record groups of songs according to theme.  The themes could be romance, love, love lost, nature, faith, relationships.  There are any number of themes I could record and while I make my journey of conversion to Judaism, I am still under the umbrella of Christianity, technically,  I can use song to explain my journey to Judaism and even my journey through fibromyalgia, relationships.  There is so much poetry and song can get across.  I am also realizing that if I wait for the perfect time for everything I will never do what has to be done to move my life forward and to a new level.  I am not going to wait for this, but will start recording in groups, for example Holiday the theme I will put forth ASAP.  It will feature my own material spoken word and even a holiday favorite of mine or two.  In terms of it sounding perfect, doesn’t have to, just has to sound from the heart.  Even if my allergies are making my voice sound less than perfect, doesn’t matter.  Success is doing what you truly understand the creator is calling you to do.  That is my goal and my joy.

Shalom and Amen