Manual For How To Live?

I came across this article and it just resonated with me after reconnecting with my childhood and friend of many years. Leaving Secrets: How to Create a Personal Instruction Manual for Life By: Joe Vitale Imagine if your great, great grandfather or grandmother had left you a book with their secrets for living. Maybe it […]

What’s Up?

What’s up with the blog, well I wanted to shift things.  The blog is undergoing a bit of a change. There will be two membership levels: Free -basic articles and content Premium $20 a month, that will include ebooks, including children’s ebooks, as well as digital audio, such as full meditations, mini seminars I felt I […]

You Choose to React or Respond

You Choose to React or Respond By: Daniel Sitter Choices abound. Sometimes choices confound us, while at other times, certain choices are rather obvious. Any way you approach the subject, choices present opportunities to either excel or hinder. As human beings, we were endowed by our Creator with the power of choice. It is one […]

Writing About Ur Anger To Release It

Woke up to the news of a bomb in London, death and there seems to be rage, anger everywhere and even in individuals people are so angry.  What do you do with the anger, what do you do when you feel angry? What if you didn’t go off and react?  I came across this article […]

Protocol, Preparation Critical, Why?

See that light, that beacon, that lighthouse, that’s the Protocol and Preparation Lighthouse of life, vocation, relationships and faith.  For all the free spirits out there, those who chafe at the mere thought of protocol as I use to and really wanted to always wing it in life, and be a free spirit, now that […]

Initiative Seen As Rivalry?

Can a person’s initiative be seen as rivalry? It might be, depends.  It depends on a few things. From the standpoint of the person with the initiative, what’s the motive?  Is the motive really caring about the organization, the people within the organization, the community etc..?  Is the initiative coming from a true calling of […]

Connecting and Overcoming -Meditation

This is the next meditation in the series, which began with the Vision one.  I hope it is a blessing to you. I pray you will consider supporting this blog.  You can do so via paypal:

Speaking Truth of Heart and Scriptures

Please support this blog if it is a light to you.  U may do so via paypal The passages that the church looks at today are Acts 18:9-18 and the Gospel John 16:20-23.  Though there  is historical and theological context, there is also a life lesson context, a metaphysical context, a symbolic one, so […]

Springboard and Cohesion To Becoming…

As I move forward with this blog, I hope it becomes more than just a blog.  My hope it that it will become a life coaching tool that includes, with  your financial support: Guest bloogers regularly  Quality audio meditations  Quality video meditations  Quality audio and video seminars  Free live monthly seminars for blog subscribers and […]

Being Social or Hiding/Running?

Please support this blog:  You may do so via paypal: Social Butterfly, we’ve heard the terms right and “busy bee”, which on the surface can sound great, but what is the motive behind being a butterfly and a busy bee? Motivation is often the key to a lot in life.  I have at times, […]