What Do Men Want to Hear?

6 Kinds Of Compliments Men Would Love To Hear More Often It is said mean and women hail from different planets and win a sense yes, God didn’t’ build them the same or wire them exactly the same, Thank Goodness, and Amen!  When we women are communicating with men, we often feel like we are speaking in a foreign language and they […]

Communication Style #4

The director likes to see results, very results oriented, meat and potatoes guy, streak of independence, and is very direct, also self-disciplined, drawn towards power and authority in general.  They are not guided by emotions, more by thought, unlike the initiator who is guided more by gut instinct and emotions.  You know the type who […]

Communication Styles 2 and 3

Initiator and Analzer, what of these two?  The initiator relies  a lot on intuition, on that gut feeling, divine inspiration and such, is animated, quite expressive, very sensitive, and a seeker, spiritual and on different levels and can be quite innovative.  Generally, they will create a congenial work environment, wanting support for their ideas etc…and […]

Communcation Styles

Let’s start with the Relator, what’s the deal with this communicator, this style of communicator?  This person can relate to pretty much anyone, harmony is crucial to them, so they are friendly, they will engage you and listen, offering an empathy and sympathy.  Often this type of communicator will even anticipate what others are feeling, […]