The Enemies of Faith?

  The End Days, Latter Days, Times, however you want to call them, the church is in trouble and this was foretold in the OT and NT, so I am not shocked or surprised at the crazy crap coming out of churches, or other faith groups.  What are the enemies of Faith and even The Chuch […]

Righteous Anger or Acting Out?

As we see radical left political ideals and chaos take hold of this amazing experiment that is America, has such potential, it is sad.  There is on the one had a cry for justice etc.., yet at the same time they are destroying people’s property, livelihood etc…The two are not congruent, not in alignment.  I wanted to […]

The Meaning Of…

As we look at the wreath, decoration, all of the things of the season, let us not forget the reason for the season.                    

The Perversion of “Progress”

Children can no longer be children, songs can no longer be songs, the holidays can no longer be holidays and scripture is now a way to attack God and make false accusations of rape against the Creator, turn Mary into a victim of the #metoo movement. Children have to be exposed to all kinds of […]

Origins Matter, So Here’s One Origin matters, and heritage matters.  As a Christian and in general I think that while Santa is a lovely thing for kids, it’s important kids, we all know the origin of this jolly, giving legend who looks at who is naughty and nice.  In earlier times any naughty child would be taught a lesson […]

My Advent Prayer For All

I came across this and I wanted to share it with you, and I hope the light of advent can touch us all somehow in some way.  Shalom and Amen

Coop Brings Us Together for A Night

This month my coop celebrated Hannukah, and Christmas, the month before Italian Heritage night, and earlier in the year we also celebrated Jewish New Year, and Chinese New Year.  The beauty of it is we share in each other’s traditions. It doesn’t matter what our background is, we share, we enjoy each other’s traditions, company, […]

Thanksgiving Nature and Thanks Decor

Thanksgiving is a time of Thanks, and it can also be a time for teaching.  If we use nature for our decor, even lanterns, with candlelight to light them, we can teach young people about the bounty of God, about the beauty of creation, creative inspiration of the creator.  We can teach prayer to give […]

Actions Have Consequence What’s the big deal, take a knee or take a bow, land of the free, home of the brave right? Not that simple.  Actions have consequence, especially actions that have lousy timing, that say to those who put their lives on the line each and every day in different ways, “screw you, because of […]