Are They Prophetic?

We all dream, though we don’t remember every single dream, some hardly ever remember theirs.  For those filed with the Spirit dreams can be prophetic and I will be sharing my prophetic dreams, those that connect to events occurring as that happens.  How do we know if a dream is prophetic and if it is, […]

God, Determination, Faith Bigger Than

Life has a lot of stuff it throws at you.  Me, it threw messy divorce of my parents, not  a heck of a lot of support for my gifts, talents, no real mentoring to help me find my way with any of that, lots of pain etc.. from the divorce, being caught in the middle […]

Further Discovery of Self

In my previous post I discussed my health having taken a nosedive int he past months, drastically so after having stopped going to synagogue and having gotten more involved with the church and faith of my family and childhood, Catholic church, and after having ceased my metaphysical meditations.  Strange huh? Well, yes and no.   […]

Why We Hold On, Even When Drowning

Please support this blog through paypal We all have dreams and we have such high hopes for them to come true, maybe a childhood dream that we have always had.  Understandable, what nourishes. Suddenly seems you have that chance, that opportunity to make it all a reality, and you pour heart and soul into […]