Why the Fatigue?

It has been a rough period for some time now and I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  People often have no clue what it is to have a syndrome play out.  It’s a roller coaster, a cloud that never leaves you, and you just never know when it will […]

Holidays, Fatigue and a Fall

The holiday season brought a fall on the way to church and pain, omes from day pain on top of pain.  The fatigue that in and day out with Fibromyalgia is not always easy to navigate.  This fall did not help the exhaustion that comes with fibromyalgia.  The thing that most scared me I think […]

Sadness, Peace, Resignation

There is a sadness that never really leaves me, it’s always there, and I have been trying to figure out what that sadness is, what it’s about.  When I saw this quote, I realized, the sadness is about being tired of being tired, of the Fibromyalgia crashes etc.., tired of regret for past screw-ups, relationships […]

Tired, But Moving Forward

  As my Godmother, spoke of my family from Italy coming and the different activities they would be engaged in and how I could go to the Bronx Zoo or the Botanicals with them, and especially not feeling well today, a touch of the flu I think, and all the menopause stuff, it really hit […]

Healing, Not One Size Fits All

I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and today had a follow up with one of the specialists, to see how the recovery is going and all that.  After the exam I am told that internal stitches have yet to dissolve, and to boot, my menopause has kicked in, hot flashes and all.  I […]

Prison Is A Choice

The endometriosis and one or two other issues have made it so I really don’t go anywhere, other than my immediate neighborhood or doctor’s appointments.  This could become a prison if I allow it to be.  Instead I have begun taking notes of what I see, observe that catches my eye, so that I can […]

The Fibro Blues

As I lay there on the sofa, wrapped up in my robe and blanket very late, As I pondered how I was losing more and more of myself, How I was losing more and more to this shadow, this cloud, Which never seems to dissipate, Sadness came over me, though I am usually quite a […]

Worst Type of Crying

  It was about 5 am and the endometriosis pain, bloating was pretty bad and I had just taken an adviil.  I reside with my elderly mom, who is 95, and she had gone to bed.  I thought of who I used to be, this dynamo who used to hang out in the Village with her […]

Invisible, Not to Me

This is just for starters.  Pretty much my day is dealing with these symptoms, these issues.  When people ask why faith matters, faith in God, faith in community, in people who care about you being there for you matters, it’s because otherwise you are on a boat in the middle of storms, all alone, truly […]

My First Day On The Wellness Path/Gym

Today was my first day working with my personal trainer, Shaka, over at Crunch.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I woke up feeling ugghhh, with a bit of nausea, allergies still bothering me.  The session was really good.  We started out with an intake of my medical history, some sense of where I […]