Communion and Union with Miracles

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Yesterday was my cousin’s son’s First Communion and as I participated in the celebration after in her home, though I had not been able to attend the service due to a fibro crash, I realized why ritual, even if it’s a daily blessing from parent to child, a meditation for 5 minutes morning and night matter and as I was relaying what was going with my life the annoying fibromyalgia stuff, but also the great stuff artistically I realized these rituals matter for a few reasons, even if you are not an overly religious person..

  • Remind us of something other than our own tine self, and our own tiny wold, that hey there are others around and out there
  • Sacred boundaries to always consider in life and living, not saying live so guilty all the time you have a breakdown, no, cause that’s not constructive
  • helps us to reflect on where we are, where we have been and where we are going, would like to go, unless you are going to go into self pity mode, waste of time
  • It helps us to appreciate friends, family, as imperfect as they are, including our parents, oh what you thought you were so perfect, huh, since when?
  • Hopefully it helps us to love more, even within boundaries

Do we always get along with those we love and do they always get along with us?  Do we always like each other?  Hell no! In those rituals we find hopefully a frequency of miracles, of forgiveness of self and those within our circles because guess what, we are no pearl, angel, or saint, not 24/7and there are times when we are not that endearing to them, just like they are not to us.  However, in these rituals, celebrations, prayerful, even meditative ro, we can find healing, reconciliations and miracles if we so choose.


April 25th Seminar Update

Hi everyone,

As there were not registrants for this seminar, I have decided not to host it.  For any seminar, I would require at least 15 persons participating, pre-registered via Paypal with a donation that you feel reflects the value of it to you.  Hopefully future seminars will have that registration.

Thank You,

Katherine Appello

Change in Date For Seminar

Peaceful Retreat

Please Note the Change in Date for the Seminar:  Moving Through Fear:

New Date:  April 25th

Time: 1:00 pm-2:00pm

With this week being Easter and Passover and all I realized it would not be the best week to do this, so I have moved it to later in the month.  To receive the link to particpate you will have to make your contribution through paypal, provide the email you wish to have the hangout link sent to.  Suggested contribution of at least $10.00


Don’t Forget to Register for the 4th


Don’t Forget to Register for the Google Hangout Live Seminar on April 4th .  If you are gong to attend you have to register, so please make your contribution to the seminar of whatever amount you feel comfortable with, suggested contribution $10.00.    The seminar will look at the following regarding fear:

  • Types 
  • Sources
  • Patterns
  • Moving Through Mechanism -False and Constructive
  • Meditation included for those who registered via paypal with their contributions, as it will be emailed to you, in the notes section be sure to include the email you wish it sent to.

I hope you will register for this seminar, which you will be able to access that day via     It would not be right if some contributed and others did not, so if you are going to participate, plase be consciencious and make a contribution of some amount.  That contribution will be your registration.  Please register by the 30th of this month.    

Thank You.


Don’t Forget to RSVP For the 4th

Peaceful Retreat


Don’t Forget to Register, to RSVP!!

Seminar:  Fear, Moving Through It

Day:  April 4th, 2018

Time: Noon -1:00 pm ( we may run a few minutes over if necessary

Suggested Investment:  $10

RSVP: paypal payment donation at bottom of page, please specify for o

Venue:  Google Hangout, link:

The seminar will discuss fear, types and roots of it, moving through it, techniques and this is just the first of a series of monthly seminars I plan to give.


April 4th Mark Your Calander

Peaceful Retreat

Date:  April 4th

Time:  Noon

Location:  Google Hangout

Seminar: Theme:  Fear and Moving Through It

Location:: Google Hangout

RSVP By March 29th:   Paypal $10 constribution

This seminar will look at the different types of fear, as well as the triggers, roots and then tools for moving through fear.  If you wish to then purchase a hypnotherapy mp3 you may do so separately to further assist in moving through fears in a healthy holistic way, though the mini meditation we do at the end may be of assistance and feel free to record it.  This is the event link for you to add to your calendar:


Live Seminars Coming Stay Tuned


I wanted to let you know what is planned for March, besides the blog writing and all that.  I have decided to offer live seminars Venue To Be Announced:

 April, First Week,  grab your lunch and join me for the seminar:  Inner Compass, Overcoming Fear

I will post more details the week before.  The cost is whatever you feel called to contribute, up to you, whatever amount you are comfortable with.  This is the first of several seminars in 2018.  I also hope to have a live meet and greet in NYC, so those in the area or who happen to be visiting the city that weekend can come by.


Peter and Paul, Likely or Unlikely?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary


Peter and Paul  are an interesting ones don’t you think? I have always thought so. He is an example of “God love them” followed by a wry smile and a sigh.

Peter leaps right in, just jumps right in, until fear catches him then all of a sudden, yikes, yee gades and teeters right over the edge.  Yet, Jesus says, God says, Holy Spirit says through Jesus that upon him the Church would be build and though Hell, Satan would try to destroy it, would not succeed.  Peter denies him three times at the most crucial moment that Jesus needs him, the one who received THE Revelation, to stand with him.  Fear takes over and he crumbles like a cookie, though when he hears that crowing he repents bitterly.  In the end he does take his charge seriously and does what he is supposed to do, but again, it is funny that Jesus chooses the most impulsive of the bunch and the one who is the one who leaps forward with such bravado yet then when fear comes, takes two steps back.  Why does Jesus choose him?  I think for a few reasons.  One the Holy Spirit of God made it clear he was to lead The Church by giving him the revelation.  Secondly, God knew that though at that time yeah he leaped and then stepped back was a bit of a mess in that sense with time and maturity he would become more focused and disciplined, would be able to head The Church, same with Paul, another seemingly unlikely choice.  He knew that Paul was very focused and very disciplined, maybe too the extreme, but that focus and discipline to achieve anything life were crucial, so if that were channelled towards sharing the faith, the truth of Christ, the truth and the life, then WOW!  Peter still had occasions of fear, of needing social approval, being too concerned with the letter of the law, though more about peer approval and all that.  However, he did not let fear rule him, he did focus and did what he received from the Holy Spirit to do.  God knew, His Holy Spirit knew, thus Jesus then knew that having fear is not ever the problem, but rather what you do with it, and how you let it affect you that is the problem, can be.  

If you can take that fear and use it to create something positive that heals society, empowers others to heal society and themselves, great, even heals you in the process, awesome.  However, if that fear turns you into a paranoid etc…, bad very bad or if it causes you to become fragmented and run away from life, love and scatter yourself to where you have a lot of busy work, busy activity, lots of acquaintances, and relationships, but no real deep still waters relationship that chills you to the bone, turns you inside out etc.. in good ways every day, or won’t even open yourself to that because of fear, even discourage others from love, not good.  We do need to be wise in our choices and as I said previously with prayerfulness, meditation choose always quality never quantity, which includes activity, but that’s different.  Though Peter and Paul may not seem likely choices to lead the faith, The Church, grafting of the Tree of Jessee, they actually are very likely choices.  Don’t be afraid of fear or anxiety, but don’t let it rule over you or your life, channel it, get a focus on life, use it constructively.


UMC Interfaith Organization Welcome NY Event September 12th


New York, NY – United Celebrationist Movement, having recently assigned as Manhattan regional representative, is holding a Welcome NY event, hosted by Katherine Appello.

“UCM is about fellowship and community in a spirit of forgiveness, caring and encouraging personal responsibility for one’s faith path and life.  All are welcome in the spirit of dialogue and openness to learning about see the vision for the UCM.”

The event is scheduled for September 12th and there will be presentations by Ms. Appello, our various Faith Fellows, as well as live entertainment, snacks and refreshments. The event is free and RSVP is required via the United Celebrationist Movement Meet Up page.  The press is welcome and can also RSVP, indicating press when reserving.  We look forward to seeing you there, to sharing the vision for this fellowship and bridge building organization.  UCM Welcome NY will give NYC a chance to get to know our Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Atheist Fellows, as well as the regional director, Katherine Appello and us to get to know you, place us on our journey of shaping the NYC UCM.