Inspiration or Dictation


If you see this picture, inspiring, I think so and that is what made me choose it, but someone else might choose something else as inspiriting.  When God decided to pen his Holy Scriptures, the Bible, he understood this and he understood a few other things.  He understood personality, style, perspective, cultural experience.  What does this have to do with the Bible, and who wrote what, and God being the same now and forever? A lot actually, a whole lot. 

Poetry, Fiction, Song, take any genre and you have numerous writers within that genre, but a publisher knows that each writer has their own style, personality etc.., so he can’t use a cookie cutter approach with all the writers, same goes with a good teacher and her students. When the Holy Spirit inspired Moses, and those of the New Testament to write, He had to keep in mind their personality, their life experience, a host of things because He had to honor their free will and their personality.  He will never honor our sins, but our personality, style of writing and all that, yeah. Luke was a physician, perhaps a pediatric doctor, worked a lot with children because he focuses on the childhood where others don’t, so God honored that background in him to tell of Jesus’s childhood.  What of the one who had been a tax collector, what are his accounts like, what do they tend to focus on? What of John? Why is John inspired to write in a mystical fashion?  Could it be that John by nature was a philosopher, esoteric? Paul, what of him, well he was passionate, so his writing letters in defense of Jesus’s truth is perfectly in line with his character.  See what I’m getting at? The Scriptures were not a dictation per se, but rather given in accordance with each person’s personality, background etc.. to relay God’s truth.  God is consistent in that, so if he is consistent in that regard, then his core precepts and moral boundaries are also consistent, which is why scripture tells us God is the same past, present, and future.   When God inspires a poem, a song in me, he knows my personality etc.. so giving me something in the Rock genre would not work, not at all, it’s not in line with my persona.  God is consistent and so are his concepts and precepts of ethics and morals, of rejecting sin though he loves us the sinners.   

Then we get into the question of what sin is and speak to 10 different faith leaders, likely to get 7 different answers.  I am going to take a crack at this based on scripture, metaphysical and other levels of understanding, common sense and observation.  As I have come to understand sin and missing the mark, sin is this.  It is actions that are destructive to yourself, to others, society, and with malicious intent.  It is actions that destroy the fabric of society in some way, and natural order as designated by God and nature which God created, but through arrogance and pride was corrupted.  Some would say, well does that mean I should stay in miserable family or relationship situations forever, even harmful ones? Are they miserable because you and the other person have not fully embraced Christ and Biblical wisdom? Are either of you refusing to acknowledge baggage and issues that need help resolving? Have you done all possible to salvage the situation and it just is as miserable as ever or more so?  If there is truly no fixing or saving the situation and there is a danger to the person, or persons in the household, well no God doesn’t expect you to stay.  He understands that this is a broken world and because it is, sometimes stuff can’t be fixed and we have to move on, even with parents and their kids.  Is sharing the wealth sinful or not sinful? Depends.  Are you forcing people to live in almost dictatorial conditions or less than optimum quality conditions in a misguided notion of equality?  Sharing, tithing all of that has to be voluntary, not government mandated, so yes it is a sin to force distribution of wealth under government rule.  At the community level if the churches, synagogues etc.. create an email list and they let the needs of the community, people be known and people help voluntarily, fine, awesome.  Let people keep most of their money, of their earnings and let the local community be the one to distribute wealth.  No sin in that.  What of love, is all love okay? No, a parent that loves to the exclusion of boundaries is missing the mark of good parenting, of Godly parenting.  Love that takes advantage of another’s goodness and good heart is not a Godly love, the opposite.  Sin is about what is in the heart, boundaries and such.  Sin is about being selfish and destructive to self, other and society with maliciousness, with spite, or taking action with not caring about the consequences, not even measuring them, figuring out how to minimize them, though it is broken beyond repair and you know you have to move on.  Even in the political arena, laws, borders, boundaries matter, they matter to God, so they need to matter to us.  If you read scripture, that mattered to God, natural order, boundaries, even sexual natural order, hence the end of Soddom and Ghammorah.  Not as complex as sometimes church leaders would have us think. Hope this helps bring some clarity.

Shalom and Amen 

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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

We are not all at the same stage spiritually and that’s okay, God made us all as individuals, so wherever you are is fine.  Think with spiritual awakening is it’s a bit like grief, we can go in and out of stages, back and forth as we make the journey, so I have gone through these stages in and out back and forth, as I have explored my relationship with the Holy Trinity, with Religion.  As I work out my plan for wellness, which after my hypersensitive reaction to even light exercise has to now be adjusted, which I” discuss”  I find that I am in no way moving away from the core of the Christian faith, from my belief in the Trinity, as Christianity to me makes sense,  At the same time, I find that certain Eastern Practices calm me, help me, certain meditation and spa music helps me and is good for me.  I find that I am moving between two worlds of the arts and coaching, trying to figure out how to intertwine the two. It’s definitely a process and a journey, so if you find that you move to stage seven then suddenly move into stage four again, then back to stage seven, it’s okay, at some point you will be long-term in stage seven. It may happen for some sooner than others, and that’s okay. 

My wellness, The gym, even with light exercise and a trainer, went badly.  I should have listened to my dear friends who have chronic health issues, but live and learn.  What will I do now? Simple adjust, simply adjust.  I will start with what I have at home, the fitness twisting board, light massage therapy, then acupuncture, group meditation at a nearby Buddhist center perhaps, then yoga, then we will see beyond that.  Getting on to a healthy diet is also important, so seeing a nutritionist, paramount.  Part of the journey of life is adapting, so you adapt, adapt to change, change in circumstances etc.., doesn’t mean your core beliefs have to change, not for me. 



Glad To Have This Time



I very much enjoy sharing with all of you my journey and these reflections on life. Fibromyalgia makes you think about what you used to do and how things were, though I don’t do it often, get into that “I used to be such an avid walked.” The “used to” mode. At times it seems that when I’m crashing or the fibro gives me lots of hassle that “used to” comes up.  Also the “could’ve, should’ve” they also come up.  Then I think of the fact that I am able to do what I love doing, poetry, music, this, sharing, inspiring, and it doesn’t seem so bad.  I try to keep this phrase in mind.

Faith is About

Faith, belief in God, in the Divine, the Sacred, Holy, Creator of all things, Christ Savior, Holy Spirit Counselor, Helper, doesn’t mean magic want poof everything instantly okay.  It does mean that I can be okay no matter what the journey, how draining the journey turns out to be. It means that though I am not who I was before the fibromyalgia, I can still be a valuable contributor to society.  That’s the beauty of faith.  It doesn’t always come easily to keep that faith alive, but then I see something in nature, a child smile, or a parent-child interaction, something, and my faith is made strong again.

Shalom and Amen 

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Life Lesson 34 and 35

45 life Lessons

When people think of miracles, they often think of Fourth of July spectacular something or the religious mystic type stuff.  We think of them in terms of ancient myth, something that is hocus pocus.  Here is the thing, if we don’t believe in miracles, in the impossible, then we have no science, no music, no creativity because miracles are not just about those spectacular religious mystical experiences. Really miracles are in a sense the wonders of life, of talent, of nature, how it works, the seasons, the winds, oceans, different species of fish and fauna, the whole process of conception, birth and life.  It’s all such an amazing daily miracle, despite Lucifer’s Ego influence and any evil we see.  As I push my way through fibromyalgia each day is a miracle, each day I am here writing this blog, not in bed crashing, in pain etc… is a miracle, though my allergies have kicked in overtime these past weeks and it has been draining as hell.  We need to Believe in miracles and believe in them in all sizes, see what happens in our lives when we do, affirm it verbally.  Life is a rose with thorns, truly is the best analogy of life.  However, the thorns can not take away from the beauty that is the rose.  Yes, life can throw us some real curveballs, as I well know.  They can be minor ones or heavy duty ones, devastating ones.  We have two choices no matter how soft or hard the curveball that comes at us, if we can’t avoid it and sometimes we can if we really paid attention.  We can either be the life long or long term victim, lashing out, giving up on life, on everyone including ourselves, run and hide, hate not forgive, poison ourselves and the world around us.  That’s one choice and it is a choice.  The other choice is we look honestly at the situation, maybe realize our own choices created that situation, get to changing destructive, self destructive patterns, mindset, so we don’t repeat those, how we make choices, decisions, to make better ones.  If we don’t allow the thorns to bleed us to death, we can learn a great deal, we can grow in ways we could not have even imagined.  Let’s believe in miracles, even small ones, the smallest ones, and lets not let any thorns bleed us to death, but rather be a teaching moment, noticing the rose and becoming stronger and a better person for it. 

Shalom and Amen

My Angel

My angel

When you think of angels do you think of winged creatures far far away in the sky.  Thing is, the Creator, the sacred connections of the heavens above are always with us, ready to nourish, provide strength, wisdom etc…  Angels come in many forms, whether its loving family, friends, mentors, those who give you harsh truth even if you hate hearing it, but need to hear it.  Angels come in many forms and we can be angels as well, including telling people truths, spiritual truths they need to hear to get their life off a chaotic etc… track.  Angels don’t always have wings and I am lucky that I have angels in my life and I hope in some way I am an angel to someone even if it’s just speaking truth. 

Shalom and Amen

Objective Truth, Why?


What keeps making me pulling me back out of secularism to Roman Catholicism?  This pretty much sums it up and I was having this two day interaction on twitter and when this person said there is no truth, truth is a myth, it really threw me and I asked questions.  If there is no truth, no objective truth I asked then why should we have laws, Constitutions, why not let everyone prostitute themselves, traffickers traffic, people steal, rape, after all no harm, and if there is no truth then there can’t be harm inflicted and if there is not harm inflicted then no need for law, and order, or consequences.  They were in total shock that I would say such a thing, of course there is right and wrong, has to be law and order.  I pointed out, if there is no body of authority to put forth the parameters of right or wrong, of boundaries etc.. how do you know what is right or wrong, what boundaries are sacred and healthy, wise.

Without objective truth than truth can change with with the wind and that is one thing that is a flaw in the Protestant world, Church, there is no singular, clear body of Cannon Law and Truth. One of the reasons I am pulled to go back to the Roman Catholic faith, it’s that there is clarity because the Church studies the Bible from various points and also works with the sciences integrated with philosophy and theology.  It’s not Sola Scriptura, but a truly holistic approach.  This Pinetrest  image summarizes why I am pulled back to the Catholic faith.  If only my exhausting allergies would let up I could get to church and Legion of Mary meetings. 

Shalom and Amen

Distance Healing -Tune In


Hi everyone.  I want to thank everyone who follows this blog, your follow, support means a lot so thank you.  I am going to be offering weekly Distance Healing for all my blog followers every Monday-Saturday 10:30 am.  I just need you to go somewhere quiet and peaceful and get comfortable for about a half hour.  I must caution do not consume alcohol that day, and if you have a pacemaker, are diabetic, please do not participate, as it is energy based and it can mess with your pacemaker and shift the sugar levels,. I really would love your feedback on anything you feel happening and remember if you feel dizzy, if you feel any sensations, any tears come, it’s all part of the cleansing.  I will ask you to be well hydrated earlier that day going into the late afternoon, and have a glass of water nearby if needed. I will send distance instruction to your higher spiritual self, beginning with a grounding exercise. The goal is connect your higher Spiritual Consciousness to be open to Divine Healing on all levels.  When done, you come back to the present slowly and at a pace you are comfortable with.  I will open it with a prayer of gratitude and the core Healing  Principles.  Afterwards, if you could post on the comments section what your experience was it would be really appreciated.

Thank You

Do I Go Home?


As I watch the culture war play out and the Left gain more of a foothold, faith communities go off in all directions, truth being subjective I look back to the faith of my family, my ancestors, who at some point embraced the Catholic faith, for whatever reason.  I look at doctrine that is steeped in lots of theological, philosophical etc.. grounding, probing so on and so forth, at how it is based on objective biblical, even scientific truth.  I may not agree with the giving sanctuary to illegals inside churches, that part I may reject, but holistically, there are basic objective truths that are unchangeable and you live by, something I like.  They are not based on human whim or social whims, but on in depth connection of Theology, Philosophy and the Sciences.  There is an acceptance of mystical experience within prayer and faith life, but the foundations are Biblical theology, solid philosophy and the sciences.   I realize that there is no reason why I can not honor the faith of my father, my mother, my ancestors and still honor myself, what I find very relaxing, meditation, Reiki.  I can meditate and work with Christian affirmation, Ignatius Exercises, different spiritual meditations and general ones, meditate with the rosary as well.  The more I see how society is unraveling, the more I see my worldview as always having been one of objective truth, morally etc… being crucial even when I stumbled, fell, didn’t live up to it.  I realize how crucial it is to have a faith that establishes and maintains, something I hope the Roman Catholic Church always will, Clear, Unmovable Objective Truth.  Where does this leave me, this ahhha moment during mediation?  What do I do? Do I go home to Catholicism?  What do I do?

I think I should start with weekly Mass at St. Peter’s two blocks from my house, one of the oldest churches in NYC, and joining the Legion of Mary to grow in prayer and faith, fellowship. I also should continue to meditate, study metaphysics and related subjects.  I think we do come full circle and often end up back home, which is not a bad place to be really when that home is one that seeks and puts forth objective truth.  The institution is one of people and they are human, so they are not perfect, none of us is, but if they stay the course and maintain that objective truth, never deviate, never be “of the world”, but rather reject things and philosophies “of the world” trends of the world so on and so forth, then it will be a home for truth, for objective scriptural and spiritual truth.  For me in my personal journey this I realize matters a great deal.  I truly believe that Yeshua was the Massiach, and I have to honor that and my firm, strong belief in objective truth, not subjective as the guide for living life well.  I also know from experience that living by whim and subjective truth is not the way to go, it’s just not. 

Shalom and Amen

Where To Go From Here?

lonely evneing road


I have greater clarity after meditating on this that my core spiritual self rejects organized religion with lots of bureaucracy and hypocrisy,  yet I do want community, but I am also not really feeling up to spending the two years or so learning new rituals, a new faith etc.., nothing complicated anyway.   If I look at the threat of my life, the two things that are constant are Metaphysics and Meditation, on my spiritual journey anyway.  Therefor, what do I do now?  Do I just go back to Roman Catholicism just because it’s what I am familiar with? Do I pursue Jewish studies, that faith path, which means a whole new way of living, which in my household with a very Catholic Italian mom is not too easy, add my special diet and all that, gets tricky, very tricky. I firmly believe in God, firmly embrace Yeshua as my Rebbe, my Teacher, all of that, a strong anchor for me, Mashiach.  It comes back to the threat and both are positive ones, they are quite Zen and in meditating, I like to do chakra meditations or a particular type of very easy going exercise while listening to sacred music, instrumental.   I also happen to be a stickler for this quote, even if I have fallen prey now and again to relative morality, not a good thing I assure you. I happen to be a stickler for living up to this: ” A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.”, courtesy of Socrates.  I also happen to be a warrior, not one to not say what I have to say and if you don’t like it, not my problem.  What do I do with all this? Oye! 

Like I said I look to the threads.  I need to focus on my wellbeing, releasing the fibromyalfia and some other stuff from my system and life.  The things that help me release, center besides meditating on connection to Yeshua, to Christ, to that anointing are philosophy and meditation, active, not passive meditation.  Therefor, seems to me that I need to find a place near home, which I have that offers Zen meditation, hatha yoga and I can engage in that and as I do the meditating etc… focus on connection to the Trinity, cleansing of self and life, healing in Yeshua.  I will never let go of Yeshua as my personal anchor and Rebbe, nor will I not study scripture independently, but right now I have to focus on my coaching studies, and my health/wellness, so I can have a New Year with a better state of wellness and prepared to be the best Holistic Life/Relationship Coach I can be. 

Shalom and Amen