Heritage Matters

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There are other links on the topic of America’s Judeo-Chrisitan heritage and some might say, maybe more than some might say “what does it matter?” Think of an adopted child, they almost always, no matter how loving etc.. their adoptive family is want to find their birth family, know where they come from, their roots because that is their identity.  For anyone who considers this nation their nation, their home, was born here, knowing what shaped this nation matters, knowing what made the founders choose this form of government matters. 

If we study our roots we find that the now Democratic party ironically originally supported slavery and was against any reforms to give civil rights to slaves, minorities, to free slaves, all that and the Republican Party has always fought for all of that to give opportunity, entrepreneurship etc. Reason in part was Republicans felt, though they had certain biases to overcome, that the Bible was clear that in Christ all were equal, that it was not acceptable to enslave men or anyone.   There were principles that the Founders and others after them felt strongly about and fought for, gave their lives for to shape this nation that was based on Biblical principles of caring for your fellow man, on the virtues they felt were Judeo-Christian, that included in our Judiciary.    Unfortunately, all that is under attack, the nation’s very heritage is under attack, those to seek to honor it are under attack.  It is sad to think that the heritage of our nation and our Founders is being eradicated, erased, destroyed, that all manner of perversion is prevailing.  I hope we can learn about the heritage that shaped America and honor it each and every day.  Without heritage, a person and a nation are lost without a compass. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen

A Warrior Is

In spite of the festivities this year being not so festive due to medical procedure day after Christmas, the Warrior Christ Spirit within rises, it won’t be squashed. Yes there are moments like when I woke up this morning after a bad night of pain where thinking to festivities of tomorrow night and my having to purge before my procedure day after Christmas I was a bit flat in my feeling about Christmas, then I looked at the beautiful cards the snow globe with the angel that plays beautiful music, the Child in the manger and my Warrior Christmas Spirit came roaring back.  Lucifer might mess with me, try to crush my faith, spirituality etc.., he can try, but trying doesn’t mean he succeeds because only I can grant him success by giving into any less that hopeful thoughts etc… he might bring up to my spirit, my soul, my heart.   Frankly, I am too stubborn and too much of a bitch to give Lucifer that satisfaction.  In spite of it not being a totally festive Christmas due to what I wont be partaking in, that won’t stop me from appreciating the Reason for the Season, the plans for the new year! 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Traded Me In

Traded me In

The 6 pm Univision nightly news had a poll asking viewers did they feel the spirit of Christmas and the response was sad to behold because I believe about 55% said no they didn’t.  When I read this poem and thought about the fact that I had been running around for medical tests and have a medical medical scheduled day after Christmas, no choice otherwise have to wait until March and I really can’t, I realized I have not really had the Christmas spirit either.  Last year I was not well, neither was mom so also wasn’t really in much of a Christmas mood.  I used to go go to the St Paul’s Christmas Carol event and go to the Union Square Christmas Market, the stores to see their displays, used to go to the different church events leading up to Christmas, really embracing the reflection of the gift that is Christ.  I realize God must be looking down saying “what happened?”  “When did you forget the gift of life and salvation I gave you?”  “Did you forget to have joy, the joy of the season?”  I guess I have to sadly say “yes” I have not taken the time to truly reflect on the meaning of the season the past two, three years as I should.  It’s been hard this year with all the medical stuff going on, but it’s precisely now that I need to reflect on the great love and sacrifice made for me, the power of His death and resurrection.  Though I won’t be able to partake of all the festive goodies this season, I will still have the greatest treat, gift there is, the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, their support, and people in my life who love me.   

Shalom and Amen

A Warrior Is Made

Nobody is Born a Warrior

My parents very bitter divorce, dad’s family and mom at war, me in the middle, school a battle ground, me the God and Country outsider, even as a kid, used to drive my mom nuts.  She is devout Catholic, and love this country dearly, but my fierce God and Country soul, journey of searching to understand God inside out and outside in, not something she got.  Then fibromyalgia turning everything inside out and upside down, this week alone nothing but doctor’s appointments and day after Christmas medical procedure.  Today a procedure, in office, couldn’t be done because my body wouldn’t cooperate, in a sense, yet I was a very cooperative patient and the doctor said I was a very strong woman, amazing and she wished all her patients were like this.  Through all the pain etc…, no matter how hard Satan hits, I stand strong.  Even in standing for God and Country, I get hit and I hit back, symbolically speaking of course, but I don’t back down.  I suppose the fibromyalgia and everything has been a way to prepare me for the opportunities in media that are coming up.  Being a warrior is about being through storms, pushed down, knocked down, all of that, but getting up still standing tall and because you know you have clarity, truth, integrity as your guides, a clear identity spiritual and in every respect, no confusion, clarity as a child of the Divine, Sacred and Holy, what all that means, no matter what happens in the physical, your spirit, soul can never be destroyed, unless you let it.  Your choice and I choose not to ever let it be destroyed. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

The Three Kings

The Three Kings

A Bright Phenomenon, Three Wise Men, and Gifts, particular ones, one thing I wondered about, have wondered about is that bright phenomenon in the sky.  Couldn’t be a star because of the way it acted, or anything even remotely like that, so what could it be?  For me, the answer is in the Bible itself and a particular scripture.  Remember when Jesus says that no one comes to the Father except through me?  Well, wouldn’t it be logical then that no one was guided to the Son, except through the Father, including the Magi?  I thought about it and I realized that phenomenon was The Spirit of God Himself, His Holy Spirit guiding to the Son.  That is just one of the verses that helped me reach that conclusion, but it is the main one.  The beauty of Scripture is that it will explain itself, but of course, you have to sew the strips together to get the full picture.  I hope you enjoy this poem and that you can all appreciate the awesome gift the Trinity gave to us in the form of that Child in the Bethlehem. 

Shalom and Amen

Come Close, Let’s Sit Awhile

Come Close

This is the essence of a parent, especially for a young child and this is also, in essence, the way God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit hope we can achieve a relationship with them, this kind of union.  I have to admit it’s not an easy journey always and we may slip in and out of this relationship because when Satan throws some tough temptations and we fall, consequences come, or God has to allow us to fall to learn a hard lesson we may like we would with our early parents be pissed royally and blame, turn our backs, want to walk away etc… I have been there with God and will have those moments again probably rarely, but might have one or two more of those.  What I love about The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit is the following. 

Yahweh, the Father in this season of Advent reminds me that He foresaw that Satan might get to our “weaknesses” and our will might bend to those temptations, so He made a plan to set me, set us free.  He made a plan to be able to understand the human struggle and experiences much better from a human perspective to judge in a way that was truly human and divine in understanding. That’s a truly precious gift and he did that in Christ. Since he knows my virtues and “flaws” he isn’t all that surprised when I go all stupid in life, even if disappointed.  Once I realize and am ready to swallow my pride and admit I was stupid etc.., Jesus is there, my friend my confidant, my confessor, the one who understands, even while being divine, the human experience very well, can relate to it, so I can tell Him anything, share anything, confess my struggles and then He can send the Counselor, the one who can help me overcome the struggles etc.. work through them.  It’s actually very efficient, very smart system.  One God, three manifestations of God working as a team for our benefit.  I have come to learn and understand this and that if I can clarify my divine purpose on earth, my gifts, talents etc.. given to me by the heavens and my purpose for them, then no matter what life throws at me, I can find a way to fulfill the purpose, move through the storms.  That is what this poem reminded me of, made me think of.  I thought I would share this with you this beautiful season of Advent. 

Shalom and Amen

Origins Matter, So Here’s One

St. Nichols


Origin matters, and heritage matters.  As a Christian and in general I think that while Santa is a lovely thing for kids, it’s important kids, we all know the origin of this jolly, giving legend who looks at who is naughty and nice.  In earlier times any naughty child would be taught a lesson and coal left rather than a treat, which I am in favor of, for children who really don’t get the concept of respect your elders and behave like a person, not like a banshee, or such.   Kids need good role models, and while I am do not pray to Mary or Saints, am more in tune with affirmations and just having a regular chat with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit during the day, I think the saints, some of them, can offer examples of letting go, of not being attached to the material so much, of moving past obstacles with tenacity and faith.  I hope this link on the life of this Bishop is inspiring and you might share it with the kids in your family. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen

Storms Keep Coming, Shelter Is Strong


These past months have been stormy and it seems I am not coming out of the rain yet.  My allergies put me through weeks of hell, then hit with the flu, now am on antibiotics for a bladder infection, am having one or two other issues as well.  The remaining time before Christmas will be spent going for tests and specialist consultations, OY!  I could be all pissed off at God, give up on anything changing, but how would that help me or anyone?  There is also the theology and understanding I have that this is not God doing this to me, but a result of being a physical being in a physical world, where there is decay. To blame God, be pissed at Him, to me makes no sense at all.  Be pissed at the entity, entities, energies of decay that have created this situation for humanity, all of us and other situations of pain etc.., that makes sense.  Yet, the anger is an important point because if the anger is bitterness long-lasting anger, not helpful.  If it’s righteous anger, Satan, I have held fast to the Covenant etc., you have no claim, I am going to overcome the storm, you do take steps to do so, that’s great.  I get thrown into these storms, true, but what’s important is what do I do?  What am I doing? 

Medically, I am going to be going for those tests etc.., logical and practical to do so. I also presented a wellness plan to my doctor which she approves of, and have already started substituting natural products for my meds. In January with my insurance Silver Sneakers benefit, I will have access to YMCA, Community Centers to participate in wellness and light exercise programs, which I will avail myself of.    Starting this month I will be going to a monthly Healing Circle at the nearby Buddhist Center, focusing on Christ as my anchor.   In addition, I have put together a proposal for an offer I received to potentially host my own online radio show, will send it on Monday.  For the blog, I’ll be posting mini-meditations, and intro seminar blog posts and then I will also in the store have full-length medications, seminars you can purchase in the store.   I keep thinking what scripture says that I can do all things through Christ, and I take that to heart.  What I have done in my meditation is to Consecrate the things that matter to me, my hopes and dreams to the Sacred Heart of Christ and Mary, that act of consecrating to the sacred, the holy, the divine is a strong anchor of positive flow and energy for my life, for navigating the storms, moving forward so I can be inspired, but also so I can inspire others, which is what brings me joy. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen