Can’t Make You Whole

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We often seek others to make us whole, to make us feel whole, but that is not another person’s job, no human can really make you whole, or healed.  Another can be a catalyst, a prompt for that journey, but they can not heal you.  Only we can heal us through accepting what is, was, needs changing and all that.  If we keep pushing someone to be the magic cure for us to be whole etc… eventually we will crush them under that weight.  We need to figure out how to be whole within our own journey in life, not look to another to be a magic formula to make us whole or anything like that.  An authentic, cultivated spiritual life can be of great help along the journey, so I love listening for example to this youtube channel and others like this to connect to the spiritutal in life.  I hope that we all come to wholeness within ourselves as Sons and Daughters of the Most High, The Creator of this amazing universe.


Science, All the Answers?


We lost a great scientific mind Hawkins, and now doubt science matters, even the Vatican has a conservatory and engages in scientific research and those of the church engage in scientific reasoning along with biblical truth.  Those who can not will not open up to the Holy Spirit, to Holy Spirit truth, to scripture truth will stay within the realm of science only.  They will dismiss First Cause, saying it is not necessary to have a First Cause.  However there is a problem with that.

Human beings are supposed to operate on reason, on induction, deduction all that jazz.  What happens when you say there is no need for a First Cause or First Principles to examine and explain creation?  You violate reason, violate inductive and deductive reasoning.  Peter Kreeft put it well when he says “If there seems to be no physical cause, we look for a psychological cause: perhaps someone hypnotized us. As a last resort, we look for a supernatural cause, a miracle. But there must be some cause. We never deny the Principle of Sufficient Reason itself. No one believes the Pop Theory: that things just pop into existence for no reason at all. Perhaps we will never find the cause, but there must be a cause for everything that comes into existence.  the whole universe is a vast, interlocking chain of things that come into existence. Each of these things must therefore have a cause. My parents caused me, my grandparents caused them, et cetera. But it is not that simple. I would not be here without billions of causes, from the Big Bang through the cooling of the galaxies and the evolution of the protein molecule to the marriages of my ancestors.”  The sciences can tell us how, the mechanisms of creation of the universe, but not the who or even the why it was all created, why we were created, why we have emotions etc…It’s all links in a chain and the chain has to start somewhere with someone having created the first link.  St Thomas, though indirectly gives excellent arguments for First Cause.   If there is no first cause, then like saying I come from a poof in the air, so do my parents, their parents.  Though Hawkins was a beyond capable scientist he failed to acknowledge and fully appreciate, accept the need for First Cause, First Principles.  Neuroscience has tried over and over again and failed for example to explain consciousness.  Why, because all science is an external exercise and thus has great limitations.  This article says it well  Science can’t explain, never will be able to explain: the origin of the universe, the origin of the laws of nature, the origin of life and the origin of mind and thought because they transcend anything physical that can be measured.  This is where the spiritual realm can give answers and with solid thological indicutive and deductive reasoning of objective morality etc… provide a great map of it all, a grid. 


Pray, Then What?

Pray Then Let Go

Okay, so you prayed, and prayed, and you prayed, now what?  I meditate and I pray every night, even pray the Anglican Rosary, have created my own meditation of positive affirmations, so where are the inundation of blessings, the miracles and all that I could ask, could, notice I said could.  I could also become angry, bitter, decide there is no God because geen wiz I didn’t get my wish my way when I wanted boo hoo, could.  What purpose would they serve?  None.  Instead what am I doing?  I following strong Holy Spirit guidance of what I am supposed to do with my music and this blog each day after listening to the mediation upon going to bed, listening to it a few times and praying the rosary.  What have I been guided to do, radio, focus on putting the songs up for sale on TuneCore and getting the songs played on radio, with goal of getting interviewed on radio.  I am hoping to also send the music to music blogs once I have the funds for a blitz, major blitz promotional campaign to send a few of my songs to radio and to blogs, have my fiverr virtual assistant take 10 hours or so and dedicate them to that.  I would like to focus my time on the writing, research, the recording.  Prayer is not an automated teller where you put the card in and poof out comes the money, not quick cash thing and it may take a good period of time to get any return on your prayer investment.  Your return on that investment may be a NO answer with nothing but walls and daggers etc.. everything you thought should be for your life shattered, so what ought to be can actually take place.  If we do trust and pray, not force, manipulate shake our fist in anger, defiant to do it and have it our way, some pretty neat stuff can happen, if we let it.  Praying is not really the hard part, the hard part is the trust and let go now, just let go, just let it go, not push, insist upon, just let go.  That doesn’t mean I don’t do what I am guided to do each day or each week, like I have been guided, prompted to offer an online seminar about Releasing Fear the first week of April and I will post details on here about ten days before.  We still do what we are guided to do in meditation and prayer, but in and with total peace.  I know, believe me I know, taht is not an easy thing.

Shalom and Amen

Is the Past Ever Truly Put to Rest?

night sky and stars

The past came has come visiting me these past few weeks, almost like a haunting, like a ghost.  It stays buried for a while, but then either something with the fibromyalgia, something will resurrect the ghosts of the past, all the frustration about not paying attention to God’s plan for me, frustration about letting my childhood stuff cloud my choices etc… into adulthood.  The past should stay in the past, shouldn’t cloud tomorrow, but I realized something.  It has taken away, rather the baggage I have carried has taken away  from me.  It has up to now taken away any sense of safety, of choice, any real sense of the ability to make choices, not the right ones. In essence, what was ahead scared me because what had been had hurt me so much.  Yet, I kept putting myself in relationship and career situations that would hurt me, cause pain, be one wall after another, one obstacle after another.  It is only now that I am coming to understand this fully, this notion of being scared of what was before me, so I didn’t embrace, seek out fully God’s plan for me because I was too hurt by what had been and couldn’t really trust anyone fully, not even God.  Am I in a place of being totally healed, where I can totally trust, even totally trust God?  No, getting close, getting there, but not totally there, not yet.  I am sure God understands and He is quite patient, so I just have to keep walking the journey till I get home, that’s all.   What does home look like? Lots of music and ministry/coaching and lots of smiling as I share God, and the lessons of life with all the world, God’s path for me.

Shalom and Amen

What Does God Promise?

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When we are wondering what God is there for, what he is doing for us, and what promises he has made in regards to us, our lives, thare are some core ones that we can look to.  Often people will look to God and aim for the material success and all that.  If we look at God’s core teachings and promises, the main things he seeks to give us is salvation of the soul, peace, clarity, discernment and wisdom.  Why, why peace, clarity, discernment and wisdom?  Well, look around around, take a good look around and even at ourselves, yours truly included.  If each of us truly does that on a consistent basis, nto to beat ourselves up, since that is counter productive, but to really take an honest look at humanity, we see a lot of stupid, a lot of rebellion against God and a whole lot of stupid going on.  If God can provide the path, way and wisdom to avoid a whole lot of rebel and stupid then of course He will and He does, called good parenting.  Also good parenting is that there are consequences for violating boundaries and house rules, just common sense.  God promises mercy, when he is sought out and remorse is truly present.  

Whenever you are wondering what good is God, what can I count on with him blah blah blah, try and remember these promises, always.

Shalom and Amen

Part of My Heritage, But Not Who I Am?


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and love my Italian heritage, but, yes there is a but in there.  I have tried to be part of the Roman Catholic faith, but every instinct in me says, no who you are and what makes sense is biblically accurate Evangelical Protestant,Athanasian Creed and 39 Articles of Faith.  I understand that we all have a different calling in this life, that salvation comes strictly through Christ. What does that mean for me? What is at the core of this?

It comes down to how one understands one of the most important moments in the Gospels, the moment when it is revealed to Peter by the Holy Spirit who Jesus is, and Jesus’s response about the Rock.  What is that Rock, is it Peter, the Rock that can’t be penetrated by Satan?  What is the rock upon which Christ would build His Church?  As prayed and read that whole scene over and over, it became clear to me anyway that the Rock was the truth revealed to Peter, that truth, along with the holistic truth of the bible, which can be found in the Athanasian Creed quite nicely.  How does does that affect my life and how I interact with my quite liberal Roman Catholic and community of people I’m connected to?  It’s a balancing act because my mom is 93, so I don’t want to have a family rift or division.  On the other hand, I believe in the natural law and order of things as God intended, as well as standing by that truth no matter what.  How I stand by it is the part that can be tricky, not getting riled up when I am told I am on the wrong side of things.  I am now realizing the best thing to say is something to the effect of “I am a conservative evangelical and I’ll always be.”  I just have to keep responding in that way, firmly, keeping calm, and that is true of everyone I interact with that is RC.  What of my daily life?  I enjoy saying the Anglican Rosary, helps me focus and calm myself, same with certain prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, and hymns that uplift and teach me, inspire me in my faith and in all things.  It gives me a sense of peace, of calm, the ability to think through stuff with clarity and objective truth guidelines.  Ritual is not a bad thing, and the RC faith has some beautiful stuff going on, but if I can not embrace the theology in full, then I would be hypocritical to be part of it on a day to day basis.  As I said I can appreciate it as my heritage, which I should and do, but in terms of theology, day to day living, prayers etc… I am truly Non Denominational Evangelical Christian, and with a very clear sense of what I need to understand more in depth of, to live the faith and spiritual path more fully.  I will always appreciate the heritage of my ancestors, but faith wise I can not follow it.  I must be true to God and Biblical truth as the Holy Spirit guides me to be. 


Anger and Faith, Oh My

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A book was recently written “The Lost Shepherd” regarding Pope Francis, his Papacy.  We have vatican officials close to this Pope raging at anyone who questions what the heck this Pope and the Vatican is doing, violations of core magisterium.  It seems this Papal posse can’t handle the truth, doesn’t like to be told what’s what, lashes out, those around the Pope like Spadaro act like spoiled brats. So, is it “wrong” to be angry, ever?   Yes, it is.   However, it’s all about point of reference for that anger, and such, which is why in the faith community there is the term righteous anger.  What is righteous anger?  It is a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another, and even self. For example as a Church, the body of Christ when church leaders contradict bible truth about marriage, family etc… anger is justified.  When government violates the Constitution, especially as a pattern, anger is absolutely justified.  When there is actual mistreatment of people, helpless animals, cruelty, yes anger is justified.  If a child is being neglected etc.., or an elderly person, all of this is cause for anger, it’s righteous anger.  If you are getting passed over constantly at work for those less qualified because they “kiss up”, yes you would be angry and rightly so, wouldn’t you be? Anger can be the correct response or a dangerous emotional reaction. The nature of anger is defined by the motivation and the state of the heart. Anger over issues that would anger God, such as crime, abortion, pornography, abuse, oppression, and so on, is justifiable and can cause positive action.  Jails are full because of anger. Men and women rage at their kids, kids at everyone else because of anger. Families are destroyed because of anger etc….Women rage against men being taught that the Patriarchy is responsible for all ills in life and society, with no one seeming to be willing to take responsibility for their own lives and screws ups, no one willing to hear truth biological, scriptural or otherwise.    If one of faith and spiritual life is wondering what the heck is the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger this chart might help

There is also another factor, reaction, response.  Those troubled by the Pope have written him letters, have written books to try and get him to see truth, and taken different steps to bring him back to Magisterium truth.  In our government here in the U.S., we are seeing exposed wrong doings of various government agencies and hopefully constructive overhauls will take place, changes made to different systems that truly benefit all, or the majority.  People have taken to social media to put pressure and it seems to work.  Then you have the attempt to silence free speech by intimidating businesses into severing ties with the NRA when the problem is not the weapons, it’s people and society, bureaucracy breakdowns.  You have an education system that does not allow for vigorous debate and disagreement, speaking of truth, even if that truth hurts, offends, and that’s not a good sign for society, not at all.  When there is anger for whatever reason, including not liking truths told, it’s not the anger that is the issue, it’s whether it’s within the parameter of righteous anger or not and also the response that matter.  We should ask ourselves these questions based on the parameters of righteous vs unrighteous anger:  Is my anger truly justified?  Is my anger to intense for me to be in right mind at this time?  Am I too quick to anger?  Does my anger last too long?   If the answer is yes to more than one of these, to all of these, then we need to do some serious meditating, praying, etc…, 

Shalom and Amen

To Remember When Clouds Come

God's Promises.jpg

Let’s face it, life has a bit of everything, sun, clouds, rain, thunder, sandstorms, sweet, sour, spicy, a host of weather patterns and flavors, and when the not so great ones show up, it can be really discouraging, so when that happens, if you can have this on your wall in each room, a reminder to keep the faith strong, something like this, it can make a difference in your mindset and how you approach life, even those not so sunny days. 


Does Silence Speak?

Listened Close To Silence.jpg


There are times in life when in silence much is said and also in life there are times when there is a parting and much is left unsaid, things linger, hover in the air.  May we all find closure to all things and situations, and may we find wisdom from the Holy Spirit in moments of silence and reflection.