Law of Compensation

Law of Compensation and financial wellness. Law of Compensation is the Universal Law that is applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships and blessings. Another important sector in the wheel of life is finances and money. Do […]

What Can Money Buy PII

Health is a precious gift, without it, all the money, prestige etc.. seems like a grain of sand really if you think about it.  Money can buy you a great health insurance plan, a room at the best clinic, hospital in the world, but it won’t necessarily buy you health or save your life and […]

What Can Money Buy?

Before I even talk about this, I want to talk about a Bible quote people get wrong a lot, which is that “Money is the Root of All Evil”.  No, money like a knife, a fork, a firearm is just a tool, like our mouth, our tongue, or even medication.  Money itself is not evil, […]

Further Financial Wisdom!

 Careers are built, just like a building, a house brick by brick, but I caution from experience, please find a way early on to release all your baggage, all your junk, and get clarity on what your gifts, talent are, what your calling is.  This is crucial or you will be chasing your tail and living the […]

Smart $ Habits, More to Ponder

Let’s say that like me, you got into debt and were in a bit of a panic, well staying in a bit of a panic and winging it is not the smartest way to go, so what do you do?  Become a lady or a gent with a plan.  In my case I contacted a […]