Holiday Stress, Oh My!

            The holidays are just around the corner,  yeah!  Maybe, depends on how crazy the holidays make you.  You might remember the day Santa Claus brought you your first bike or the first gift that you thought was just awesome.  It was hard to believe that the present of your dreams had actually […]

Being Productive and A Mom

Whether you are a new mom, starting a business or a new job, whatever the case, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.   Part  of navigating is planning, but also flexibility, being able to change schedule as needed.  I have not really felt I could do a weekly plan, due to health issues, a few procedures, […]

Further Financial Wisdom!

 Careers are built, just like a building, a house brick by brick, but I caution from experience, please find a way early on to release all your baggage, all your junk, and get clarity on what your gifts, talent are, what your calling is.  This is crucial or you will be chasing your tail and living the […]

Don’t Quit

Life is one of twists and turns, mountains and valleys, calm seas and stormy seas.   When we have prayed, meditated, discerned what-what we are meant to be, do as God intended we do, it’s great, awesome.  That doesn’t mean necessarily it’s smooth sailing, and there are any number of reasons. One of those is stuff around us, […]

New Beginnings

New  As the new year begins I embark on a plan for what I will do, goals set for my faith life, wellness, career, all of it.  I would love it all to be smooth sailing, but then I recall Christ at Calvary and why He gave his life for me.  This poem is something […]

Knowing When To Redirect

Life has a way of kicking you in the pants so to speak when you need to make changes and when my allergies hit this time around it was not like other times, it was hard and I am still after five weeks dealing with full fibro flare ups, crashing etc…, not fu.  My voice […]

What Is Coming Up In This Coaching Hub

  What can you expect to see coming? Good question? I think so.  One thing I am working on is getting my ZOHO CRM integrated with this blog, so that I can streamline everything in one place. The goal is to integrate it all into one, so I can host meetings everything on this blog platform.  […]

Forgiving Self This is something that I think will be a long journey for a lot of us, one that we make intellectually at first and for a long while, but emotionally, deep in the heart, in the spirit at the gut level, that takes longer.  One of the tings I will have to meditate on […]

Healthy Relationships

If we want a model for what a healthy relationship looks like mutually in addition to the Bible that a relationship is kind, patient etc…this is also a model to go with that for us to consider.  I am going to be meditating on those two models for all my relationships to personify these two […]

What’s New?

Yeshua Groups! Yesterday I spoke to Izzy one of the founders and I am on track to lead a Yeshua Group, create a sense of community, which I love.  Church used to be that, community, discussion, reflection, community.  I want to gather in a semi public place, tell the stories of the bible, have everyone […]