New Habit, Hmmm What Shall it Be?

Forming New Habits

I have been thinking about it and we work with three areas of being, heart, spirit and soul, for me the balance of those and of those with consistent right knowledge seems key to a great future and solid faith journey.  My new habit, to start with I would like to work with is balance of heart, spirit and soul as a Christian artist, with this seeking of this consistent right knowledge.  What do I have to for that to happen? As I see it a few things:

  1.  Meditate on the right things
  2. Choose the right place to seek knowledge
  3. Develop my craft as an artist and my faith building in a way that balances all three

The right things, right place, that is the next piece that has to fall into place, which I will be working on, and sharing with you.

Forming New Habits

Forming New Habits

I have prayed and meditated as far back in life as I can remember and when I have gotten a “word of knowledge” my approach has been “full steam ahead, broad stroke with big brush”.  We know the question that gets asked “So, how’s that working for ya?”  Well, truth be told, not as great as I would like it to, and that could be said pas and present.  When I found this pin, I realized that I have been changing my approach, adjusting my compass, how I respond to any turbulence etc..  What I would like to do is take one item listed at a time, share my view of why I think it makes a lot of sense, and apply it to my life and share with you how that is going. 

Let’s start with focus on one new habit.  Often we for example make a list of ten new year resolutions, well how realistic is that, or of ten goals to achieve in the next month.  Having goals is great, but how about one day at a time, one step at a time, one goal at a time, one habit at a time.  One new habit, I need to choose one new habit, something I want to initiate to improve my life, assist in my personal growth maybe as an artist, or in my faith. This is a start.  In the next few days I will think about this goal, and set that goal.  I will let you know what that goal is. Hopefully you will be inspired along my journey.

Shalom and Amen


God, Determination, Faith Bigger Than

God Is Bigger.jpg

Life has a lot of stuff it throws at you.  Me, it threw messy divorce of my parents, not  a heck of a lot of support for my gifts, talents, no real mentoring to help me find my way with any of that, lots of pain etc.. from the divorce, being caught in the middle of a lot of anger etc.. between dad’s family and mom, fibrmyalgia, debt, lack of life direction, lots of pain, lack of direction, of support, of any mentorship, all the pain that goes with all of this, and a not so healthy relationship with my mom who without realizing it, due to the language barrier she had and never remedied, failure to create a life outside of being my mom, created an unhealthy co-dependent relationship for her and me.

All of this could have totally chewed me up, spit me out, crushed me, but my faith, however imperfect, however choppy at times, my determination to find my way home to my purpose in life, to realize what my core gifts, talents were and put them to constructive use were stronger than any of this stuff.  Do I have great finances at 52, and a life as I wish it?  No? Am I with the love of my life? No, not yet.  However, that does not mean it not within my reach, it just means I have to stay the course, stay the path to get them and keep the faith, keep the determination and any negative destructive, self destructive crap voices that crop up, don’t listen tell them to take a hike go screw themselves, they are not taking me down. End of debate!!!

Life and Trees, Huh?

Jessee Tree.jpg

Trees are pretty darn amazing if you think about it. The roots, the trunk, the rings, the branches, leaves, and even fruit that grows on it, flowers, pretty amazing.  Trees are also a great metaphor for life and faith life if you think about it, and apply it to living.  How, well let’s explore that.

The trunk, the trunk is strong, rooted deep in the ground firm, and goes deep, quite deep and could be seen as the unconscious self, the part that hold much of our hidden memories, even suppressed anxieties etc…, also that innate search for something, that intangible something we can’t quite discern what it is we are looking for, that all encompassing love that we can’t quite define, that tugging at the conscience even when society says yeah do what you want, but deep down we know better.   It’s the storage area of all the memories and lessons hopefully wisely learned in our lives, the place where God was able to touch us, make an impact initially.  Then you have the branches and leaves that tell of all the external stories in our lives, all the fruits we have born, have created, the arms extended, what we have carried, the storms we have weathered, the rings tell of the years gone by.  Carvings can tell of who and what has visited us, left their mark on us literally.  

If I am going to be a tree, what kind of tree do I want to be?  What kind of roots do I want to plant what kind of fruit do I want to produce? These are all important questions as I journey through the second part of my life being at the slightly over 50 mark age wise.  I need to determine this and then make it happen with the Lord’s help, be a fruitful Tree of Jesse, one that produces good fruit, not only for myself, but also for others. 


Finances is one of the areas that causes a lot of stress for people, for couples, families, so when I came across this, I had to share.  Sound or unsound  life and financial decisions can stay with you long into the future.  I hope this will be of help and inspiration.  I hope that I have learned my life lessons and make wiser choices in different areas of my life than some I have made in the past.

Financial Wisdom


Not On Schedule, OY!

evening ocean

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I had it pretty much planned out.  I had the plan for what I was going to record and have posted for Thanksgiving and prior to Advent, had a plan, was going to work out great.  I should have remembered.  What should I have remembered? 

The best laid plans of mice and men of course, such plans can easily not be God’s plans or can be easily upset by Lucifer’s mischief.  With the flu, viral general infection, and bad sinus infection that is giving me constant nausea it’s making it hard to stick to my plan.  Do I chuck it, forget it, get really angry at God, the universe etc…? No, annoyed, sure and am in my perfect right to get as annoyed as I want.  It’s my plan gone amok and I’ll cry, for like ten seconds, if I want to.  Then, then I decide how can I kick Satan in the tushi for messing with me!  The original plan was one song per night three nights a week starting to record last week, well that plan went out the window.  Instead it will be writing and recording several songs a night every night potentially starting next week.  See how Lucifer and his army, his legions like that turning of lemons into lemonade! I am too bitchy to let him and his army win, so if I am supposed to spread holiday cheer and share the Good News, then I will find a way to do it, no breaking any laws ever, but where there is truly a will, there is a way. 


New Year Coming, Where Will I Focus Energies?


This picture, if you put Christ at the other side of the bridge is a part of what I will be focusing on for the new year and beyond.  There are my creative juices so to speak that I also hope to expand upon, and having the space I want to have full creative flow.   Then there is the question of how?  How will I do this?

First thing is get things in order as regards my philosophy and faith, which while I respect Catholicism as part of my culture and has beautiful liturgical presentation, I am at heart more evangelical Christian.  I believe fully in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, in some having gifts of “prophecy”, in the sense of strong intuition and insight, at times prophetic in sensing strongly what’s coming, being shown something in dreams before it happens, so you can pray, or make a different choice.  I am perhaps because of the artistic side more freestyle in my prayer approach and approach to things, but firm in core conservative Christian, biblical principles.  When I went through some stuff a few days ago and I came across my Ordination papers, certificates and church charter for Ministry of the Heart from Worldwide Christianship Ministries, from a number of years ago, I realized that I am at the core Evangelical Metaphysical Christian.  From a cultural standpoint, I appreciate the faith of my ancestors, Catholicism, but I do believe that scripture is sufficient and one’s relationship with the Trinity to live a Christian life to the best of your ability and overcome sin strongholds.  Does it take study, discerning in prayer if what is being taught as systematic theology etc… is presented in a systematic and coherent way based on for example Bibliogoly, Theology Proper etc…  Having accepted this truth of self of who I am spirituality, what do I do now?  Finding like minded persons and being part of such a community.  That’s one aspect of my life, what of the creative, having my own space, getting off of government assistance and being totally self sufficient?  The way the government has it set up, in order for me to be totally self sufficient, still be able to care for my health care needs is a bit tricky, but not impossible.  I am for example attending a music appreciation class in my coop, will also begin attending expanding intuition, and What Inspires You? regularly.  These things, continuing to write and pray for my daily bread to come forth and my efforts, Youtube, this blog and other projects are what I see as my path, the path and opportunity God has given me to grow personally, to inspire others and hopefully to earn my daily bread.