What Do I Start With, What I want or…?

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If I am going to look at my life and look at any relationship, particularly soulmate twinflame and even key professional relationship where do I start in terms of a vision and all that?

I guess I could start with what I want, but I’ve decided to start with what I don’t want, which is:

  • Fearful closed oyster
  • Avoidance syndrome
  • Avoidance by butterfly syndrome or by busy bee syndrome
  • Fragmented syndrome
  • Still tied to the past, what if, an ex (past is past, ex is ex, cut the cords, let go kindly, but let go)

Having determined this is what I don’t want, not even in myself in terms of how I would be in a relationship and work on not being that, what do I want in key relationships, including my life partner relationship?

  • Open communication
  • Deal up front with everything
  • Focused, streamlined in life, in work, social life
  • Caring, demonstrative
  • Equal partnership in decision making
  • Ministry, Creative and Artistic partner, as well as life partner
  • Conservative Worldview, rooted in Christ
  • Appreciation of Italian culture

I am going to keep doing what I am doing and placing myself in the atmosphere where I might connect to such persons, while seeking to be that person myself as well.  I realized that before determining what I wanted I had to be clear about what I didn’t want, filter that out.  Now that I have I can meditate on and pray on these types of partnerships I do want, coming into my sphere.  



Step Back and Just Pray, What?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

Sadness, but we must not be silent.

When you are seeing something stagnant, not at all in good shape, not going in the right direction, not cohesion, you gut instinct says the key here is cohesion, streamlining and cohesion what do you do?

When it’s your own life, your own stuff, well, you just do it, streamline, create cohesion, do what you know has to be done, figure it out, get a solid team together, do what you know you have to do, get creative, and do it.  You move heaven and earth, declutter people, everything you need to do to make it and your life thrive.  No nonsense, just do what you have to do and that’s that.  However, when you are on the outside looking in and you see something stagnant, not working, not thriving, not streamlined, whether it is a person’s life, a projects, organizations, what do you do?  Unless you have a really open and close bond with the persons involved, like I described in my previous post with my FB family, the few and amazing ones, and they with you, raw open book closeness, you can’t say this is going in the wrong direction, things need to be streamlines etc.., your life needs to be streamlined etc…You might not feel you can and might feel yourself in a bit of a tough spot.  Do you speak up and risk being labeled a troublemaker? Do you just shut it and watch the ship sink, then feel badly that you didn’t say anything?  What do you do? Sometimes you can do a combination of suggesting, and praying that eyes will be opened, a light bulb revelation received.  You can’t really change anything other than yourself, how your react, respond, deal with things.  You have to really look at how much you value what you are involved in and with for the long term, the real chances for it succeeding if changes are not made if you don’t speak up, the consequences if you do, and if you choose not to are you okay with staying on board something that you don’t see having a positive outcome, even a particular aspect of it?  Sometimes, there is one aspect that is looking stagnant, grim and where you see is going in a totally wrong direction or truly feel it is, but you don’t feel you really should be the one to speak up about it.  Sometimes you might not be and what you need to do is to pray and meditate that a key person involved realizes the truth of things and they take action, speak up, make changes, stand up and say “this is how it is going to change, no debate, and it changes now, take it or leave it and this is why.”  Deciding when and how to speak up when you see things going in the wrong direction is not always easy or clear cut, especially if you feel you don’t have the authority to do so or the closeness with those in charge of friendship to speak up, or if something happened that made you decide never again will I.  I am a firm believer that if we can’t do something directly, we can pray that the right person to do something be illuminated by the Holy Spirit and they do something, fast, so the ship does not crash into port.   Sometimes that is best, so it might be a good idea sometimes to pray as to what is the best course of action if we ought to act ourselves, or we might need to have someone else be the catalyst for us to make change happen directly or indirectly.  If that person has a strong instinct or gift of the spirit, and they are a catalyst for change, they will understand that is what is happening and not be upset or feel used.  They will understand they are meant to be a catalyst to bring about change and you needed them to be that catalyst to help you bring about change, and sometimes we can’t do it on our own, bring about change.  Praying for what to do when we see such a situation and how to handle it, whether directly ourselves or by having another be a catalyst for us is a good idea, a pretty good idea.


Springboard and Cohesion To Becoming…


As I move forward with this blog, I hope it becomes more than just a blog.  My hope it that it will become a life coaching tool that includes, with  your financial support:

  1. Guest bloogers regularly 
  2. Quality audio meditations
  3.  Quality video meditations
  4.  Quality audio and video seminars
  5.  Free live monthly seminars for blog subscribers and members, donors  access only
  6.  Who knows what other tools and resources we will add to this

There will be every effort made to insure cohesion in the material presented and how it is presented, from blog to live presentation.  I have learned a lot from my own life and observation, one being cohesion is critical with projects and life.  I thank you now for your support to make it all a reality.


Discipline and Focus Fun? Yeah Possible



When you tell someone “Declutter, Focus, Streamline” you might get a cringe, a roll of the eyes, a look that says “boring” and it can be, but that depends.  I am realizing that now for myself.

As I think of recording meditations and spoken word projects to bring to you for this and my other blog, even the process of then mixing and mastering the pieces I could think boredom, but no because I love sharing with all of you, potentially making an impact for good.  Yes the process of recording different parts to a longer meditation then mixing the pieces then the music that part can be a bit tedious, same with any spoken word or songs that are a bit lengthy if I feel it is best to break them up in terms of recording then mix them together after.  Yet, still it is worth it because I love coaching, impacting, inspiring, even through the arts.  I realize I have to be consistent in recording material regularly, creating material regularly and that takes discipline and will take even more discipline down the line, but that’s okay.  It need not be boring if I love what I do and why I am doing it, in addition to it being my calling.  Then there is the potential project with the church that I hope to be  apart of the Arts and Education Program that has so much potential.  Again, like this garden here it will take landscaping and planning, which may not seem like fun and the practice time artistically, , research wise will be significant, but since I will enjoy I am certain the company I will keep during that time, then it won’t seem really like work, will it? 

The words declutter, discipline, focus, streamline all that, maturity don’t need to be negatives depending on the following:

  • Are you following your calling, true heart’s calling?
  • Are you enjoying the path you are on?
  • Are you enjoying quality of people not just quantity for the sake of quantity of people and activity?
  • Are you enjoying the key people you are making the streamlined focused journey with are will be making with?
  • Do you believe in it, in you, in them?

If the answer to these is yes, then no problem, you will not feel like you are caged in and you will be able to find joy, even in the midst of discipline.  


Sometimes, Gotta Let Them Fall

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

Sometimes and some personalities, we have the desire to jump in and save the day, even “save” them, when we see someone in the ocean heading right for a wave, big one, and really rough waters, when we see them headed for the edge of a waterfall or a cliff.

It’s a beautiful instinct and even government liberal progressive officials have that policy when it comes to corporations.   It seems like a really great noble thing to go in and try to rescue someone who has put in wrong people for the job all kind of stuff you can spot a mile a way is going to end up sending things and them right over that cliff.  I know that we should be willing to point out to those we care about and when we care about something when we see red flags that we see red flags, so things and persons don’t go over the cliff, the waterfall.  If it is a life and death situation then yes of course we must intervene.  However, there are times in for example one’s professional life, friendship, and other relationships, situations when as much as you know you have some really solid advice etc…when though it is painful and even with one’s kids, parents, you have to step back. Why?

Some lessons about quality of people not quantity, right fit of people for the job, any number of decisions, sometimes the person has to to fall, come crashing down and have it all come crashing down around.  Not that one wants to see the other suffer, but there are times when no amount of words, yelling, screaming, even graphs, nothing will get them to realize that they are close to a cliff and can fall right over any minute.  They have to be seeing the red flags you thing to yourself, been given the stern lecturing, yelling, two cents worth of advice, all of it,   Yet they keep going towards that cliff and like I said your instinct may be in a work situation or a personal one to run in and rescue, bang your head against the wall over and over to “rescue” the situation, the person,  When they made the choices and decisions they made, they were likely convinced they were the right ones and may not be open to seeing the truth even if it is right in front of them.  You might be thinking “why is it important they be allowed to fall off that cliff?”, again keeping in mind if it is a life and death situation then yes intervene, but even then sometimes they have to crash to get it.  In order to learn better ways to do things, to make right choices, choose the right people, right partners so on and so forth, sometimes we have to fail, we can’t be rescued because when one is rescued and if  over and over again well a few things happen according to a good article I discovered in Forbes and I agree with this myself:

  • Self reliance and resiliency are never learned
  • One never learns to take risk, even manageable risk
  • One never learns to adapt to failure and setbacks
  • One never learns to innovate
  • One never learns to take control of situations, or confront people etc… constructively

What do you do?  Forbes made some suggestions and this was for work situations but, you can use the gist of these suggestions for even personal situations.

  1. Share past stories of struggle. Everyone’s been there.
  2. Practice recovery so people aren’t paralyzed by failure. When I was coaching sports, we didn’t just diagram plays. We always developed a Plan B. That’s why great organizations scenario-plan. It helps people think of struggle as part of the process.
  3. Help people around you think like long-term investors in their own ideas and their own careers. The aim shouldn’t be to try to have one uninterrupted string of successes, but rather to have a portfolio of some winners and, yes, some losers.
  4. If someone is struggling, your job is to figure out how to get them on the right path. Help people learn from failure and move forward.
  5. Champion failure that turns to innovation. Find examples where ordinary failure has led to extraordinary opportunity.
  6. Encourage failing fast. Sometimes we recognize that something is failing, and our instinct tells us to push harder to make it succeed. Knowing when to pull the plug is always difficult but is necessary.

Not fun to fall off a cliff or a waterfall at great height or any  height, but if you jump in to rescue, even one someone has chosen the wrong people for whatever reason things are not going well, or in a really awesome direction, and you do this all the time directly rather than guide, encourage and allow them to fall flat on their tukkus and sometimes hard, not doing them any favors, or society because you create a whole world of snowflakes and such.  Please don’t do that!  Thank You. Guide, encourage, let people fall, fall hard sometimes, pray and meditate over these things, but don’t run in to rescue constantly.




How To Spot Butterflies and Honeybees

butterfly honeybee

Often we can come across what I call the butterfly and or the honeybee, and they seem to be in the thick of it all, don’t they? 

They are really on the scene and they seem to be really busy all the time, and I used to have a complex about whether I was busy enough with life, whether I was useful enough in life based on whether I was busy enough, involved enough in enough stuff.  I could have become a butterfly and a honeybee, like some I have been observing.  What is a butterfly and/or honeybee?  Often such a person has their plate full day and night, they are involved in so many events, in different causes, even within one aspect of something cultural, spiritual, philanthropic, are all over the map.  They do not leave any time for being with themselves, as if being with themselves is something they can’t quite fathom.  They often have droves of “friends”, know lots of people, keep accumulating people in their lives, but are often in a cloud and won’t even remember what was said to them by anyone, and if you share anything of your work etc… they are so busy with busy work for the sake of busy most likely they don’t even look at it.  They may later on in life be trying to do all they feel they didn’t, realize all the dreams they feel they didn’t earlier on, and really have a hard time with just doing nothing, even just being with one person in a very deep intimate setting, situation emotionally, spiritually, and not even doing anything, just being present in the moment, chatting, just in the moment.  The butterfly also may have a sense of not wanting to see what is really happening, and positivism a good thing can be taken to where reality of a situation is ignored, decision making turned over to others and the fluttering here, there and everywhere continues.  There is no core venue or project of focus for the energy, no streamlining for achieving the cultural, spiritual, philanthropic etc… goals in one place, it’s scattered all over the place and nothing concrete gets accomplished long term.  Often there is no plan, it’s just winging it, which works for the short term, but not for the long term, ever.  They also often fail to realize that if you want to accomplish great stuff long term, you have to find the right partnership/s because that can be the key to make or break a lot in life.

Remember, being a butterfly, honeybee, even the lone ranger, rebel with a million causes is fine when you are in your youth and exploring who you are, what your gifts, talents, dreams are, but at a certain point in life, sorry folks, but it is time to stop fluttering the wings and pollinating here there and everywhere.  It is time to get streamlined, get focused, really figure out the venue where you are going to channel your energies, talents etc.. and make it happen, have that star light up and be a beacon for the world to be inspired so on and so forth.  It can still be fun, exciting if you make it so, constructively please, thank you.  Hopefully, at some point, butterflies and honeybees can learn to streamline on one field, one flower.



What I’m Most Sad About

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

 I could be sad about the ideas being dismissed, and my talents, but that’s not what makes me sad the most.

What makes me sad the most is that what I have shared, what I share comes from Spirit, come very spontaneously as an artist, and in general, even in extending my friendship.   I am very open about my meditating daily, my faith, and asking God to be an open vessel, wearing my heart on my sleeve.  I guess what makes me sad the most is that when my work and my ideas in ministry, in the arts are dismissed, it is like dismissing the Holy Spirit.  It’s hurtful to me and makes me sad that those in the faith community, seemingly so much of faith and in the faith community would dismiss these ideas, these gifts, would push them to the side.  There was so much potential and I had hopes for wonderful things to happen and blossom, but  a person’s own doubts and lack of courage have conspired to push aside that which the Holy Spirit shared and put forth.  That always makes me sad and I find it hurtful when what the Spirit gives is pushed aside, dismissed etc..  Perhaps it is because I have done so and wish I had not.  As I face the sadness what the Holy Spirit has shared being shoved aside, ignored and my own talents as well, I have to find a  different path to get to where the Holy Spirit wishes me to be, for my talents to be put to use, my artistic and creative talents, even my material.  All I can do is work on pushing past the sad and hope that there are those who can see the work of the Spirit in what I do, create, produce and put forth, ideas included and embrace that with gusto.

I could just forget all about it, sulk all that, but would God really be pleased? No, he would not.  I have shared what the Holy Spirit has given me to share with whom I felt it needed to be shared.  I can’t force anyone to adhere to what the Holy Spirit wishes to be done.  Since it seems that others are not going to be paying attention to the Holy Spirit, are not going to take charge of anything, are going to leave things to others to decide etc…, dot get it on different levels, I refuse to keep banging my head against the proverbial wall.  It’s just too frustrating, annoying etc…, so what do I do about things?  As much as I would like to help save something, like I sad I am not going to keep sharing what is given to me by the HS and have it tossed aside by butterflies and honeybees who are all over the map, all over the lace, a million different activities etc.., not focused.  I am going to focus my time on my own projects, ministry through my own projects.  I am going to focus on just writing and recording, getting my music, projects out to DJ’s, radio, here on my blog and hope for your support in following the blogs and hopefully if you find it in your heart financial support for either of these blogs, this one or my kaartist blog.  All I can do now is focus on my own projects, get my stuff out there and work on ministry through my own works.  All the rest, well, God is going to have to find some other way to get the message across because I have tried all I can to do so.  Not willing to keep banging my head against the wall.