It’s Okay To….

I have this pain, this sense of something stuck in my chest, right below the breast cage, and the pain etc.. got so bad that yesterday at 2 am I had to go to the ER.  I have been really doing my utmost to keep it all together for mom’s funeral and sorting out a […]

Eulogy for Mom

I have had this literal pain in my heart for the past few days and I guess with planning for mom’s funeral, which is tomorrow, I have not really grieved and last night as I was crying and listening to songs such as Heaven God Another Angel and others, the tears flowed for the pain […]

Emotional Responses in Healing the Hidden Self

  I have been thinking a lot about emotions with everything going on around us and healing.  Healing is a great way to bring about changes in  emotional responses as regards for example  anger, resentment or other negative responses that might be triggered. Our emotions react to things we harbor in our mind, such as anger, fear, resentment, […]

The Underminers

How many of you had the experience growing up of being told in various ways to limit yourselves from being all you can be? The movie ìs Incredible is a wonderful metaphor for this. In this movie, the superheroes ñ the people with extraordinary powers ñ are restricted from using their powers. When I was […]

Hidden Self in Healing through Inner Control

Self-control provides us with self-discipline. Instead of acting on impulses, we can use self-control to make sound decisions. Self-control puts up restraints so that we do not make repeated mistakes. In addition, self-control gives us strength of mind, will, and we develop our willpower.  Self-indulgence on the other hand causes a series of decadence that […]

Watching Over Me

As I watch anarchists, socialists and communist ideology fools destroy this Republic, I reach out to the heavens, to my guardian angel and ask for guidance, direction   My prayer is that we find a way to heal our own selves, lives, and our nation.  Remember that there is a difference between protest and riot, justice, […]

The Value of the Arts

In times of crisis or budget restraint, the arts are the first to go, which is a true shame.  The arts help us to process loss, to heal, be inspired, so you see artists doing online concerts and all that jazz.  Hallmark this weekend had Christmas movies, which might seem odd, but in a time […]

6 Tips of Self Care

When we think of care, we think physical, but care is more than just physical.  Even with the physical, you have to know what works for you.  In terms of exercise, well for someone with CFS, Fibromyalgia and such strenuous exercise could cause more harm than good.  Also when doing physical activity, it”s important to […]

Treating Yourself

  Once in a while, we all need a bit of recharge, pampering and so do intimate relationships.  Often we think it has to be something really expensive etc.., when really, no it doesn’t.  Whether you are a caretaker, have kids, we all need pampering sometimes.  What are some ways you can treat yourself, your […]

I Choose To

For the longest time, I had said I had no interest in the dating game, that it was something I had no interest in, the game playing and then that the fibromyalgia was something no one was going to want to take on, so why bother to seek a relationship?  Of course, there is the […]