This Independence Day

Never has this been more evident than today, seeing what is going on around us the lawlessness, the anti Christ spirit, this hatred for anything of God, of virtue of scriptural truth.  Franklin as well as other Founding Fathers, imperfect duh due to being human beings, understood that when you take away love of God, […]

Being Thankful For…

We all have a wish list, which changes with time, though some staples remain on it.  We could get everything prayed for, but if one truly believes in God, in a loving and caring God, who operates as a parent, then giving us everything we want all the time, just downloading knowledge into our brain […]

Holiday Stress, Oh My!

            The holidays are just around the corner,  yeah!  Maybe, depends on how crazy the holidays make you.  You might remember the day Santa Claus brought you your first bike or the first gift that you thought was just awesome.  It was hard to believe that the present of your dreams had actually […]

Christmas Hymn and Holiday Holly

Event Link The magic of the Holiday, of Christmas, an almost whimsical time, with the whimsy, the wonders of the Spirit getting lost a bit. Join this Bentley Records NYC artist for an afternoon of the Spoken Word, of the Season of Christmas, of Winter. There will be original pieces by the artist and […]

Not Alone

Valentine Day can be a day of joy, but also for some lonely time as they miss those gone, or go into a place of regret for love lost. We are not ever alone, not really.  If we can meditate on beautiful memories, on the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, beauty of […]

Spirit Lost and Found

  As I entered the room with the hustle and bustle of the festivities of the Eve, my spirits I have to confess were not at a high point, been a week of medical testing rather than Christmas Spirit and celebrating.  A big part of me wanted to go off somewhere quiet and have the […]

The Meaning Of…

As we look at the wreath, decoration, all of the things of the season, let us not forget the reason for the season.                    

The Three Kings

A Bright Phenomenon, Three Wise Men, and Gifts, particular ones, one thing I wondered about, have wondered about is that bright phenomenon in the sky.  Couldn’t be a star because of the way it acted, or anything even remotely like that, so what could it be?  For me, the answer is in the Bible itself […]

Origins Matter, So Here’s One Origin matters, and heritage matters.  As a Christian and in general I think that while Santa is a lovely thing for kids, it’s important kids, we all know the origin of this jolly, giving legend who looks at who is naughty and nice.  In earlier times any naughty child would be taught a lesson […]

Coop Brings Us Together for A Night

This month my coop celebrated Hannukah, and Christmas, the month before Italian Heritage night, and earlier in the year we also celebrated Jewish New Year, and Chinese New Year.  The beauty of it is we share in each other’s traditions. It doesn’t matter what our background is, we share, we enjoy each other’s traditions, company, […]