Impulsiveness or Intuition?

It can be easy to confuse Impulsiveness and Intuition, but they are not the same.  One comes from our Ego, the other from a different place.  I hope this helps with a better understanding of that.  

Honesty or Friendship?

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.”   I came across this quote and it struck a cord.  As someone who frequently gets what is referred to as “word of knowledge”, flashes of intuition and all that, when a friend asks me about anything I […]

Might Hurt, But….

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, your own kid, a true blue friend, Jesus loving us can mean and has to mean putting forward some harsh truths, truths we might not like, or want to hear.  Jesus  who was no teddy bear, contrary to what the very lost warped modern liberal social justice etc.. church would […]

Can’t Promise, But…

Some think that God, accepting Christ, the baptism of the Holy Spirit means magical erasing of all clouds etc.., but that is not what it means, and when I came across this poem I felt this is what The Holy Trinity would say to us right before we accept the Christian faith and relationship with […]

Why Given Foreknowledge and Such?

We have all used the phrase “sixth sense”  “my gut”,  for those whose foreknowledge instances occur pretty regularly even in dreams, what are you meant to do with that information etc…? That depends and will depend on your spiritual maturity and level of development in the spiritual realm, gift of discernment, all these things.  Does […]

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Intuitive Vision

This article that I came across resonated with me.  I had joined a bunch of meet up groups, but really was not attending the events and was getting quite lost and cluttered, in my quest for community, connection etc.. I realized I needed to get very focused, really decide where I needed to put my […]

Know Yourself as Eternal, Non-changing and Absolute

As we walk through life we see the constant change around us as everything follows its natural life cycle. Our body is no exception; it is constantly changing growing and evolving. Yet the person within the body, that silent witness to all we experience, has an eternal quality of something much greater and more permanent […]

Sharing Insight of Others is Wisdom

  I enjoy sharing my experiences with you and hope they help and inspire in some ways, but I also love finding nuggets of wisdom that others have put forth that I think can be of great inspiration or food for thought.  This article and the next one I will share with you are examples […]

Sometimes, A Sigh and Hope They See

Please support this blog via paypal: There are times when you can see things very clearly, when the Holy Spirit has given you a clear vision and you are ready to forge ahead. Ahhh but… You wake up and have a solid vision let’s say in regards to your vocation, to the path to take […]