Sometimes, A Sigh and Hope They See

Holy Ghost

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There are times when you can see things very clearly, when the Holy Spirit has given you a clear vision and you are ready to forge ahead. Ahhh but…

You wake up and have a solid vision let’s say in regards to your vocation, to the path to take in that regards and you are well under way and you see in front of you ship ready to sink and the other person also knows the ship is sinking and they need to reverse, chart a new course, but like many of us don’t want to give up on their “child”, their idea, no matter what.  You hate to see them going in circles, bang their head against a wall and you have given all the input you can, so what do you do?  You may have to step back, just step back do you thing, work on what you need to work on, pray and meditate the Holy Spirit will come upon them with the same vision you were given or a complimentary one.  All you can do sometimes because anything else will lead to you banging your head against the wall.  You have to know when that point is to step back, really listen to your spirit, inner self connected to the divine realm.

Another scenario, one wakes up and realizes their soulmate is front of them, and as an intuitive you know they have realized it, so why is there not a moving forward more specifically, an integration socially etc…? If you are a person who wants things said, done, let’s go, get to it, times a wastin, speak up, let the heart flow, let’s go, you might wonder why the other person is not speaking up, letting the heart flow, sharing his or her feelings etc…  For some realizing their twin flame soulmate is right in front of them and they have feelings after they have done everything to numb themselves because of crap they have had in their lives, maybe they have even had a divorce, not an amicable one.  Any number of reasons may make them very reluctant to acknowledge or to accept that they have had this realization or that they are feeling anything for anyone in any intense way, or any deep way.   They have learned to be numb, detached, be butterflies in philanthropy, socially and all that, but as far as making a wham bam wow rock my world connection, twin flame soulmate connection they are petrified of that.  What do you do? Caring, support, not phony tell you what you want to hear support, sincere, from the heart, even if that means saying what they might not want to always hear, but need to.  You meditate, pray, envision the walls they have put up crumbling down, all the unprocessed pain etc… faced, processed and released so they can admit to the twin flame soulmate connection and move on it.  If they can’t, if they refuse to take down the walls for because of life circumstances can’t, then ask for divine sacred guidance and for things to unfold to the greater good of all.



Whole Body Healing, Regeneration


Each Day we encounter energies, tensions etc.. on different levels, some are thrown at us externally and not so easy to deflect.  Others, we create by being fragmented, by not being wise stewards in our lives, by not having cohesion in how we manage things in our life, work, relationships, thus creating negative flow.  We create tensions etc.. by refusing to realize when we are on a wrong path and refusing to make changes for our greater good, happiness etc…, and even that of others in doing so.  I hope this helps to bring healing to you and also awareness of these things so you can and will make any necessary changes to your life etc…, very constructive ones.

Why A Strong Connection To That Someone?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


I have been trying to understand why I have  strong connection to a particular person, an artist whom I don’t interact with on a day to day basis, but from the moment we met at an event where he sang, there was this deep psychic connection.

Last night I had a dream in regards to him and another artist I also have connected to strongly on a psychic level, talented lady.  I see her on a more regular basis.  I wondered why this connection why so strong.  Chemistry is one of course, common worldview, culture, faith all that stuff, on a psychic level was picked up by me and him immediately and an ethereal cord was formed.  After dealing with different people, including what I am now calling butterflies that flutter here and there and everywhere, collect a million people to their “know you” list etc… I realize what also draws me to this person and them to me.  Focus, a sense of focus, which I think for both of us is very important.  Though I did have a bit of a maze in terms of my vocational path, the one thing that was always consistent was the music, poetry, the artistic side path, that as I suppose subconsciously the ultimate goal, to be the inspirational artist/coach.  I also realize that the other common ground is that both of us realize, myself perhaps realizing it a bit later than I should have, the importance of streamlining, of having a particular outlet and venue you consistently work, even create for yourself, with to achieve your goals, not be like a butterfly, fluttering everywhere or flirting with everything and not focused on anything.  This person has worked with the same venue for longevity and that says a lot about their ethics as an artist, not to say they have not made changes, as change is part of life, and hopefully in order to grow artistically if they do have to make further changes they will do so even if that does mean leaving things behind, and do so constructively, that including forming new creative partnerships.  However, they are consistent and focused in their work, the venues they work with etc…, they are not farfalle whose wings flutter all over the place.  That’s to me an important quality in a person I think.  Doesn’t mean the person is boring because you can be stable and yet not be boring, don’t need to be a butterfly to be interesting, or for life to be interesting.  

I think that focus, streamlining, not wanting a cluttered life is what creates this psychic cord that is strong and will likely be strong for a very long time.  Will we ever come to artistic collaboration?  I hope so, as it would really be I think with the chemistry we have a potentially awesome thing.  God will see to it at the right time, right venue etc…, but it is up to them to reach out, rather to reach out back when they are ready to do so for collaboration.    There are others that I also have common ground with but there is not that psychic connection with and I wondered why and it likely is because they are like farfalle, butterflies.  When one is like a butterfly whose wings just brush the surface here, there and everywhere, no deep connection to people, someone like me, can’t make a deep intuitive connection, not readily, not easily.  For the deep psychic connection I have made the future will tell as to what creative collaborations occur and how they unfold.  Until then I will continue with my projects and plans, seeking to inspire etc… 


Trusting In That Still Voice-Mastered


The Journey That is Life.


Those of us who meditate, pray seek communion with the Holy Spirit, with the Trinity will hear that inner guiding voice, wisdom etc…, but may not always trust it.  I hope this can help in that journey.


Why Not Create etc… Alone?

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

Being an artist and an intuitive, empath, having also connection to that realm, other dimension means that is a great source, a main source.  What does that have to do with being an artist? A lot.

My inspiration for my songs, my poems etc.. comes from that, from these intuitive, empath, psychic consciousness connection moments.  These gifts to connect even when people are not in the same room with me, are not directly in my life, to connect to that realm of people’s psychic consciousness, even collectively is part of my identity as much as is being Italian-American I am realizing.  As much as people can be a pain, drive you up a wall and collaborative efforts are not always smooth, they are important. Also in a collaborative setting, if you can not be overly sensitive and can take it, as well as dish it out, you learn a lot about yourself, people, interaction with people.  You grow hopefully as a person on many levels also because they can see stuff in your work you can’t, including what can be improved upon.  They can also bring you down to reality and earth with your goals and plans if they are too far out there, as much as you might not like it when they do.  Maybe that is also why I have always prayed that if and when I did marry it would be with someone who could also be my artistic partner in life.   I guess I always really envisioned a life partnership in that realm where we would really be a dynamic duo as artists, set the world ablaze without our combined talent.  We would even nurture talent in some way, provide a venue for talent to flourish as a team.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes yeah as an artist you need to have that alone time to work on something specific, flush it out, but I believe that for me anyway the dynamics of working with other energies etc… as long as it was not negative destructive energies would be very important in my journey and trajectory as a an artist, and as a person.  The ego has to be kept in check, which is where the faith life comes in, and can keep one grounded and humbled when you don’t get holier than thou, then you become a holier than thou jerk.   As long as everyone can keep their ego in check, make it a team effort and also respect the individual gifts etc.. of each one then a lot of great stuff can be accomplished and there also has to be empathy that sometimes people are going through stuff and the art might suffer a bit, just for a moment.  It is a very interesting journey to make, and I hope to make it with success, accompanied by some wonderful and talented people the Lord has placed in my path. I really do think working with others as an artist is what I need to do for long term growth and success. 


Frustrating About Intuitive and Such

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

This picture sums it up pretty well what being an intuitive can be like.  What do I mean?  

When you are an intuitive, when the Spirit speaks to you and you see potential in connections, situations etc.. or when you sense what is going on, what needs to happen, and when you sense situations that need changing and how they can be changed, and try to do something about it, reach out in that context, you hope for the best outcome.  However, when you either gets smacked down or you realize that the other person/s don’t see what you are able to see, the potential, can’t see that their lives need to be decluttered or whatever, more focused, streamlined, stuff fused into one, you feel like you are in front of graveyard and even like you are banging your head against the wall.  You want to walk away maybe, but at the same time your intuition and the Spirit say no because you see, feel the potential, or whatever it is you feel very strongly that you just can’t shake and are led to keep reaching out and planning with ideas.  You get to where you start to feel like why should you ever bother caring about what your intuition says, or even care if a situation, connection realizes its’ full potential.  You can get to where you figure why bother with humans, as they are just more heartache and headache than they are worth and when you are an highly sensitive intuitive you can get that point, once in a while, but you can get to it.  Yesterday I had one of those day and that mood still lingering a bit today, just a bit.  I also think why the heck did I get the gift of intuitive and empath even?  Then I remember that the intuitive and empath gifts have given me some great stuff artistically and that even though being intuitive etc… has a lot of these moments, it also does give me great artistic moments.  Oy, Mamma Mia!   It is a gift, but not always a fun one.


No Interest In Solo Artist



As I look at where I will put my focus, one of them being the Alpha group at St Patrick’s Basilica, and rediscovering my roots, determined to focus on the artistic, I find myself also realizing a few things.

  • I have no problem with alone time and never want to be busy for busy sake or to run away from loneliness or life etc..
  • I love being an artistic and spiritual person, as well as a Classic Liberal Conservative and general Conservative in the truest Classical sense

I also realize the following:

  • I very much prefer it if I make my artistic path in collaboration with others, not as a solo artist or performance poet etc..
  • I love hosting and doing MC kind of stuff, lots of fun and it comes very naturally, as does speaking Italian
  • I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I like it that way do everyone, suck it up
  • Being an intuitive also means lots of frustration and disappointment because you see a range of potential in people, connections etc.. on so many levels that they don’t see or fear embracing and run from.  If you are one who doesn’t run from those connections etc. but to them, seeks to explore the creative etc… potential fully no wasting time etc..just jump right in, then you can end up with sadness, frustration and disappointment.  Others may not jump right in with things and need more time etc..
  • Being an intuitive, I have to learn to live with that, which is not easy
  • At some point and I have to know when that point is, I do have to walk away no matter how much potential I might see in a situation or a connection when there is nothing active and proactive except on one end of things

Namaste, Shalom and Amen