Jewish People Must Become Evangelists

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The more I learn about Judaism, the Pentateuch requirements etc.. of Messiah, the more I study Kabbalah and the more I see Israel under attack and anti-semitism on the rise, the more I feel the need for Judaism, Moderate Conservative Judaism, and Practical Zionism backed by History to be brought out to the masses and evangelization to become part of the Jewish faith.  

When I say evangelization I mean just that, evangelization, not in a yelling screaming in your face kind of way, or knocking on doors because that is just rude frankly.  However, the Jewish community, Conservative Jewish community, moderate conservatives and those of true Kabbalah, not the mystic hodge podge of different religions incorporated Kabbaalah, but those of true Kabbalah, should come together with those of the moderate conservative jewish community and work to share the faith and with the JCRC bring an understanding of Judaism and the truth of Messiah to the world.   Why is this imperative one might ask?  Well it is imperative to the existence of Israel for one as a distinct land of the Jewish people and for the Jewish people and their existence as the children of Abraham, for the gentiles grafted into the tree and all to be under the faith of One God, and One only.   It is also important because we should live according to truth and the Jewish understanding and true kabbalah understanding of the Messaiah, of sin etc… is as I see it truth, makes a heck of a lot more sense than other faith traditions.  It is imperative that the Jewish people share the truth of Judaism and Messiah according to the Pentateuch, not what was then twisted around to fit a narrative because people wanted a savior according to their standards.  Also, for the survival of the Jewish people and Israel itself it is as I see it necessary to share the truth of Judaism and that Yeshua was simply seeking to bring everyone into the Jewish faith, and reform the faith to be less about legalism and more about the heart, that personal relationship with God and each other.  That is not to say that he or God condone abbhorant or deviant behavior, lawlessness any of that, no.  Yeshua also understood that if Judaism gets so bogged down in ritual and law that they forget the human factor then it is no longer about faith, spirituality, nurturing, growing etc.. and that was what he came to save, and he came to save his faith, the faith of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac from that yoke of legalism, devoid of feeling, of heart, of a personal relationship with the spiritual realm.  His intention was as it was from the beginning I truly believe to graft the gentile into the Jewish faith.

I would like to see Jewish media on the Internet promoted more aggressively, openly, and I would like to see Jewish teaching on Messiah and true Kabbalah regularly on TV, on the radio   The faith needs to be shared, the beauty and truth of it should and has to be shared, and I hope in some way as I grow in my journey as a newly embraced member of the Jewish community I can do my part in this endeavor.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


The Mess Created By Abraham

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Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the Covenant God made with Abraham, in regards to Isaac, Israel and on down, as all who accept the one God are part of it.  However, he did make a bit of mess of things.  How did he do that? It finally dawned on me after listening to my videos on Torah, which I have started to listen to.  

God tells him that his wife will bear a child and that child will be the seed through which he will bless all generations, and when God mades a sacred covenant with ya, asks you to use your gifts for something to benefit society, you don’t go do your own thing, go do the opposite, bad idea.  Sarah, being human and allowing that nature rather than the divine within to rule decided she wanted what she wanted then and there.  God had plans to make her a mom, to give her that joy, that happiness, but as many of us, we want it when we want it and that’s like yesterday, okay.  Sarah got on Abraham’s case and Abraham instead of getting really strong in what the Lord had said and a bit tough love and tough ass with Sarah and saying “NO, Heck NO and Triple Heck NO Woman, we don’t have babies until the one God said is coming comes, now zip it, love ya darlin, but zip it!”  What does he do?  He gives in, gives into derailing the plan, and has him have a kid with someone else.  This set up a clash of Biblical and Historical proportions.  Why?  

If you look back to Genesis,  there is the Law of the First Fruits, but there is also the Covenant made with Adam and God keeps his Covenants, which supersede law, or contracts.  We see when at various junctures in the Bible humans decided to forgo the divine for the petulant child etc.. now now now attitude and want what I want when I want, were not wise, discerning, though God wanted them to be happy etc.. things God messed up.  The dilemma created by Abraham was this.  You now had the child of the first fruits who stakes claim to the inheritance etc…on the one hand, but the child of the God Promise and Covenant on the other.  Covenant supersedes Firstfruits, especially if those first fruits did not follow the will of God, as we saw with Cain and Able. Yet, Caine killed Able out of jealousy, though he was not following rightly what had to be done with first fruits.  He thought he would do it all his way and he to cerated a mess.  Abraham in obeying the wishes of his wife and giving into her, created a mess that we are still living with today and is destroying the world bit by bit.  It is akin to  man who is married having a child with another and both upon his death the child of marriage, who by Contract and Covenant has the right to be in that will, is now contending with the child of the Hagar coming in and saying give me everything because I was born before you were, though your dad was married to your mom.  As much as the guy may have loved that kid, she is not the child of either contract or Covenant, certainly not of Covenant.  To give it all to the child not of the marital Covenant because you think he loved the kid, doesn’t jive.  Can you make provision sure, can you work out a way to live peacefully together, yes, the Father would want that, but you can not take what is of the child of the Sacred Covenant, even if that Covenant was then for whatever reason terminated by one of the parties and sometimes it happens, as humans are not God, he gets that and give it to the other child.   In this Middle East conflict, that is what we are grappling with and it is due to a dilemma created by Abraham that left both sides, factions of both sides very angry, resentful etc… and those of Ishmael believing they are the ones entitled to it all, when they are not, they are secondary to Issacc and those of Isaac, including those who accept the Covenant of Abraham and Israel amongst the Gentiles.  

What can be done?  Hard to remedy when the Book of those of Ishmael gives false testimony, and I know I am going to get flak for this, as Ishmael was as his mother, so so he was very likely part of an idolatrous faith, something we can assertion from the Koran itself, such as(Sahih al-Bukhari 7:407).   For example the Koran says it was Ishmael brought up to be sacrificed and thus is the child of Covenant, which contradicts the Bible blatantly.  That’s just one example.  Then you have the issue of both feeling that as children of Abraham, both are right, both have the right to fully claim the inheritance of the land etc…, though they do not, as Covenant God made, not child by Hagar due to petulant bratty Sarah’s impatience, take precedence.   Hence, the Jewish people do have the right to all the land as given to them by Hashem in the bible and all the Blessings.  

The siblings don’t have to like it, but that’s dad’s will, so everyone has to figure out somehow for the good of the world how they are going to get out of old century Islam mentality and same for fanatic orthodox Jews and figure out, both sides how to live under one roof, in harmony and accept the Will as left by Dad to the children according to the Torah, the original book, thus the Original Will and Estate.  Everyone, including those in the Muslim and Jewish community, even Gentile community have to work to make it happen somehow.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Reject To Justify

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I have been trying to figure out why someone I knew had become caught up in a world that was not his and was in a sense throwing Israel and his own world constantly under the bus, while defending Palestine and always posting about the arab and persian culture as if that was his world.  It really annoyed me.  I have always, though growing Catholic and though not a particularly religious person, more spiritual, been faithful to Israel, loved the faith of Jesus, which he grew up with.  I have gone to church and synagogue.  I attend both, am a member of Hadassah to advocate for Israel, and also of the Sons and Daughters of Italy to stand with my Italian Heritage.  I would never throw Israel or my heritage under the bus, stand with those seeking to destroy Israel or my heritage.  It truly boggled my mind why this person, why he would.  Then I read this article and I recalled a comment he had made online similar to the fact that no one knew what it was to be Jewish.  I understand how being he has been with a Persian partner and surrounded by that, he felt he could only be in that world by denying the existence of his own, the right of Zionism and Israel to exist, thrive etc…, which is sad, as he has denied the right of his own existence therefor, his own happiness and so much more.  I hope he realizes that Israel and Zionism are not the bad guys and being Jewish is not a bad thing, not at all, that he embraces Zionism with all his heart and soul some day soon.

Being Italian, even in this election I had Cruz use the reference of mafia, Cossa Nostra and the like, so as an Italian, I always have to contend with the smear of being connected to “the mob”, just by the fact that I am Italian.  The difference is even if I did have family that were a Godfather or not so perfect in that regards, had had mob association, and even though I grew up in a neighborhood where the mob looked out for us, I don’t have shame about it.  I don’t run from it and embrace something else because of it.  I don’t view it as something that should make me embrace something other than my roots.  I embrace the roots of Jesus which is Judaism, going to Shabbat service, being part of synagogue and also go to Mass at least once a week, Catholic Mass because it retained elements of Jewish OT tradition in it.  I hope when my mom, who is 92 passes, to make the cavatelli, and some of the stuff she made.   I hope I do because I would hate to deny the continuance of all that, of her, of the root of who I am, but I also hope I can become more involved in synagogue and continue the tradition of who Jesus was.  Both are in a sense the root of who I am, and Israel the root of Hashem and Jesus, so I hope I can always be an advocate for her.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen



What Zionism Means to Me

Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love

When people think Israel, you can get a range of reactions and the same for Zionism.  Often what people know about Israel is distorted by the liberal left or in some ways even perhaps by the way conservative right.  All of this does a great disservice to Israel, the Jewish people, democracy and the world.  The government of Israel is diverse in its’ make up and life in Gaza is not improved by Abbass, Hamas or such, but if at all by the Israeli government.  Does that mean that the system is perfect?  No, but what bureaucratic system is, none.  I may not be Jewish by lineage, but I am by accepting Hashem as my God and Creator and I guess in solidarity for the Jewish state, homeland in accordance to Covenant and historical boundaries going way back.

What do I think of when I think of Israel and Zionism?  I think of a nation for those Jewish of blood and spirit, soul, a place where you can be Jewish to whatever degree your journey has you on, or even secular and still call Israel home.  I think of an Israel where all are welcome and it is welcomed by the world because it is recognized by the world to have Covenant and historical right of existence, without exception or debate needed.  I think of a solidarity with Israel as a nation according to the borders of Covenant and history being fully supported on a massive scale globally and a love for Israel and the Jewish people as a whole for they gifted the world with the Torah, the seed of Covenant, Unity of the Father of Creation, Hashem, while Israel and the Jewish people also as a government, a nation respect freedom of speech, religion etc… of others.  Do I believe in door to do conversions and all that, NO, so as much as I advocate freedom of speech, it annoys the hell out of me when you have door to door preaching and people shouting in the streets, that is a nuisance, not sharing the good news, just being a nuisance.

Maybe that is why I am looking forward to being the regional director of the UCM because we can come together in respect, celebrate life, redemption, transformation in spiritual and secular ways, making it home for everyone, including Zionists of different shades.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen. 

Goals for September

September -October 2014  Goals:

1. Be Myself and chase after no one.  If people love me, truly love me then they know where I am.

2. Keep blogging etc…

2. Ge moving on organizing fundraising for Israel

3. Record new material to put out on Tunecore

4. See royalties start coming in from my artistic work

5. Greater exploration of my creative, intuitive and mystical side in the context of my Metaphysical Biblical Christianity, while also researching Judaism, the roots of Jesus, Yeshua.

6. Good Lord willing resolution in key areas of my life that require resolution once and for all

I may add to the list, but this is my basic goals list for the next two months.  One should have goals and strive to achieve them with the help of he who created all things.

Supporting Israel Update


First, you can help by purchasing the e-book and spreading the word so others purchase it, as a percentage of my sales will go to organizations that help Israel, such as America United with Israel.  Purchasing my e-book would help.  Also, I am a rep for Forever Living Products, Kosher and Organic certified.  If you can please to to and purchase, using rep 001002225707, a portion of all commission I make on those sales I will also be donating to charity, including to help Israel, so please, spread the word.

Secondly, I sent a proposal to artists for Israel to do a show in October to fundraise for their organization, which helps the wounded including the soldiers and their families in Israel.  I also contacted America United with Israel to see about any fundraising I could do for them here this year.  Again, if you purchase the e-book, and the Forever Living products, a portion of that, as I will be donating up to 30% of my royalties etc.., will go to charity, so please spread the word and I will keep you posted on these fundraising event efforts.