Focus, Maturity, Does that Mean Dull?

soaring eagle

When we think of focus, maturity, grown up, stability, and if you say that to a “young person” they roll their eyes and think “dull city”, no way do they want to hear that.  In today’s snowflake climate, yes I am using that word, get over it, no one wants to do any of that, get focused in a good way, mature, grow up and take full accountability for their life, streamline their activity etc… For the longest time in my life, neither did I.  

I believed that commitment to one thing, making a choice for one path in career, in spirituality etc.., even marriage, that major covenant, scared me to death, though I had not realized it, not really, not to what extent I had not grown up enough to be able to be like an eagle and soar to achieve my full potential and the path I was meant to follow.  The path I was meant to follow was that of ministry through the arts, while honoring my culture.  However, I now realize that in order to have true freedom, I have to have true structure, clarity of path, of boundaries, streamlining of activity, of thought, philosophy and worldview.  There has to be clarity in all these things, not based on what anyone says I ought to have, not because I want to be liked or want to “feel like I belong” to a click or anything.  It has to come from true divine inspiration, meditative prayerful contemplation and study, so there is a inductive and deductive, also heart and spirit conclusion to my worldview, my vocational path understanding, to releasing my fears, baggage, so that I don’t ever do busy for the sake of busy.  Is my growing up etc…. dull and boring? NO, just the opposite.

Now I am focused on my catholic and Italian heritage, on music and the arts within that community, really delving into it, giving it my all, connecting to it heart body spirit and soul.  With this I can start to focus my music on the deeply spiritual, on the faith based, and my activities can be focused on really exploring and enjoying my culture, connecting to others who love the culture, who revel in it.  That can be very inspiring to me on many levels.  I can have peace and enjoy life day to day, smell the coffee so to speak and though the fibromyalgia is ever present, it doesn’t really have to take over life, even if I have to make adjustments to accommodate.  With a structure of self discipline, of decluttering my life on many levels and focusing it, streamlining it, I can focus my creativity, my energies, really flourish in what I am meant to do.  For my personal life, for connecting with my twinflame soulmate, that will make a huge difference because I will likely be in the right place to connect with that person and they with me, so everything I am meant to have in my life, to achieve, I will.  If I were scattered, fragmented still that would not be the case, not be likely, so growing up, maturing, focusing, streamlining all of that does not mean dull, or boring it means the opposite. Growing up, focusing, clarifying once and for all on a number of things was a true blessing and I pray I will thus be a blessing to many others in my lifetime.


Biblical Reflection for Today


Today we look at Acts 1: 12-14 and the Gospel John 17:1-11 and these questions are good ones to ask ourselves, to reflect on in context of sacred scripture as guide.

  • What are the objects of exercise of Christ’s authority? Why does this matter in our understanding of Christ, spirituality and living life?
  • What state of mind, what condition of heart is necessary for the Holy Spirit to call our being home? How crucial is an open heart and having faced our truths, pains etc.. to this?
  • What does Jerusalem represent metaphorically, symbolically?
  • How do we discover and bring forth our gifts, our spiritual gifts, share what is in the heart to connect to God and others, bring it forth from the unconscious to the conscious constructively, in balance?
  • What did Jesus mean by: “And all things that are mine are thine, and thine are mine: and I am glorified in them”, metaphorically, symbolically and applied to daily life?
  • What is the meaning of: “and not one of them perished, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled”metaphorically, symbolically and applied to daily life?

Sacred scripture, the Bible can be a great source for prompting us to truly think about life, different issues, to really examine life, patterns, behaviors etc… from a sociological, psychological, spiritual and practical viewpoint.  It is a rich source of wisdom, when questions are put forth to make us think, such as these.


Speaking Truth of Heart and Scriptures


The Journey That is Life.

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The passages that the church looks at today are Acts 18:9-18 and the Gospel John 16:20-23.  Though there  is historical and theological context, there is also a life lesson context, a metaphysical context, a symbolic one, so I present these questions for you to ponder:

  • What is the metaphysical meaning of Paul’s going from Athens to Corinth?  What do each of these represent on different levels of consciousness and self?  Is this a journey you might need to make, perhaps from subconscious acceptance of certain truths to conscious acceptance, even if painful to face?
  • What mental attitude is represented by Paul shaking his raiment and saying, “Your blood be upon your own heads”? From a purely spiritual and consciousness levels perspective what is this about and how can it be applied to our own lives, living?
  • When this realization that the spiritual life is unlimited in its capacity of expression is established, what is the next step? How can this help us with the first two questions put forth?
  • What city represents constructive thought? What in our lives does so?  It could even be others who bring wisdom to the table to help you reflect and reconstruct in your vocation, in your personal life…..
  • Is Christ an afterthought in your life, or along with the Father and the Holy Spirit a solid guide?
  • As there is cohesion in the Trinity, synergy, not fragmentation, can we say the same about our lives in any sphere of it?  If not, how can we look to the Trinity to give us an example of cohesion in our projects, lives, vocational path etc..?

Speaking scriptural truth, holistically, not bending to our will or desire for it to be what we want, but what it is, is not easy in our world today.  It is also sometimes difficult to speak what is in our hearts to others, but the Trinity can teach us to trust with whom we can share what it is in our hearts etc…, it can teach us much, as can Paul’s courage.  He also gave a cohesive structure for the church, and cohesion is important.  I hope this helps you on your life journey in all areas of your life, to look at scripture and ask these questions.


No Interest In Solo Artist



As I look at where I will put my focus, one of them being the Alpha group at St Patrick’s Basilica, and rediscovering my roots, determined to focus on the artistic, I find myself also realizing a few things.

  • I have no problem with alone time and never want to be busy for busy sake or to run away from loneliness or life etc..
  • I love being an artistic and spiritual person, as well as a Classic Liberal Conservative and general Conservative in the truest Classical sense

I also realize the following:

  • I very much prefer it if I make my artistic path in collaboration with others, not as a solo artist or performance poet etc..
  • I love hosting and doing MC kind of stuff, lots of fun and it comes very naturally, as does speaking Italian
  • I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I like it that way do everyone, suck it up
  • Being an intuitive also means lots of frustration and disappointment because you see a range of potential in people, connections etc.. on so many levels that they don’t see or fear embracing and run from.  If you are one who doesn’t run from those connections etc. but to them, seeks to explore the creative etc… potential fully no wasting time etc..just jump right in, then you can end up with sadness, frustration and disappointment.  Others may not jump right in with things and need more time etc..
  • Being an intuitive, I have to learn to live with that, which is not easy
  • At some point and I have to know when that point is, I do have to walk away no matter how much potential I might see in a situation or a connection when there is nothing active and proactive except on one end of things

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Responsiveness Big Key


In life we connect to certain people and when that connection is strong, inspiring etc… we reach out, seek to expand the connection, have it grow in friendship, and if there is common ground whether culturally or even career wise even more so, because we have common ground.  

I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve and am pretty open, so when I make a connection and there is common ground, even just friendship basis that I think would be great, I reach out. I will extend my friendship wholeheartedly, even offer collaboration, just reach out and will do so several times, be supportive of your journey, gifts, offer a shoulder if you need it. Recently I realized that unless there is initial and immediate, fairly immediate responsiveness on some level to engage with me in friendship, socially etc…, then I really am wasting my time, energy etc… reaching out in any way.  I realized one of the keys to any relationship building is responsiveness, along with communication, but communication can only come from responsiveness.  If I am reaching out over and over again and you don’t respond in a concrete active and proactive manner to become a part of my day to day life then what is the point of my reaching out?  There really is none, except to maybe feel your ego and what exactly is the point of that?  Relationships really are a two way street and if I am the only one driving, then it gets pretty tiring, so at some point I will have to stop the car, get out and leave you at the side of the road.  I am realizing that these past few weeks that responsiveness is a key to determining which connections to seek to nurture and which not to even continue to bother with.  Some connections that were immediately upon meeting strong, had such great potential for friendship, and creative collaboration have to be left by the side of the road because there has been no concrete effort or responsiveness on their part, while other connections there has been responsiveness and so those are the ones I plan on focusing my time and effort on, as they merit that energy, time effort.   A lot of life and living is about discernment and discerning connections, what to nurture and what to just say “gave it a shot, bye bye”.  It is their loss of a friendship, but again, whether it is a friendship, professional relationship etc.. it has to be an active and proactive two way street and if after trying several times in sincerity there is no real effort etc.. on the other person’s end, well really is time to stop trying to drive the care, and just walk away, don’t keep trying to reach out, not worth the energy.



End of the Day,This Is Me

As I work with BIll Russo and think of how to make the Wednesday Coffee Club more interesting to the seniors, and really remember the beauty of my heritage, as I listen to Dino, and think about my own views on social issues etc.., I am realizing something very important.  

There are two care things I am in life, Italian and artist, and with the Italian comes the Catholic, part of that heritage, identity and I do align with the social teachings, maybe it’s time I really delved into the teachings before going into study of any other faith or philosophy.  As I think of my life, my future there are two things I want in life very much.  One thing I very much want is to be an artist on a day to day basis, to have a space where I can store my portable piano keyboard, take my recorders, plenty of batteries, lots of paper and write, create.  I also want a great partner who will share my culture, the faith of my ancestors, and  be a real creative partner with me, as well as spiritual partner as well as my best friend and I his.  I want to go into studio and record what I create, and use part of those proceeds to support entities within the Italian-American community.  I want to have a life where I am writing, creating, being inspired and inspiring, and a companion who understands true conservatism, appreciates faith, tradition and heritage.  I want to always appreciate that as well.   There is a lot for me to create, write etc…, a lot to explore in terms of faith and spirituality within my heritage, and I hope to do so with a great partner because it is more fun when you are exploring your heritage, your very own self with someone else than by yourself, when you have a special companion to share the journey with you.  I hope to be able to live this as I envision with the grace, and kindness of the Lord providing me with all the opportunities etc…




Angry Regrets Is Not The Solution

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Mid-life, Angry at the world, at one’s self and feeling like pone is in a prison, sound familiar?  It might for a lot of people.  Why?  

At a certain point, especially if something alarming happens with one’s health for example, things one is trying to move forward with are stalled, or one is seemingly stuck, because we never are really, in a situation you are miserable in, miserable career, relationship, one might start to view the world in a very angry way, see everyone as a dictator etc.. That is because in their life, perhaps one has allowed themselves to be dictated to and help “prisoner”.  One has choices, though they don’t realize it, but they do.  

One can be bitter, angry etc…, continue in that situation, the rest of their lives with angry regrets.   That is a choice, they can choose to be manipulated and kept a prisoner of a miserable career, or relationship.  One can make everyone else miserable also, be a victim and take on a bunch of causes to feel not so powerless.  That’s a choice one can make, not a good one, an awful one, but a choice none the less. One can get to where they look like death walking from the toll it all takes on them.  Again, that is their choice.  The other choice is to decide that one won’t live that live anymore, for their sake and in the long term for everyone’s sake.  One will end the manipulation, the prison time, do it firmly, constructively, but do it.  They won’t make excuses, will accept that one has  screwed up one’s life with lousy choices and make changes, turn it around, walk away from what they need to walk away from without anger, shedding all baggage of such things and moving onward and forward.  If one  encounter obstacles, they get tough, strong, not in a way that is petulant spiteful child, not but that makes it clear that misery, that miserable chapter of their lives is over and everyone needs to get on board.  They will be strategic and if necessary they will seek the support of others to have the courage to make those changes.  One will start on a clean slate to build the life that they truly wish to build and with those they truly wish to build it with.   Can this prison break happen without any hurt anything? No. but sometimes one has  to do surgery or treatment that might slightly hurt the patient for their health and well being in the long term.  They may fight it at first, but then they will accept that this is what was best.    

If one is going to live one’s life, do it without anger, bitterness, make the changes you have to make to make it a life fulfilled, blissful and to the good of all involved.  Don’t whine, don’t moan and groan, get a pair of you know what and change what has to be changed, firmly, efficiently, no dragging of feet, just do it, and get on with a new life for the good of all.  Sound harsh? Maybe, but it is what one needs to do if one is going to make choices other than stay where one is be angry, butter, moan and groan!