True Learning, Bill of Rights, huh?

Northern Lights III

In the days of yore, there was a thing called learning, education and we had something called the Bill of Rights, not sure if anyone remembers the days of yore.  Education if one were to take it down to curriculum alone is to gain knowledge and such, but in days past those things were simply tools, but tools for what?  The actual goal is supposed to be to create citizens, citizens that honor the core principles of the founding of the Republic, that cultural and faith heritage.  It is supposed to train people, as should also the media, to connect the dots on all world events, insure freedom of citizens from the tyranny of government and others, that is the purpose of education.  That was the very wise understanding in the days of yore, as was the understanding that debate, even heated, with passionate very uncomfortable disagreement was crucial.  There are a number of reasons education is failing, money is not one of them, not really.  There are a number of them, such as disrespect for authority, for teaching and learning, a complex society of social media that can create all kinds of distractions, and problems, one size fits all curriculum and a curriculum that due to PC, everyone making everything about race, has removed the classics, very important for teaching, the sheer monster of bureaucracy that contorts to fit narratives and get funds, so that much of the discipline is gone.  The Bill of Rights is another thing that we have thrown in the trash and made Political Correctness has taken over, so there is no ability to discourse to debate with vigor, to agree to disagree.  There is an attack on the Bill of Rights, on We the People being a militia not to go to war, but to be empowered against harm. Once you start taking away the Bill of Rights even within education, take away Freedom of Speech, the ability to disagree, to debate, go through critical thinking and research, to understand that we don’t have to agree, we just have to have the accurate facts in front of us and we can then debate all that, in the end agree to disagree.  When education is just about testing, information, indoctrination of leftist activists, even to rewrite history, destroy faith, the whole culture of faith, our foundations, the destruction has begun and so unless we start really debating, discussing, all the facts made available, no lies by the media or academia, not trying to rewrite history or impose on students your views, unless we have a radical overhaul, even take the public out of education, we are in serious demise here.  Education cannot just be about facts and information, those things have to be a springboard to a much deeper learning and creating honorable citizens.  May those days of yore return and may we also honor that Bill of Rights, including freedom of religious expression (healthy parameters, no violence please), we don’t have a democratic republic.

God help us, truly help us because we will need it.


Confusing Jesus and Woodstock, OY!

Confused Face

The modern church and it can be seen in a number of denominations, or in leaders within denominations, including Roman Catholic, this redefining of Jesus, of the New Testament, of the core message etc..  How did they manage to screw it up?  It went New Age, this notion of line in the sand right or wrong, no objective morality, and turning Jesus into a fluffy dough boy. 

In essence you have to different personas, the a Woodstock style Jesus, a God fashioned after man’s desires and the actual Jesus of the Bible, a God that says, I don’t fashion myself or my moral codes after your wishes, the total opposite. The Woodstock Jesus is this fluffy all about love, and love alone kind of guy, so squishy, gooey and ohhhhh feel good kind of guy.  God suddenly is a woman, is devoid of any absolute moral codes, so is nature of man, and it’s just one hot mess.  Israel God’s beloved child is scorned, big NO NO.  All upside down.  The Jesus and God of modern church and society is just fine with killing babies, it’s anything goes really, no boundaries, no discipline, just love baby, all about the love.  For those who are parents with half or even half of a half of a brain, really?  If you have kids, it’s all about the love, only the love, nothing else, no boundaries, none, no consequences for their actions?  Really, then you are one lousy parent, let me tell you and you had no business having kids.  If one truly reads scripture in context, not cherry picking, then one clearly sees that there is no erasing of the 10 Commandments, of the core precepts of gender identity, marriage etc… in the New Testament, and that Jesus though he does forgive has a condition he expects be met along with that “sin no more”.  He expects that you clean up your act, we all do and he never says there is no hell, nor does he say there are many ways or paths.  He makes it clear if you have seen him, accepted him then you have seen, accepted God, and he his the only way, truth and life, so it’s very exclusive, contrary to what modern churches would teach, not all roads according to Jesus lead to heaven.  It’s him or nothing, no in between, and he is no fluffy, squishy dough boy teddy bear, and if you read Revelation, that is made quite clear.  Whether you take it on an actual literal basis or even a metaphysical basis, karma basis thing, as they say, karma is a bitch.  This notion of all about the love and only the love, no boundaries, no law and order, do as you please etc…, no.  In the church and society teaching this, it has done a great deal of damage to society, to people’s soul, even their heart.  Sad, very sad. 

I hope the Church in general will go back, properly learn about the Gospel, the Trinity, core biblical principles, including God being very clear about nation’s being sovereign, and his wish for there to be clear borders, sovereignty etc… and capitalism to be the way and truth of all economies, managed rightly, but never socialism.  For those who cite the sharing in the bible, get the context straight, includes clergy, get a brain, get the context straight, then read Paul who makes it clear you don’t work, you don’t eat and if anyone comes to the church etc… they are to work, contribute in any way possible, not leech off the church.  We need to get Jesus out of Woodstock and stop trying to mold God to be in our image, and mold ourselves to His. 


Context In Faith Matters

Radiant Light

I have also looked into  You can take the courses for your own personal development, or take the quizes and receive a certificate.

I was on twitter and got into discussion with atheists, we started discussing America’s heritage, I pointed stuff out, our history, national anthem, last stanza what it says, and then the Bible came up and the thing with it condones slavery, other stuff.  I had to explain context.  I had to explain that you have to look at scripture in the context of that culture, and distinguish between whether they were referring to slaves  brought over on ships or another category of people working in the household.  Also I pointed out that Paul admonishes care and kindness for all who work in the household, one of the servants who returns to the Master, even changes him and then gains his freedom if memory serves. They were not commissioned to overthrow the government or the status quo of the government and if they had created a situation of the house workers etc… rebelling that could have put those very people in grave danger.  Remember there were no civil right groups back then.  They likely felt it was more wise to try to change the sin behavior, is often the wise course, and let the change happen due to change in behavior, in emotions, in mindset through Christ, and power of the Holy Spirit.  There is a whole host of contextual stuff you have to, should at least glance at when looking to know the Bible, historical, cultural, then there is eschatology, Christology etc… To read the Bible is great, but one should have a study to understand proper fundamentals, after all it is the Word of the Creator. Just saying.

Shalom and Amen

Context Is Everything

aspen trees

When youth is taught that science and Catholicism are not compatible because the faith rejects science they are out of context in that view because well it is out of context.  How is that out of context? Let’s see.

First of all, the Bible is not meant to be a book about science, though it does not contradict science really The Catholic Church has had priests in the scientific realm, in the medical field of research, so it is not adverse to science at all. It understands that the Bible is not meant to be a book to explain the how of life, but more of the why, and what, in terms of why we were created and what is our purpose here. What are the moral and ethical boundaries? Why do they exist? Why should they exist? Why should science have boundaries? How are those to be determined? This is the purpose of the Bible. Yes there was a first group of humans that got the whole of humanity started, and yes we can see from a baby, from little children that humans must have in the beginning been good, but something went wrong and we can see from the beauty of nature itself that in the beginning nature was a thing of pure beauty, so what went so terribly wrong?  We can see very clearly that nature intended for it to be man and woman only in marriage, as only that can produce life, so what went wrong with sexuality? Something happened that screwed humanity over? that is what God explained through the Holy Spirit speaking to the heart, spirit and soul of the writers of scripture and how there would be redemption from that.    When the Bible says that God knows us from the womb, from before we were born, yes, because we are atoms, molecules etc.., all of which are part of the universe, of what the universe is made of and God made all of that, so yes God knows us infinitely well.  There is no contradiction between the Bible and science. None.  Maybe the Church has lost the ability to explain, to connect, but it is there and I hope they find it, the way to explain it, make it clear.  May all come home to the Church, the Church built upon Peter the Rock, the Vicar of the bigger Rock, Christ.  May people understand that the Bible must be taken in Context of what it is a scripture of faith and spiritual truth, with seeds of science, history and more.


Stirred to Clarify, So Here Goes!

Most PRecious Blood

Often Protestants will get all in a huff about the Catholic Bible having seven more books and sacraments such as Confession, the Pope, Magisterium, all that stuff, saying it’s not in the Bible, the devils work, all made made stuff that Catholics follow.

I could try and get into all of it in one shot, but I wont, right now the thing I am being stirred to clarify is the Magisterium and Sacraments, as well as annulment.  I was not quite ready to accept what was stirred in my soul readily, but when the Spirit stirs it, it stirs it.  Here goes.  The Priesthood is something that goes back to Adam, to the beginning of time, when man was given dominion of the earth and all things on the earth, the role of overseer, in essence high priest over the creation of God.  Then it became a more formal structured priesthood with Arron and others.  Then with Peter receiving the revelation, Jesus gave the keys to Peter, built the church upon him, him who alone received that revelation first, he was asked to feed the sheep three times.  To the apostles was given the power to bind and loosen, to forgive or not forgive sins, to determine in essence the heart and soul of the sinner to see if he was truly repentant and therefore could be forgiven, including if he had forgiven himself so he would be ready to receive forgiveness from God.  It would be up to the apostles, later as the church became more structured to determine what was loosed and bound as regards sins, as regards the matters of the church, church law all that. Communion is what was commanded by Christ to remember him and his sacrifice, as we naw on his flesh, his words, not mine.  If it’s just a symbol, then how can you naw and chew on his flesh? Only if it become his body and his blood when prayed over can that happen.  Anointing of the sick, in there in Mark, Luke, James, Acts,  so not contrary to scripture, nor is Last Rites.  Same with an annulment, up to the church to determine if the marriage was entered into under false pretense, under less than honorable circumstances, which would render it invalid as a holy union and sacrament, thus could be loosened, even if not legally from a spiritual perspective.  Again Jesus gave that authority to the Priests, by giving it to the disciples to bind and to loosen.  As for the seven extra books, the Protestant Bible, all Bibles had those books up until the 1300 hundreds, when the idea of Sola Scriptura came into the notion of some, and is not found in the bible.  Nowhere does it say by faith alone, nowhere.

Now that I am truly studying my faith, going to church, connecting the dots, I am realizing what the Catholic church does is quite Biblical, just have to know how to connect the dots.  It can be quite tricky to do so, but once you connect the dots, you realize, it is quite biblical.


Ladders, In Life and Spirit

soaring eagle

Majestic isn’t it, the soaring bird, eagles wide spread, clear skies, beautiful picture.  Isn’t that what we all year for.  Genesis 28:10-22 would seem to tell us, yes.

Let’s look at this passage.  Jacob has a dream about a ladder, wrestling, and then there is transformation after wrestling with an angel, God, something that changed him.  How does he do this?  How does he climb this ladder and what does this ladder represent? Remember, in the bible Jesus is said to grow in stature etc… and it pleased God, the different persons in the bible went through different stages of consciousness, with Paul saying he was a babe, a child, but then after his encounter with the risen Christ, he was a grown up.  From a metaphysical stance this telling us that we often have to wrestle with different things to grow in our consciousness, understanding and maturity, but for that to happen, we have to be willing to confront what needs confronting to change our behavior, so if one is wishy-washy, can’t make quick decisions, seize opportunities as guided by the Holy Spirit, is doing a million things, but nothing concrete gets done and flourishes, then you need to confront that, and by looking to Christ, in union with him you can overcome that.  Whatever is going on that is creating in your life dis-ease you need to deal with it, confront it, process it and overcome by the qualities Christ showed, one of those being decisiveness, clarity of self, being prayerful, listening to the Holy Spirit, let him guide you to what to do, not your own desires for your own pleasures, or wanting to live out something you didn’t live out in your youth or stuff like that.   As we look to our own lives, let us look at these questions:

  1. what do I need to wrestle with, to overcome?  What situations, patters of behavior etc..?
  2.  What constructive tools can I use to do so in connection with Christ, those qualities displayed by him, including some tough love as needed?
  3. What does the end result of this look like for me?

Focus, Maturity, Does that Mean Dull?

soaring eagle

When we think of focus, maturity, grown up, stability, and if you say that to a “young person” they roll their eyes and think “dull city”, no way do they want to hear that.  In today’s snowflake climate, yes I am using that word, get over it, no one wants to do any of that, get focused in a good way, mature, grow up and take full accountability for their life, streamline their activity etc… For the longest time in my life, neither did I.  

I believed that commitment to one thing, making a choice for one path in career, in spirituality etc.., even marriage, that major covenant, scared me to death, though I had not realized it, not really, not to what extent I had not grown up enough to be able to be like an eagle and soar to achieve my full potential and the path I was meant to follow.  The path I was meant to follow was that of ministry through the arts, while honoring my culture.  However, I now realize that in order to have true freedom, I have to have true structure, clarity of path, of boundaries, streamlining of activity, of thought, philosophy and worldview.  There has to be clarity in all these things, not based on what anyone says I ought to have, not because I want to be liked or want to “feel like I belong” to a click or anything.  It has to come from true divine inspiration, meditative prayerful contemplation and study, so there is a inductive and deductive, also heart and spirit conclusion to my worldview, my vocational path understanding, to releasing my fears, baggage, so that I don’t ever do busy for the sake of busy.  Is my growing up etc…. dull and boring? NO, just the opposite.

Now I am focused on my catholic and Italian heritage, on music and the arts within that community, really delving into it, giving it my all, connecting to it heart body spirit and soul.  With this I can start to focus my music on the deeply spiritual, on the faith based, and my activities can be focused on really exploring and enjoying my culture, connecting to others who love the culture, who revel in it.  That can be very inspiring to me on many levels.  I can have peace and enjoy life day to day, smell the coffee so to speak and though the fibromyalgia is ever present, it doesn’t really have to take over life, even if I have to make adjustments to accommodate.  With a structure of self discipline, of decluttering my life on many levels and focusing it, streamlining it, I can focus my creativity, my energies, really flourish in what I am meant to do.  For my personal life, for connecting with my twinflame soulmate, that will make a huge difference because I will likely be in the right place to connect with that person and they with me, so everything I am meant to have in my life, to achieve, I will.  If I were scattered, fragmented still that would not be the case, not be likely, so growing up, maturing, focusing, streamlining all of that does not mean dull, or boring it means the opposite. Growing up, focusing, clarifying once and for all on a number of things was a true blessing and I pray I will thus be a blessing to many others in my lifetime.


Biblical Reflection for Today


Today we look at Acts 1: 12-14 and the Gospel John 17:1-11 and these questions are good ones to ask ourselves, to reflect on in context of sacred scripture as guide.

  • What are the objects of exercise of Christ’s authority? Why does this matter in our understanding of Christ, spirituality and living life?
  • What state of mind, what condition of heart is necessary for the Holy Spirit to call our being home? How crucial is an open heart and having faced our truths, pains etc.. to this?
  • What does Jerusalem represent metaphorically, symbolically?
  • How do we discover and bring forth our gifts, our spiritual gifts, share what is in the heart to connect to God and others, bring it forth from the unconscious to the conscious constructively, in balance?
  • What did Jesus mean by: “And all things that are mine are thine, and thine are mine: and I am glorified in them”, metaphorically, symbolically and applied to daily life?
  • What is the meaning of: “and not one of them perished, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled”metaphorically, symbolically and applied to daily life?

Sacred scripture, the Bible can be a great source for prompting us to truly think about life, different issues, to really examine life, patterns, behaviors etc… from a sociological, psychological, spiritual and practical viewpoint.  It is a rich source of wisdom, when questions are put forth to make us think, such as these.


Speaking Truth of Heart and Scriptures

The Journey That is Life.

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The passages that the church looks at today are Acts 18:9-18 and the Gospel John 16:20-23.  Though there  is historical and theological context, there is also a life lesson context, a metaphysical context, a symbolic one, so I present these questions for you to ponder:

  • What is the metaphysical meaning of Paul’s going from Athens to Corinth?  What do each of these represent on different levels of consciousness and self?  Is this a journey you might need to make, perhaps from subconscious acceptance of certain truths to conscious acceptance, even if painful to face?
  • What mental attitude is represented by Paul shaking his raiment and saying, “Your blood be upon your own heads”? From a purely spiritual and consciousness levels perspective what is this about and how can it be applied to our own lives, living?
  • When this realization that the spiritual life is unlimited in its capacity of expression is established, what is the next step? How can this help us with the first two questions put forth?
  • What city represents constructive thought? What in our lives does so?  It could even be others who bring wisdom to the table to help you reflect and reconstruct in your vocation, in your personal life…..
  • Is Christ an afterthought in your life, or along with the Father and the Holy Spirit a solid guide?
  • As there is cohesion in the Trinity, synergy, not fragmentation, can we say the same about our lives in any sphere of it?  If not, how can we look to the Trinity to give us an example of cohesion in our projects, lives, vocational path etc..?

Speaking scriptural truth, holistically, not bending to our will or desire for it to be what we want, but what it is, is not easy in our world today.  It is also sometimes difficult to speak what is in our hearts to others, but the Trinity can teach us to trust with whom we can share what it is in our hearts etc…, it can teach us much, as can Paul’s courage.  He also gave a cohesive structure for the church, and cohesion is important.  I hope this helps you on your life journey in all areas of your life, to look at scripture and ask these questions.