Immaturity, Wounds, Clashing Worldviews

I have been thinking a lot about a past relationship and what made it dysfunctional for us.  I guess as my birthday is coming up August 4th, and it’s my 51st birthday, so I am really looking at a lot of different things in my life and also realizing what I don’t have patience for […]

Fame, Fortune, Not Real Treasures

  Often one has this notion that just having fame and wealth, will make life full, that is the treasure, to be adored by millions, have untold wealth, so much that one doesn’t  even know how much one has in the bank.  As I listen to this song, one a number of my favorites, it […]

What Do You ReallyWant?

  That can be a loaded question.  Why, seems like a fairly positive question, one we should all know the answer to, yet it seems we might take decades to figure that out. Why is that?   In part it’s because we have been told by the media, institutions, the fashion industry for example and […]

Another Fibro Whami, Yet…

Fibromyalgia is a constant companion and though it can sometimes go into a restless light sleep, nod off somewhat, but it will make sure you know it is there and wake up often.  Well, it did so with me with swelling in the muscle of my jaw, and both are painful, make tasks like walking, […]

Universe Ganging Up On Me? No

Sometimes we feel like the entire universe and all of the forces of the heavens might be ganging up on us and everyone down here also, pointing things out, sings to certain things,  prodding and  all that jazz, really God, universal forces really putting us in a cruncher in a do or die stuck where […]

What’s New?

What has been going on in life?  It has been active, in spite of sinus infection and crashing three days in a row from the Fibromyalgia and this coming week will also be active, as active as it can be with all that going on, and being on antibiotics.   Artistically, I have recorded new […]

COS Project Myths

There is this myth about an Article V Convention of States that comes from misinformation, especially from the opposition of some other groups that spread misinformation. Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a Constitutional Convention, we already had that and we have a Constitution. We are not looking to get rid […]

Can Only Encourage

As a friend, so on and so forth, encourage is all you an do. You can care about a person, feel connected due to the common, creative cultural, even the faith component, denominator, even feel a deep psychic connection as an empath, intuitive. However, as much as this is so, and you have a sense […]

Road Map

  As an empath and intuitive you sense stuff and often you sense people wanting to get close to you, but not sure how to do it.  You also sense people wanting to get outside the box their creative team has put them in, but they are not sure how to do that, lots of […]

Important Lesson/s

  Key People:  If the key people in your life are not providing for spiritual, emotional etc.. needs in your life, not assisting in developing your dreams, fullest potential, and in every possible way for you to be who you authentically are and need to be in terms of true love, vocation and so many […]