It’s Okay To….

I have this pain, this sense of something stuck in my chest, right below the breast cage, and the pain etc.. got so bad that yesterday at 2 am I had to go to the ER.  I have been really doing my utmost to keep it all together for mom’s funeral and sorting out a […]

Why The Chaos?

What the heck is going on?  The pandemic, election chaos, why all this craziness?  Chaos is what the darkness, spiritual realm of darkness craves, but one might ask, why would God allow chaos and all that?  Think of it as a cave where things are hidden and when the flashlight is flashed, you see the […]

Spiritual Awakening, Process

  Everyone wants to be enlightened, aware, and hopefully very wise, have right priorities, hope so anyway.  Often that road to really getting it, really understanding priorities, what really matters, a true union with the Creator, with the Divine, Holy, Sacred and those principles of life day to day do not come easily.  Often it […]

Who Screws Us Over?

When God got fed up and unleashed the flood, who caused the flood to be unleashed and only one man to be saved for the future of mankind in a restart of sorts?  Most will say God, God caused the flood.  Did He?  It says the evil was so great in the heart of mankind, […]

Why All The Chaos?

Whatever faith tradition one has, there is the clear understanding that there is a dark and a light force, both exist and there are moments in history and time that they collide in major ways.  It happens in our own lives when we face  tough moment etc.. or when we are tempted to ill gain etc.., fast buck, these […]

Law of Attraction, Sow and Reap

One of the areas of life we have a hard time with is relationships, and sometimes making the right fit connection can seek like an impossible task, all we have to show is a roller coaster and string of unhealthy unions.  I had wondered for the longest time what the heck was up with my life, […]

The Dark Night

We are consciousness, spirit, soul, breath inhabiting a physical temple, physical home for a time.  When life keeps hitting us with stuff, we can easily get lost in the events, in the pain etc.. When we lose that part of us that can empathize, can flow with our gifts, talents, and may walk around numb, unable to […]

Emotional Healing Tips

Physical wounds can be seen, can be healed with some ointment, or even some natural herbal remedy, and are often visible to the naked eye.  However, the emotional wounds are not so visible and many of have them, these inner scars.  At some point, it’s important to recognize them and how they affect our lives  […]

Emotional Freedom and Healing

As I look at what is going on, I have a few thoughts, besides the certainty that we are living in Matthew 24.  Are there bad actors in every segment of society including parenting?  Yes, so what do we do, bar all activity, all professions due to a few rotten apples, that’s a true definition […]

Don’t Quit

As kids we are often read fairy tales and they are comforting, but if one reads the actual original texts of these tales they were not written as all sugar and sweet and everything turns out nice.  Life is roses and thorns, we don’t always have the foresight to know when the thorn is coming […]