Can’t Run or Hide From Them

  Some things you can run from, hide from, I mean when you’re kids you play hide and seek, no problem.  You can run from the crazy neighbor by not answering the phone or door, pretend you are not home, so some things you can run from, hide from.  Then there are some things, you […]

Measure Up. Up To What?

For some reason the Holy Spirit is giving me this to share, write and I am learning, not to argue when that happens, so here goes.  Try to do it all, be it all etc.., scatter myself to the four corners, take on every endeavor under the sun, scatter myself into so many pieces and […]

Why Not Create etc… Alone?

Being an artist and an intuitive, empath, having also connection to that realm, other dimension means that is a great source, a main source.  What does that have to do with being an artist? A lot. My inspiration for my songs, my poems etc.. comes from that, from these intuitive, empath, psychic consciousness connection moments. […]