Life after Christ Embrace


One of the greatest gifts to us human beings is Christ consciousness, having accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. As the world is moving forward, we are seeing more and more people awakening. We as humans are coming to realize our self-worth as well as our cosmic and spiritual homes. Since the experience of Christ Consciousness, awareness of a relationship with Christ, it is like a treasure found, not everyone is fit to accept it and use it to best of interests. That is why the awakening need in some is manifesting in form of doubt and atheism.

I too was once caught in my web of doubts and faithlessness. I was once a very casual person. Like common stream, I viewed that only priests had power to save us from fire of hell.  Christ Jesus had died for our sins and we have to make up for his sacrifice by being overly religious. Never did I ever miss church due to fear of God.

My life changed drastically as I embraced the moment of Christ Consciousness. Being one of God’s creations, the work of transformation found me. Ever since I breathed in that moment, I realize now that it was the revolutionary moment of my life. I still go to church; the difference is that the fear of God has been replaced with love of all mighty Creator. In this article, I will tell you what experiences I underwent ever since I accepted the divine truth. I assure you that these things are very general. The awakening is highly personal experience, wrapped by improving moments of your life. It makes you realize that the small virtues have power to change your entire life.


The gratitude is one of the rights of God. We owe it to great Master as well as Creator that we are thankful for the life He gave us. I understand some of you are not going to agree. I know we as humans undergo many challenges. Some of you have experienced cruelties of life. But did you ever think for a moment that there are always two sides of pictures? Believe it or not but those experiences are the reason why you are not falling into such life’s cruelties again. If you are then it simply means you haven’t learned from life mistakes and incidents. You don’t know how tough it is for that kid in Africa who is smiling. Awakening makes you realize the fundamental truth that life is sacred. We are and should always be grateful for life if we truly accept higher truths of life.


No! I am not talking about liberation from your problems. Those problems are what make us special. They are necessary for our growth. Spirituality doesn’t mean escape from problems. It simply means embracing your mistakes and learning that thought transformation is a divine action. As we undergo the experience of Christ Consciousness, we are truly liberated from all those attitudes, emotions and limitations of our mind which we think are stemming from outside sources. The outside sources are actually manifestation of those limitations which you will be freed from.

Sense of Connection:

We are all connected. We humans are divine beings of God. All of us have a purpose. Whether they choose to do it or not is up to human beings individually. However, ever since the awakening, you will feel a deep love for God and His creations, wanting to guide them on the path of biblical wisdom.  There is a reason for it. God is connected to everyone. When you truly love God, you care for His beings because you now love the same thing which God loves. There is no rocket science involved here.

Higher Purpose:

Ever since that profound moment, I have deeply felt that I was sent to this world with a sense of purpose. The practice of meditations and acceptance is not to just excel in life. It comes with a higher purpose and understanding. You will come to realize it better as you embrace the divine truth.

Like I said, spiritual awakening is highly personal. I have not mentioned many things here which worked for me. However, the above mentioned gifts are profoundly general.

Spiritual Self Care


The spiritual awakening can be a tough one. One of most aspects of spirituality filled life is self care. Self care is nothing like a selfish attitude. Just remember the saying that you cannot possibly water the plants from empty vessel. If you don’t recharge or refill your cup, you simply cannot pour into other cups. The best way to practice spiritual life along with fulfilling experience is to practice spiritual self care. I am presenting to you the tips which helped me cope up as well as fully live my life.


The breaks can refill you. Arrange the family gathering to remember love of family. Arrange going somewhere to appreciate the gift of traveling ability. The short breaks will surely allow you to recharge your stamina. Staying constantly sharpened can blunt a blade.

Learn to Say No and Yes:

You might become too receptive to people’s requests too much. If this is the case, simply learn to say no once in a while. You deserve self-care and time for yourself.

If you have become too indulged in solitude, remember that we need people’s company in our life too. We also need to say yes equally to saying no. The goal is not to be alone, rather create balance of self and others place in your heart.

Embrace the Chaos:

Sometimes it is the most chaotic moments when we don’t know one of our biggest gifts is waiting to be given to us for being patient. Embrace all the difficulties and chaos of life. Thank master that it is for you to grow and become stronger and better. It is exactly why it is there in your life. Don’t let any other thought take place. Be of mind that it will only get better with temporary set backs.


Wear the cloak of gratitude and your life will be covered in all aspects as said by Rumi. It is true. Be grateful for your life. You will enjoy life as you are and you allow it to be instead of how others view it. You deserve best and this habit will ensure it.

Spiritual self-care is needed for your growth and blissful solitude. Remember that your relation with God is personal which also means that staying in good health and shape will strengthen your spirit too.


Life and Trees, Huh?

Jessee Tree.jpg

Trees are pretty darn amazing if you think about it. The roots, the trunk, the rings, the branches, leaves, and even fruit that grows on it, flowers, pretty amazing.  Trees are also a great metaphor for life and faith life if you think about it, and apply it to living.  How, well let’s explore that.

The trunk, the trunk is strong, rooted deep in the ground firm, and goes deep, quite deep and could be seen as the unconscious self, the part that hold much of our hidden memories, even suppressed anxieties etc…, also that innate search for something, that intangible something we can’t quite discern what it is we are looking for, that all encompassing love that we can’t quite define, that tugging at the conscience even when society says yeah do what you want, but deep down we know better.   It’s the storage area of all the memories and lessons hopefully wisely learned in our lives, the place where God was able to touch us, make an impact initially.  Then you have the branches and leaves that tell of all the external stories in our lives, all the fruits we have born, have created, the arms extended, what we have carried, the storms we have weathered, the rings tell of the years gone by.  Carvings can tell of who and what has visited us, left their mark on us literally.  

If I am going to be a tree, what kind of tree do I want to be?  What kind of roots do I want to plant what kind of fruit do I want to produce? These are all important questions as I journey through the second part of my life being at the slightly over 50 mark age wise.  I need to determine this and then make it happen with the Lord’s help, be a fruitful Tree of Jesse, one that produces good fruit, not only for myself, but also for others. 


Finances is one of the areas that causes a lot of stress for people, for couples, families, so when I came across this, I had to share.  Sound or unsound  life and financial decisions can stay with you long into the future.  I hope this will be of help and inspiration.  I hope that I have learned my life lessons and make wiser choices in different areas of my life than some I have made in the past.

Financial Wisdom


Vertigo Reminding Me of Balance


Letting go helps us to to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.
Melody Beattle

For the past few days, due to inflammation from a recent ear and sinus infection I have been dealing with Vertigo, not fun, not one iota of fun.  It reminded me that life requires balance, especially when you have something chronic like Fibromyalgia.  You have to find a healthy balance of spiritual, emotional, creative etc…really important.  I think when that is lacking you subconscious will do something to remind you that you have missing pieces, or things are out of whack and you need to find your balance again, or in the first place.  That’s not always easy to do in this world we live in, but it is crucial to our wellness, very crucial.  I hope that I can find my balance and find it well. 


all a bit broken, still color

As I recorded my latest improvisational poem and posted it today, and saw then the email that gave hope of potential artistic representation, I had mixed feelings. 

I love doing freesyle poetry, recording, singing, and if I have the means etc.. I will welcome the chance to , produce etc.., but there is still a broken wings factor that will never fully perhaps heal.  There is that child within abandoned, hurt throughout her life that will never fully heal perhaps, that has only in the past two years found her voice, truly begun to find her voice.  Can one fly with a broken wing? Can one truly color with broken pieces of crayon or chalk? Yeah, I used to it all the time growing up and teaching.  Was it easier to do so with a full piece of crayon or chalk? Yeah.  I still colored, just took off the paper and colored.  It was not impossible, just meant I had to maneuver my fingers a bit.   This is no different.  Broken wings, heart etc… we all have some of that, but that does not mean we should let it stop us from coloring life with beautiful colors, with our beautiful colors. 


Quote and Reflection

CS Lewis Monkey Bar Quote

Letting Go in order to move forward, scary prospect for me, very scary.  My dad let go of me, left when I was a kid, and twice when I was a kid I got left behind in a crowded street, so letting go is a scary prospect for me.  Trusting completely in the unfamiliar, wow, big leap of faith. 

However, something has been shifting.  I created my youtube channel and started trusting God that somehow, someone who could help me be what I was supposed to be and do what I was supposed to do would hear my music and I was contacted by people who if auditions go well will be my artistic reps.  I am promoting my youtube channel and this blog diligently.  One of my youtube videos got over 20,000 views, another over 8,000 and still another over 5,000.  Once I have artistic representation, and trusting that one of my several prayers is answered, I will no longer have my own space, place and will have to see about someone to be around for my mom and I will have to do so without guilt.  I will have to be ok with building a life of my own, will have to let go of this not very healthy co-dependent relationship mom and I have, that has kept me from growing on many levels.  Doesn’t mean I don’t love her.  This also means putting myself in a spotlight position, something I really have been weary of thinking what if I am not good enough in comparison to the others out there, but that is silly.  It is not about in comparison to others because we are each just supposed to be the best me we are created to be by the creator, staying within His boundaries, and as long as we focus on that, we are going to be fine. 

What about the relationship area of things?  On twitter I have had several gentlemen friend me and come on with in my face flirting using babe and baby, stuff like that right from the get go, which I don’t like plus I really was not looking for love on twitter or anything like that on twitter, and am not.  One message was very sweet, polite and I thought, open up to at lease friendship, this person is being polite, they are not being disrespectful, they are being polite, so let them know you are find with friendship and see what happens and when I did they didn’t retreat.  It may die out after a few messages, or it may be that at some point, since they reside in NY State, we actually meet and a great friendship develops.  I decided to take a chance, to meditate, pray and take a chance.  If at any point I get a sense of something not right, I block them. 

I am letting go and trusting in the Lord to guide me through this journey, just like I am trusting Him and the Holy Spirit, along with scripture to guide me through the journey of my career and vocation.  I am letting go, not in a sense of being reckless, all due diligence will still apply, but I am not running or shutting down, hiding from life because of stuff in the past.  Yes, stuff will  have to change, stuff will have to be let go of etc… and that’s okay.