Community and Belonging

I have been searching for where I belong for the longest time.  I knew my faith in Christ, in Biblical truth was unshakable. However, what I didn’t realize is that before I could find where I belonged in the world, in the community of faith, I had to accept myself.  I had to accept myself […]

Give, Trust etc.. But…

  Moderation, everything in moderation and wisdom. Giving, generosity, loving, trusting, listening are all positive things, but at the same time, they must be tempered.  Giving to where you burn yourself out, can’t pay your bills etc.. not smart, not what God would want.  Same with love, loving, being loved, beautiful, unless it is a […]

Musings, Sacrifice

Each year I watch the PBS Memorial Day Concert and each year I cry, remember my Dad who left when I was kid, not that he left, but his service, his being wounded,  who would state into space, off in another world, often.   Even after he left, when I would go see him weekends […]

Denial Is More Than A River Somewhere

Today the Gospel is about Jesus foretelling that Peter would deny him three times, and of course Peter is insulted, deny Christ, he loves Christ, pish posh, deny Him!  Of course, he then does exactly that, is then very sorry, but Jesus was right in His foreseeing this.  Why did Jesus see it?  How come Peter […]

Spiritual Core of Me

As I embarked on this journey of finding out who I am, the DNA testing and all that and have made a journey that spiritually is like a maize, I am having to really look at what gives me true peace, clarity.  What is it? The thing that gives me real peace, clarity is meditating, […]

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What is Love?

This is a question that has been asked throughout time and history.  It is not one would think an easy one to answer.  We humans often complicate things when things are not complicated, and I came across this quote that I thought was a pretty good explanation. “Love is friendship that has caught fire.  It is […]

Youtube Channel, First Videos

Life is about doing, and though I don’t have a full recording studio, doesn’t mean I can’t share my work in some form, so enjoy.  This is just the beginning.  Please subscribe.  Please support this blog with a donation, using paypal:

Seeing It Through

  Life is a rose with thorns, it is never just the rose, and we must accept the thorns as we embrace the rose at times.  It does not mean that we must allow the thorns to piece us or that we must necessarily bleed to where we lose sight of the rose, the beauty […]

My Refelection This Lent

This Lent I am reflecting on two things, my roots/who I am and choices (friendships, vocational path) because they matter a great deal.   My ancestral roots, cultural and family roots play a part in who I am.  My great grandmother Catherine, my namesake, was a very intuitive and formidable lady.  My aunt Mary, also on mom’s […]