One Day

This is my hope for not only for myself, but for all those looking for that lasting life long love.

Do You Understand?

When people say unconditional love, what the heck does that mean?  Does it mean we have to agree on everything, all the time, that one partner denies all they are to totally pump up the other, with nothing reciprocating?  No, and that is the lesson I was hard headed, have been hard headed to learn. […]

Moonlight Over Water

This is one of my more recent songs it is one I wrote as I was taking an evening walk over by the Seaport near my home.

Maybe Love

We are made to seek community, companionship, love, acceptance etc… and we want that special something in our lives, that lifetime safety net of love etc.. that will be there through thick and thin. I suppose I forgot to do something really important, create community, build moments of saying to love in any form “welcome, […]

What Kind of Spark?

I have thought about this spark thing and what kind of spark makes for life partnership?  Is a life partner spark that one that kind that of someone who makes you jump out of your skin, someone with whom you have everything in common with?  Hmm, well, I think it’s a very personal thing, what […]

Stronger Couples, What Gives?

I am a big fan of the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” and in a way Frank and Marie Barrone, well they represent the real and imperfect relationship.  They fought, they disagreed, but they kept it real, no phoney baloney there.  Not saying to be like that, but I am saying that couples who try to […]

What Is A Relationship About?

As I read this I realized this is something I had not really been able to do, not fully, part of it has to do with being an intuitive and picking stuff up about people at times immediately upon seeing them and believe me it can get very awkward, especially if you are picking up […]

How Incredible Is That?

I don’t know about you, but if God had just come down from the sky and started passing out demerits and all that, the rebel in me would have started going ballistic, I know me.  Same if Christ, the Word become flesh or the Holy Spirit would have. My reaction would have been, how can […]

Helping Others to Accept Christ

Believe it or not, Christ Consciousness, Christ embrace is not easy for everyone. Often times when we think we want to help, we are disliked by other people. You may wish to help your friends, family or closest partner to awaken to beautiful settings in life. You may want your mother or possibly that elder […]

When The Heart Fears, Paralyzes, Yikes!

Please support this blog. You may do so via Paypal: Love is, being in love can be a powerful thing, but also the most frightening thing in the world and in some cases more so. Love and being in love can be exhilarating, make you feel like you are floating on air, inspire etc.., […]