Balance, Start With Breath

  If you don’t like what ís happening in your life, change your mind.  That can be easier said than done, but you have start somewhere.  Where do you start? This brief quotation from the Dalai Lama reminds us that our experience of life changes as do we. As we change, we change the way […]

What is the Shadow Self in Christian Faith Terms

  From a psychology standpoint, this is our shadow self.  From a faith and biblical standpoint, it is the conscience,  which tells us should tell us, from an objective morals standpoint the choice that is within healthy to us and all ethical, moral parameters.  When we don’t operate from that object morals standpoint, we end […]

No, You Don’t Hear Voices

When one speaks of hearing the Spirit, or the Spirit spoke to me, is that the Holy Spirit and what does that mean, the Holy Spirit of the Creator speaking to us?   Often people may feel that the Holy Spirit means you have to speak in tongues in public or it has to be […]

Subliminal Healing

  Down in the gutter of our mind is your subliminal consciousness which consists of our subconscious and unconscious mind. In this area of the brain are hidden secrets, which if we explore find answers to a lot of our questions. This comes from learning techniques that assist with exploring the subliminal mind. Some do […]

Christian Meditation

When you hear people say meditation, there is a great chance that you will often think of Buddhist monks humming with their hands on their large beads. You will also imagine bald people in yellow robes reaching enlightenment. You have to consider that meditation isn’t only done by bald monks in yellow robes in order […]

Buddhist Meditation and Techniques

I will be looking at different types of and techniques etc.. of Meditation.  For example, Buddhist, Christian, Decartes Today’s world, with all its excitements, its adventures, and its discoveries, is moving in a very fast pace. This can be very thrilling and fun-filled for us, but this can also be exhausting to the soul. That […]

Deep Meditation Music for Troubled Individuals

There are as we know different personality types, one of them being Type A personality.  Getting someone like that to really relax is hard, like pulling teeth, but what if they are true music lovers?  If they are then  guess what, there is a solution.  As we know, many forms of meditation apply to many […]

Meditation Is Communion

  Overview on Meditation and Its Importance to Communion Meditation is synonymous to serenity. It’s a process which involves concentration on a sound, your breathing, or an object. The idea of meditation is to concentrate or focus your thoughts on a single relaxing thing over a certain duration of time. Usually, it can last for […]

Daily Meditation

Sometimes the wish to meditate we are not sure what the best position is, do we sit, lie down or what, so this will give you a guide on how meditation is often done in the Eastern traditions.  During the ancient times until now, people practice meditation because of its provided advantages. Incorporating meditation as part […]

Benefits of Meditation

Why go back? Usually we are all about going forward, trail blazing.  Why are people now looking more and more to ancient practices including homeopathy?  What is in these ancient practices that are drawing people to them?  Good question and I hope this provides somewhat of an answer. People are now going back to ancient practices […]