Important, Meditaton Feedback Please

This is part of a series I am creating of Seven Meditations I will be selling on the Hub here, but I wish to have feedback on how effective it is, and the overall meditation itself.  It is very important I receive feedback, thank you.    

Art and the Mind PII

Art therapy as a tool is an excellent tool to help those in situations of loss, trauma etc…find a way to express that sorrow, depression, pain so on and so forth.  There are times when words just won’t come, they can’t be found, and so a therapist, counselor, a teaches Read more…

Healing Meditation

When I across this meditation I wanted to share it with you.  The Spiritual Self can get wounded, carry a heavy load and if it is carrying a load, not in a good sense, then nothing can really feel or be okay.  For the Creator, Creation and Creativity relationship and Read more…

What is Faith?

What is Faith? Faith, Spirituality, and Religion are not necessarily the same thing, so as I journey through life, the question of what is faith is one that I felt was and is worth reflecting upon.

First Buddhist Healing Circle

I participated in my first Buddhist healing circle yesterday, which discussed Pain vs Suffering and of course in Western culture, we make them one and the same, but in Buddhist Darma, they are not.  A great analogy was given of We are the Sky and Everything Else is the Weather.  Read more…