Whole Body Healing, Regeneration


Each Day we encounter energies, tensions etc.. on different levels, some are thrown at us externally and not so easy to deflect.  Others, we create by being fragmented, by not being wise stewards in our lives, by not having cohesion in how we manage things in our life, work, relationships, thus creating negative flow.  We create tensions etc.. by refusing to realize when we are on a wrong path and refusing to make changes for our greater good, happiness etc…, and even that of others in doing so.  I hope this helps to bring healing to you and also awareness of these things so you can and will make any necessary changes to your life etc…, very constructive ones.

Uncovering the Vision – Meditation


The Journey That is Life.

If we can grow up, mature, and get focused on quality, not quantity in life, the vision everything necessary is there, we just have to get focused to find it, embrace and fly with it.  There is a beautiful host of sacred support here and beyond ready to guide, once we have tuned in and can draw that to us, are willing to work with it, accept it.

Creative Flow & Removing Negativity


Inspiration Peace and Joy

I give you two gifts, and may they both enrich your life. One is a short meditation I created to help bring out creative flow in each of us and the other is something I found on youtube that I like to listen to myself.


 – A meditation I created, enjoy

Something I came across on youtube and listen to periodically, enjoy.

Release From Fear- Mastered


Inspiration and Love

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather acting in spite of it, even when we have been disappointed, let down, even hurt, maybe even more than once, especially to follow our true heart, our dream, that which God has placed in our heart, spirit, soul, a true vocation, even the courage to love again.




May I Never Be The Elephant Holding On



I was reading something and the person mentioned elephants, the fact that they have an amazing memory, sometimes don’t sleep for days.  Good thing? Hmmmm

No, not really because he then wondered if they were being haunted by nightmares of the past, and could not let go of what was.  It is not uncommon to hold on to that past, that memory of what the past has put us through, that indignation of it, even of our own not so wise choices.  We might up stuck and living in the past, running around trying to run from it, and we may stare at ceiling as the past and the pain of it run rings around us in our heads.  We might think of what we could have done and didn’t do, could have been and weren’t etc… etc… etc…  Memory can be a good thing, can help keep us organized, but it can also hold us hostage.  They can be like parasites with their tentacles into us that drain us, keep us from focusing on the great life we are meant to have, should have, could be having and building, which is not a good thing and not what God would want.  I hope I am never an elephant.  I hope this piece I came across and am sharing with you will help you release memories, cords, thoughts etc.. that are toxic and move on, forward to thrive, shine, prosper etc.., most of all to love, open your heart and love truly and completely and be loved that way as well.