Christ Consciousness through You

Christ Consciousness

Being religious is sometimes different than being spiritual. Some of you might disagree, but trust me; it is a different road sometimes. What we are meant to do is to balance each. Being too spiritual might make us self-centered. It isolates us from real world. Religion on the other hand makes us a proper human and allows us to use the spiritual teachings in pragmatic way. None is better without other. However, as has been the case of centuries, the religion has been used by higher authorities as tool to manipulate. Hence we receive so much hate on religious topics by some of modern age spiritualists…

Enough with the above, as the topic suggests, I would like to hand you a fundamental truth in this set of sentences which comes straight from my heart. Religion as I mentioned has been used to seek source of help outside self multiple times. I have seen people with a lot of hardships coming to priests for their prayers and begging them to save them from punishment of God. Someone should tell them that the hardships are blessings in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the job of few priests who try to affirm such people that God is not punishing them rather testing them. I love the idea of asking someone else to pray for you. But tell me one thing… God forbid you go through a hardship somewhere where you are all alone, with no church or priest… what will you do then?

It is time to realize the fundamental truth that great Master, the Anointed one, Messiah, Son of God, Jesus taught us in his life and after. The real divine is within you. Seeking God outside your own self will drag you in for multiple disappointments. It is when we realize that God is within us, and then we start to change. Jesus was Lord’s son as believed by Christian faith. He channeled God through himself. What if I told you that the notion that Jesus was only son was wrong…God is consciousness. He is everywhere. Therefore He is within you too. And as Master Jesus taught, you too possess the God-like capabilities within you.

Christ Consciousness is the stage of enlightenment, wisdom . It is merging with God and realizing that the Divine God is not in outside sources. God exists within us. God can be accessed by self-realization. Such is the beauty of Christ Consciousness. To become closer and merge with God, you have to realize your own power and control. Stating as such, it is no surprise that Christ Consciousness is a personal and self-sought experience which is obtained after filling your heart with desire of love of Jesus and Lord. The divine state of Christ Consciousness works through you. That being said, you need to figure out how to awaken such state for self-empowerment to collaboration with the heavenly hosts and thus to be able to actively and pro-actively work with the Lord for the greater good of your life and life in general.. Meditate on Jesus. Dedicate yourself to prayer to Lord daily. It is then your heart will start opening to realization of Loving God who is always with you, watching over you, looking after you.

Christ Consciousness, Going Further

Christ Consciousness

Over the years as we speak of new age, everything has evolved. Humans have developed new disciplines in terms of technology as well as spirituality. This led to forming many new terms of old experiences for better understanding by people. Christ Consciousness is one of these which I will explain in this article.

I was in the church listening to chants. During drifting synchronous voices along with spiritual air created in the building, I was struck by one of moments of being in harmony with Lord. The sensation though momentary, lasted an unforgettable experience. I stared at statue of Jesus, thinking of how the great Master had died for our sins. At that moment, I realized what the term Christ consciousness meant for me…

Over the time, as we humans have found new ways of expressing our spiritual needs, we have given new terms for better understanding. The spiritual experiences are old, they are eternal. Yet to communicate better to modern age, we formed many terms, Christ Consciousness being one of them. In order to explain it, I would first like to tell you how others viewed it. The great Master Jesus is so profound in showing His Divine ways to us. He reaches us through our souls. Since by Lord’s beautiful crafting, no two souls are the same, therefore, everyone’s experience is different. 

Jesus was a great teacher and master who underwent ascension by following the Lord’s ways. In time, he became an epitome of enlightenment for everyone. Therefore, for some modern age thinkers, the mere process of ascension and enlightenment is to go through the state of “Christ Consciousness”.

In some places, Christ consciousness is referred to as the state of consciousness of those who have reached out to higher planes of existence. Since the great Master drew enlightenment from the higher planes to mundane plane of existence, therefore each who reaches there possesses the Christ consciousness.

Another beautiful term coined by some of spiritual thinkers is that during awakening and ascending stage of soul, when spiritual energy finally reaches the crown chakra, the heart chakra opens and receives the love of God. It is then the spirit of person undergoing such divine change fully realizes the true loving existence of God. Since the heart chakra cannot remain open forever, it shuts again, leading to conclusion drawn that it is not a permanent process. For some, this is “Christ Consciousness”.

Some went through as far as stating that this is a perfection state of being one with God, and since complete perfection is impossible, we can only come close to Christ consciousness, we can never truly attain it completely since achievement of perfection means end of evolution, and we never stop evolving.

In my moment of mystical experience, as I felt the loving vibration of great Master, while listening to chants, I understood it. I viewed it through eyes of my soul and it was at that time I realized what the Christ Consciousness meant for me. It felt like time around had stopped. The only sound I could hear was of chanting and my own breath. I realized what Christ was telling me.  It is a state of merging with God. During such state, we are perfect, or close to it. We are then bound to listen to Lord’s ways through our heart and see what is meant to be understood in psalms of Bible. It is then our duty to teach ourselves and others the holistic ways of Great Book of God. We don’t need to rely on outside sources; God is within.  Community can be a lovely thing and bring strength, encouragement, yes, but it has to start with us, from within, connecting within with the desire to know God, the Trinity of God, Christ, and Holy Spirit of God, all the angels of God, has to start within.

As I felt this sensation, I thanked Lord for being able to feel such truth the likes of which have been resonating through centuries to those in desire of love of God.

Creative Flow & Removing Negativity

Inspiration Peace and Joy

I give you two gifts, and may they both enrich your life. One is a short meditation I created to help bring out creative flow in each of us and the other is something I found on youtube that I like to listen to myself.


 – A meditation I created, enjoy

Something I came across on youtube and listen to periodically, enjoy.

Metaphysical Look At Acts 6:8-15 and John 6:22-29

The Journey That is Life.

From a metaphysical standpoint it is first important to know the meaning of the names of those in the Bible, what they represent.  We will begin with that.

Acts 6:8-15

Stephen means “crowned”. and thus represents the head, crown, reason, orderly thought.  Those of balance, even when the Spirit stirs in them, don’t go off in a frenzy, all  balmy, no.   They heed the stirring, but they meditate, they seek to balance the head and the heart, so there is no discord.  Stephen was presenting well thought out logical we could say “law and order” arguments, but that did not well with those of pure emotion.  Unity says it beautifully when they say:  This cry of “blasphemy” is always made by those who are put to rout by the Truth—it is their last resort. So we find in our own minds this tendency to fear that we can go too far in spiritualizing our thought and its environment. When the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth, or the Spiritual Man Demonstrated, shows us that this fleshly temple must be replaced by one of incorruptible substance, which will not be under the mortal law (Moses), we are apt to halt in our upward flight. But when the illumined Stephen is brought before the whole consciousness, “All that sat in the council, fastening their eyes on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel.” In the face of all opposition Truth shines undimmed. If we look to the New Testament and to Christ we see a new paradigm.

I pointed out in a previous post about the beauty of the dignity of the Catholic Mass, but there is also a beauty in the in depth reasoning of the theology of it all.  Reason must accompany faith, just like it must accompany even a dream one is to pursue.  The New Testament takes us from Law of the Flesh, what in metaphysics is referred to as Mortal Law to Spiritual Law. Now the law of God, in and through Christ, Salvation is written in the heart, and the sacrifices etc.. are Christ centered not me centered.  Even though Stephen knew he had reason on his side, he got goaded into a fight, false accusations against him came up and he got goaded into full emotional outpouring and “I’ll show you” kind of thing.   It’s easy for that to happen to us, when one or the other, the head alone or the heart alone rule the moment etc..  What this is meant to show us is that we must never be goaded into going into either mode, pure academic or pure emotion.  Rather there must be a coming together of the head and the heart, which I will say is not an easy thing, far from it and is a lifelong journey of grasping.  However it is worth making the effort.


John 6:22-29

Substance, where does that come from? Think about the process of something coming to life.  First you have the idea, the thought, then you might write it down, or speak it to someone, then after that it begins to take shape in the physical realm of things.  God spoke it all into existence, the Word was with Him, was then made flesh.  That means God had this idea in his head already for creating a world.  It originated in God’s psyche.  Christ is the eternal life and bread sent to us, and we are to gnaw on him, which you can imagine seemed pretty barbaric to some, that notion.  The holiness of God, the wonders of the creator, the teachings of Christ, in Context please, not just hippie love kind of context.  He was clear about law and order, adhering to God’s moral laws, and sinning no more, so let’s keep that in mind always.  We must live in full consciousness that we are created by the Word of God, and the great gift given in Christ in the Word made flesh who willingly, this is key, willingly gave his life so we could gnaw and have eternal life, always have that sacred Christ to look upon dead, buried, resurrected as an example of God’s amazing grace.