Angels, May You Feel Them Near

  I came across this and wanted to share it with you.  Angels are here to help us, to offer assistance, to be messengers, battle for God on our behalf, sometimes they are of the angelic nature, but sometimes angels are right here on earth in the flesh and I hope when God puts one […]

Christmas Prayers, My Prayers

  A most beautiful song that I wanted to share with all of you.  This Christmas, as in Christmas past, there are some people missing and yet I know they are watching over us.   I also know that this season is one where I can reconcile with God unlike any other season and I […]

Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem   There are days when the fog is go heavy, I can barely think through the day. There are days when it seems knives are being thrown at me every which way, but I wont lay down and die. Maybe it’s karma comin back to get its’ due, […]

I Will Listen -Poem

You may donate via Paypal at:  I Will Listen   I know I tore your dreams apart, Destroyed them into a million grains of sand, That run through your finger, Which you couldn’t capture, Or hold in your hand. I couldn’t see your pain, Though you cried out, In a million different ways. Didn’t […]

Turtle Two

Beautiful piece of art. I love sharing when I come across lovely art.   It also made me think and reflect.  The turtle is I think like people in some ways.  We show the world a hard tough exterior and are very slow to show the true self because we fear the true self […]

Scared Little Boy

Scared Little Boy, Thinks He’s a Man This is a recording I made of the poem I wrote a while back. As often happens when you are an intuitive and do lots of meditation, and prayer in your life, stuff just comes to you and this song  just came to me. Remember, you never deserve […]

In The Blink Of An Eye-Poem In The Blink Of An Eye   Time is swift and sometimes we don’t even blink when the entire world comes tumbling down. We wonder if we created enough memories, so that those we love will never be forgotten. We never want to forget their eyes and their smile, what made them who they […]

Having a Plan B Plan B, Always a Good Idea Plan A was a One Woman Show at Cornelia Street Cafe, but so far I haven’t heard back, after sending an email and a proposal for the show. I will send a follow up email next week and then give them another week.  However, what if that’s […]

Mosaic Sample and New Poem

Mosaic Sample and New Poem Time to Let Go It’s said that adversity is a great teacher and may be cause it taught me a lot about me. I’m ready to take all that and start to live the life I always dreamed down deep in my soul, One of love, music and words for […]

One Woman Show-The Plan

One Woman Show When you don’t have a lot of money to pour into ads and to buy radio time to do a whole bunch of advertising what do you do to promote your stuff? Well you can just sit and pray all day and expect to do all the work and blame him when […]