Thank You and What’s Up?


Thank you for the feedback, it’s much appreciated, the comments, feedback.  As always, thank you for keeping it positive.  What is going on with everything?

My fibormyalgia is kicking up a storm, creating fatigue blood pressure issues etc.., doc even wants me to have a sleep apnea study done, so life continues to throw boomerangs and such, but life marches

  • Check out my youtube channel and that it can uplift, inspire, even bring a bit of healing to your life.  In regards to my youtube, I will recording a series of holiday poems, songs for the holiday.  I of course will start with Thanksgiving, then Advent and Christmas.
  • I am going to get involved with a nearby church that has a thriving arts ministry, and is very prayer oriented.
  • I am going to keep promoting and I hope that this  blog is a true inspiration and you will become a premium member.
  • I am going to see about organizing live events artistic and perhaps seminars as well. 
  • I am going to pray, do a lot of that.

I will keep you posted, God Bless.

Can’t Do It All At Once So…


I have several things I want to do, including in conjunction with the Society For Applied Judaism artistically, record a bunch of songs in Italian, and re-record meditations, as well as record new ones.  I can’t do it all at once, so what to do.  I decided the following.

  • Start with erasing all recordings so far and start over 
  • Collaboration with a wonderful artist Michelle and record three songs, work with her for her to record the songs and then put them up for sale on my bandcamp site.  
  • Then I hope to spend time at the Society For Applied Judaism to record a series of meditations from there.
  • The Italian songs, that is project three, once I get practice with my voice and vocals, so I can be part of the recording directly of those songs, not just the writing.  

I want to really get solidly involved with the Society for Applied Judaism and more involved with OSIA, Sons and Daughters of Italy in whatever way I can.  I realize that since I have not yet gotten past the fibromyalgia, I can’t push to hard or too much, so I do have to pace myself.  Life is so good when you can do what you love, and love what you do.  Certain collaborations may never come to pass artistically, but can’t dwell on that.  If people choose to stay in one little world artistically, so be it.  I hope I never stay in one little world artistically.


News, What’s Happening

Inspiration and Love

What’s happening in regards to the arts and other aspects of life?  Here is the scoop:

  • I am realizing the power of that word, that energy those vibrations in regards to the word Christ in doing healing work and artistic work as well
  • I have been invited to join the Artist Midrash at T & V Synagogue
  • My voice back to it’s old self, I can now record the songs, A Capella in Italian for my Valentine’s Day release
  • I am going to once again be participating in the concert given monthly at Most Precious Blood Church
  • I realize that I have always been drawn to Judaism really at the core because it was the first monotheistic faith on on record, and it is the root of what I have always truly been, Metaphysical Christian
  • I am going to be delving into both over the next two years, Judaism and Metaphysical Christianity
  • I also realized it is that about needing God as one needs a crutch, but about choosing God, choosing to acknowledge a creator and being open to connection to that, to that sacred realm

The next two years are going to be quite interesting and quite a journey for me, one I look forward to.  I also hope you will consider my Meditation Sojourn CD, as a gift to give yourself or someone else.  I hope to create other Meditation Sojourn CD’s and offering them on my site at

Thank You




What is new in life?  In the artistic realm, life is moving in a good direction.  I am beginning to get back out there, starting this November.  Here is what is happening and what I am sending good vibes to hopefully keep going:


  • Monthly music series, concerts at Most Precious Blood Church in Manhattan, first one is November 22nd at 7 pm
  • Themed Album twice a year at least
  • Get more live gigs, regular basis

Faith Journey

  • Continuing classes at Town and Village
  • Planning Hadassah Hanukkah Party – assisting with the planning
  • Slowing will be implementing full Kosher etc… routine, daily prayers all of that as I learn

Life is moving along steadily and I am pleased.  I just need to get the fibromyalgia a bit more under control so it does not interfere with what I wish to do.  

Shalom and Amen


What’s Cooking?


The holidays are coming up and I am walking between two world right now Judaism, that I am truly drawn to and Catholicism, which is the faith of my family, and out of respect will not turn my back on for conversion as long as mom lives or until I have done a full discernment with the help of Rabbi Sebert and others at the Synagogue.  That’s one thing that I am amusingly journeying through, this living between two worlds right now.  It’s okay, I am fine with it.

Then there is the artistic stuff. I was my album, the holiday one with my original pieces and some known songs that I plan on doing with my own twist to them and copywriting this stuff, the cost, which can add up.  I realized with a bit of internet research I should be able to solve that problem and I did.  I found copyrighted and registered it with them for free.  There might be a limit of let’s say 30 items and then beyond that for unlimited a small fee each month, but that’s okay.  I even copyrighted this website.  I have as a the goal to have everything recorded by the end of this coming week and the album uploaded to bandcamp and routenote.  I also will be practicing for what will be the start I hope of many participations in a monthly music series at Most Precious Blood Church with my dear friend and sister Kim.    I hope to then find other such opportunities to put forth my material and also to share material I come across that touches me, and put forth a reflection on it.    This is I time for me to really come into my own as an artist, and find a way to make a living at this, to really figure out how to make a living at being a spoken word artist and getting a space to have access to 24/7 so I can quietly practice, record, and create. I am praying for that to be one of my Christmas gift.  

I hope you will support my music, my spoken word poetry, and I love sharing what the heavens inspire in me with all of you.

What’s Cooking?



What’s Cooking for the rest of the year?  Good question.  Here is what I am working on:  

  • Mainstreaming all my arts to bandcamp, even getting rid of any youtube channel
  • Uploading my first  group of theme tracks about love and the wings it gives, as well as  adding a meditation about opening up to the journey of being guided.
  • Uploading my holiday album, which will include my holiday poems and also two of my holiday favorites
  • Beginning the initial steps for full entry into the Jewish faith and Community, and life
  • Planning for 2017

I really hope you will support the work and the arts.  I don’t do fancy recording, don’t go into a studio.  I record it at home, raw, from the heart, and I hope that it is still something that can be appreciated and that people will want to buy and enjoy, raw and perhaps even not so perfect, which is just fine.

What’s Cooking This Week

Inspiration Peace and Light

This week I will be attending events related to Sukkot at synagogue, but that does not mean I won’t be working on other stuff also.  Hopefully, my voice will get back to normal and no more frog sounding voice.  What’s the plan, what to do? Well…

In regards to the arts, my hope is to have a clear enough voice to record some spoken word projects in English and Italian.  Hopefully my voice will cooperate.  I hope to write one or two new pieces for this and also record some public domain material I found and like.  That’s in the artistic realm.  

In regards to the in depth coaching, I am going to be setting up a separate blog for that, and start posting, creating material that is exclusively available through membership, lifetime membership for a one time investment.  Once I have created the initial material for the Transforming-Growing  Life Coaching blog then I will work on promoting it.  

In regards to my soulmate, bringing him in, the soulmate as I previously described, I am going to continue to envision and meditate on the path cleared for our union, our BFF and beyond union.  I realize how important it is to be with someone who can share my worldview and my faith journey, path, advocacy for Israel, all of that.  I look forward to all kinks being worked out and my uniting with the one who is my truest soulmate and will share my journey as a life coach, artist,  Judaism, and is very understanding of the fibromyalgia and the fact that I have to pace myself quite a bit in my activities, travels etc..  

Shalom and Amen