Parenting a Toddler – Optimization Tips

Parenting is an amazing journey.  As I think back to what my mom had to navigate, as a single mom after the divorce, and in general parents navigating their parenting journey, it’s pretty amazing.  For new mom’s there is naturally anxiety, which we all have entering new situations.  Often sleep and feedings are something that can be […]

Prayer For Parents At Bedtime

Parents can use all the help they can get, especially in this chaotic world, so I came across this prayer and am sharing it, may it help you in your amazing journey as a parent.

The Parent Traps

  When a parent leaves, walks out or passes away and the child is young you can end up with the “parent trap”.  The trap can happen out of caring or out of the other parent being really pissed of at the situation that took place. The caring parent trap can be where the parent […]

Mom, All Encompassing

A mother is like this garden in a sense. A garden huh? Yeah, a garden. A garden has different flowers and trees and though weather and seasons may cause periods of dormancy in the garden, it will bloom, it will survive.  A mother must be like that as well for her children.  A mother must […]

Being The Center “Handicapped”

Don’t get me wrong I love my mum, I do.  However, as they say a life unexamined etc…Since, my birthday is tomorrow, I have of course been doing that, examining.  Not always a fun thing, this examining of life etc.., but necessary.   I realized that as much as my mum loved me and I […]