Teen More Mature Than The Adults, Yeah

I am the lone Conservative amongst my liberal pack of family and friends pretty much.  Having a conversation on life topics with my teen nephew, cousins son and adult liberal friends and family has made me think, a tale of Two Cities.  It’s amazing the difference in experience the two are.   My nephew had such […]

How To Spot Butterflies and Honeybees

Often we can come across what I call the butterfly and or the honeybee, and they seem to be in the thick of it all, don’t they?  They are really on the scene and they seem to be really busy all the time, and I used to have a complex about whether I was busy […]

Autumn Leaves.

The Spring’s bright tints no more are seen, And Summer’s ample robe of green Is russet-gold and brown; When flowers fall to every breeze And, shed reluctant from the trees, The leaves drop down. A sadness steals about the heart, –And is it thus from youth we part, And life’s redundant prime? Must friends like […]

What Has Been Going On?

Quite a Bit, which is why I have not been online for a while.  Missed me? Let’s start with the arts:  I have been working on some stuff and I put out a few songs and signed on with an indie promoter.  You can check those out at http://www.50djs50states.com/albums/katherine-appello/ I am hoping to work on the […]

Supporting Israel Update

https://www.wavecloud.com/book/mosaic-life-and-faith-poems/978-1-62217-168-2/12737926 Update First, you can help by purchasing the e-book and spreading the word so others purchase it, as a percentage of my sales will go to organizations that help Israel, such as America United with Israel.  Purchasing my e-book would help.  Also, I am a rep for Forever Living Products, Kosher and Organic certified. […]

Help Me Help Israel

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LWGZF1A https://www.wavecloud.com/book/mosaic-life-and-faith-poems/978-1-62217-168-2/12737926 Blessed Are Those that Bless Israel One of things that an artist can do is be a voice and as an artist there are three things I will be a vice for.  One is Dysautonomia, which can turn lives inside out and upside down, as it did mine. The other is for care […]