How To Spot Butterflies and Honeybees

butterfly honeybee

Often we can come across what I call the butterfly and or the honeybee, and they seem to be in the thick of it all, don’t they? 

They are really on the scene and they seem to be really busy all the time, and I used to have a complex about whether I was busy enough with life, whether I was useful enough in life based on whether I was busy enough, involved enough in enough stuff.  I could have become a butterfly and a honeybee, like some I have been observing.  What is a butterfly and/or honeybee?  Often such a person has their plate full day and night, they are involved in so many events, in different causes, even within one aspect of something cultural, spiritual, philanthropic, are all over the map.  They do not leave any time for being with themselves, as if being with themselves is something they can’t quite fathom.  They often have droves of “friends”, know lots of people, keep accumulating people in their lives, but are often in a cloud and won’t even remember what was said to them by anyone, and if you share anything of your work etc… they are so busy with busy work for the sake of busy most likely they don’t even look at it.  They may later on in life be trying to do all they feel they didn’t, realize all the dreams they feel they didn’t earlier on, and really have a hard time with just doing nothing, even just being with one person in a very deep intimate setting, situation emotionally, spiritually, and not even doing anything, just being present in the moment, chatting, just in the moment.  The butterfly also may have a sense of not wanting to see what is really happening, and positivism a good thing can be taken to where reality of a situation is ignored, decision making turned over to others and the fluttering here, there and everywhere continues.  There is no core venue or project of focus for the energy, no streamlining for achieving the cultural, spiritual, philanthropic etc… goals in one place, it’s scattered all over the place and nothing concrete gets accomplished long term.  Often there is no plan, it’s just winging it, which works for the short term, but not for the long term, ever.  They also often fail to realize that if you want to accomplish great stuff long term, you have to find the right partnership/s because that can be the key to make or break a lot in life.

Remember, being a butterfly, honeybee, even the lone ranger, rebel with a million causes is fine when you are in your youth and exploring who you are, what your gifts, talents, dreams are, but at a certain point in life, sorry folks, but it is time to stop fluttering the wings and pollinating here there and everywhere.  It is time to get streamlined, get focused, really figure out the venue where you are going to channel your energies, talents etc.. and make it happen, have that star light up and be a beacon for the world to be inspired so on and so forth.  It can still be fun, exciting if you make it so, constructively please, thank you.  Hopefully, at some point, butterflies and honeybees can learn to streamline on one field, one flower.



Autumn Leaves.

The Spring’s bright tints no more are seen,
And Summer’s ample robe of green
Is russet-gold and brown;
When flowers fall to every breeze
And, shed reluctant from the trees,
The leaves drop down.

A sadness steals about the heart,
–And is it thus from youth we part,
And life’s redundant prime?
Must friends like flowers fade away,
And life like Nature know decay,
And bow to time?

And yet such sadness meets rebuke,
From every copse in every nook
Where Autumn’s colours glow;
How bright the sky! How full the sheaves!
What mellow glories gild the leaves
Before they go.

Then let us sing the jocund praise,
In this bright air, of these bright days,
When years our friendships crown;
The love that’s loveliest when ’tis old–
When tender tints have turned to gold
And leaves drop down.

As I read this poem, I thought of the changes that come with life, childhood to teen years etc.., the friendships that, though very few tried and true I have have lasted so long, are still in tact.  I thought of a particular connection of many years and though they are not a part of life any longer, I have not seen them in quite a while, I still sense when they think of me, wish they were in my life, had me theirs, the fact that it is still there, still strong.  Even if they are never seen again, never in my life, it is a testimony to the strength and beauty of the bond, the sentiment that the psychic connection, bond is still there.  It had rough seasons, beautiful seasons, and it fell off the tree, a new season came for me.  As we enter a new season, let’s try to recall the good of what was, the lessons taught to us, and learn from that, change our patterns.  

Most of all, let’s not look for anyone to rescue us, and be clear that only we can rescue ourselves by changing patterns, choices, by the decisions we make, including the decision to be happy, rather than unhappy and sometimes that may mean some difficult discussions, walking away.  Let’s have Autumn be a season of transformation, a positive one as we prepare for the New Year, for Rosh Hashanah.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


What Has Been Going On?

Quite a Bit, which is why I have not been online for a while.  Missed me?

Let’s start with the arts:  I have been working on some stuff and I put out a few songs and signed on with an indie promoter.  You can check those out at

I am hoping to work on the next few songs in the next few weeks and put those out.

My political activity.  I have been active with Convention of States  Project and am their Media Liaison    because I believe that our government is out of control and we need to do something, this includes closing loopholes in the Constitution.  The Convention would not write a new Constitution, simply re-ratify the current one, and close any loopholes and strengthen the current one.  I hope especially my fellow new yorkers will join me in this good fight for our nation.  In addition to this, I am also a member of Hadassah and will be working on seeing how we can help stop human trafficking, and will be organizing a Know Your Worth seminar as well.

I have been a busy bee, though the Fibromyalgia has not made it easy and I do have to pace myself and can not do as much as I would like to do, but I do what I can.  Some days the pain, even with the medication and the periodic homeopathic shots for my knees, neck, hips and back, is still there, but I do my best.

That is what has been going on.





Supporting Israel Update


First, you can help by purchasing the e-book and spreading the word so others purchase it, as a percentage of my sales will go to organizations that help Israel, such as America United with Israel.  Purchasing my e-book would help.  Also, I am a rep for Forever Living Products, Kosher and Organic certified.  If you can please to to and purchase, using rep 001002225707, a portion of all commission I make on those sales I will also be donating to charity, including to help Israel, so please, spread the word.

Secondly, I sent a proposal to artists for Israel to do a show in October to fundraise for their organization, which helps the wounded including the soldiers and their families in Israel.  I also contacted America United with Israel to see about any fundraising I could do for them here this year.  Again, if you purchase the e-book, and the Forever Living products, a portion of that, as I will be donating up to 30% of my royalties etc.., will go to charity, so please spread the word and I will keep you posted on these fundraising event efforts.

Help Me Help Israel

Blessed Are Those that Bless Israel

One of things that an artist can do is be a voice and as an artist there are three things I will be a vice for.  One is Dysautonomia, which can turn lives inside out and upside down, as it did mine. The other is for care of others by supporting organizations such as Caritas and Doctors without Borders.  I also hope to set the world straight on truth and the truth is Hamas and others wish to destroy the Jewish People and Israel and this can not happen again, can not be allowed to happen again this hatred can not happen, and Israel can not be made out the villain when it is not.  One of the organizations I will be supporting is the United Jewish Fund. 

Please help me to help others and support Israel whose children have to live in fear and hatred daily and purchase the e-book, tell others about it and encourage them to purchase it. 

Thank You.