The Fading Away

night sky and stars


As I look around and as I look at life I see, what do I see?

I see vague memories,

Flower in a book of long ago, a fabric of a favorite dress,

Now faded, so you can’t quite tell the color that it once was.

I see faded parchment, paper that now is yellowish, delicate to the touch,

Stars that are no longer shining in the sky,

Day that goes into night,

And night that goes into day.

That is what I see.


Just as these things fade in life,

I have seen people fade out and away,

Bonds that one thought were deep and strong,

They slowly faded until they were but a distant memory.

In some cases it was because truth was spoken that could not be accepted,

In others, who knows, one day suddenly there was silence,

No particular incident or reason, just silence.,

Day into night, night into day, a fading away.


Science, All the Answers?


We lost a great scientific mind Hawkins, and now doubt science matters, even the Vatican has a conservatory and engages in scientific research and those of the church engage in scientific reasoning along with biblical truth.  Those who can not will not open up to the Holy Spirit, to Holy Spirit truth, to scripture truth will stay within the realm of science only.  They will dismiss First Cause, saying it is not necessary to have a First Cause.  However there is a problem with that.

Human beings are supposed to operate on reason, on induction, deduction all that jazz.  What happens when you say there is no need for a First Cause or First Principles to examine and explain creation?  You violate reason, violate inductive and deductive reasoning.  Peter Kreeft put it well when he says “If there seems to be no physical cause, we look for a psychological cause: perhaps someone hypnotized us. As a last resort, we look for a supernatural cause, a miracle. But there must be some cause. We never deny the Principle of Sufficient Reason itself. No one believes the Pop Theory: that things just pop into existence for no reason at all. Perhaps we will never find the cause, but there must be a cause for everything that comes into existence.  the whole universe is a vast, interlocking chain of things that come into existence. Each of these things must therefore have a cause. My parents caused me, my grandparents caused them, et cetera. But it is not that simple. I would not be here without billions of causes, from the Big Bang through the cooling of the galaxies and the evolution of the protein molecule to the marriages of my ancestors.”  The sciences can tell us how, the mechanisms of creation of the universe, but not the who or even the why it was all created, why we were created, why we have emotions etc…It’s all links in a chain and the chain has to start somewhere with someone having created the first link.  St Thomas, though indirectly gives excellent arguments for First Cause.   If there is no first cause, then like saying I come from a poof in the air, so do my parents, their parents.  Though Hawkins was a beyond capable scientist he failed to acknowledge and fully appreciate, accept the need for First Cause, First Principles.  Neuroscience has tried over and over again and failed for example to explain consciousness.  Why, because all science is an external exercise and thus has great limitations.  This article says it well  Science can’t explain, never will be able to explain: the origin of the universe, the origin of the laws of nature, the origin of life and the origin of mind and thought because they transcend anything physical that can be measured.  This is where the spiritual realm can give answers and with solid thological indicutive and deductive reasoning of objective morality etc… provide a great map of it all, a grid. 


Can You Legislate Ethics etc…?

Hillary's Crime

How often have we seen politicians and others invoke their faith, yet when we look at their political lives or their lives in service to the church we nod our heads in disgust?  How many times have we hung our heads in a sense of defeat at how those in political and religious places on high have committed all manner of sin and transgression, in the case of politicians broken all kinds of laws that if we did the same thing, we would be crucified for, yet they skate off into the sunset untouched?  How many times do we see that laws do exist such as immigration laws, yet they are ignored, or not enforced?  Laws do exist to try and hold us to standards of good conduct etc.. and they should, but can laws alone truly make us an ethical moral society, one of true integrity, abundance, prosperity?  It seems not from the look of things.  Why not, why don’t laws alone work? 

The law alone can’t do two very important things, educate and change hearts.  Those two things are very important.  To educate for example on the foundations of America, including the important role the Christian faith played in it and Western civilization you have to have people open their hearts.  Once the hearts are open, then you can provide accurate education about the history of the nation, of the faith and so much more.  You can also come to an understanding of how to create balance of law and order with empathy, with the discernment that it is best to teach how to fish rather than provide the fish directly, and such.  Having laws, a framework to encourage ethics, integrity etc.. is important, necessary, and enforcement of those laws is also crucial, but that alone won’t do it.  It has to go much deeper, which is why civics, literature studies, the classics, debate and critical thinking teaching used to all be an integral part of education, of formation of youth in schools.  The law does serve to restrain the heartless as MLK aptly put it, so again we do require laws and we do require law and order, national sovereignty, even individual sovereignty, responsibility for our actions etc…  It is also imperative that hearts and souls be transformed to where day to day living is based on a foundation of objective moral ethical truths and integrity, for individuals and societies to thrive.   Without that, the law alone is not going to be enough, will never be enough, never.

Shalom and Amen

Depression etc…Do Speak, Don’t They?

She Did Tell You.png

Of course immediately some wanted to make it about gunns, which it isn’t about that.  As I watched the news about what happened in Florida, I heard some things over and over being said about the shooter.   It was said he was very socially awkward, even the uncool kids, even the ones who were unpopular, not part of the “in” group rejected him.  His behavior so inappropriate, even they wanted nothing to do with him.  There were issues of psychological nature going on there and my questions immediately were:  Didn’t his adoptive family see that?  If they did early on, what was done about it?  Did educators recommend any kind of psychiatric therapy etc..?  Did the parents follow through?  What was going in in this home? Was there any spectrum of autism?”  I ask that due to the fact that he would make very inappropriate comments to fellow students, as was pointed out, and if this was a patterns, if he did this with them, teachers etc.., just made me wonder about that.  What about the school saying they were not aware, schools officials saying so?  Really, you had no clue, none, even though he was ostracized from even the uncool kids group?  I find that hard to believe.   Signs are often there, and sometimes they are very blatant, other times changes in behavior that are chalked up to “just being a teen, or you know how teenagers are?” well not always the smartest attitude.  I am not saying even kids, teens can’t have an off day, but if there are a good number of recurring “off” days, and lots of isolation happening, something is not kosher.  We need to pay attention, then see from prayer and guidance, as well as perhaps advice from very trusted people what we should be doing.  To pretend stuff will get better on its’ own because we want it to, is not a plan.  As we weep for the victims let’s not excuse what he did, or any shooter does in these circumstances, but let’s understand in these situations what the phrase “love your enemy” means.  Again, it does not mean you excuse or cover up bad or even downright criminal behavior, but it does mean you recognize that in these cases these very lost souls have also destroyed their own lives in the process and any life destroyed in this way, that makes God weep.


Feel the Feeling.jpgI Understand Now.jpg

We don’t always like what we feel, and we can wish we could always feel the love as they say.  That’s not realistic, not life.  In life we are going to hear stuff we don’t like, even from those closest to us when they dish out tough love, and we are going to see stuff going on in the world that piss us off, even in our own immediate surroundings.  Emotions are part of being human, so the issue is not the emotions, but rather how you view them.  We live in a messy world due to The Fall, and that means we are messy at any given time in our lives.  Mindfulness and being in the moments says “Ok, you have this feeling, don’t deny, and now that you acknowledge it, how are you going to move forward with it, once you release it, the grip it has on you?’  You have a choice, we all do as to how we then move forward once we acknowledge having the feeling we have, even anger.  Do we go Destructive Rambo, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?  Do we stay angry, destroy or process release and rebuild?  That’s up to us.  When you are mindful, the one thing you can’t do is run.  You have to own it as they say, which is not easy.  You have to own it when you hear what you don’t want to hear, but deep in your heart you know is truth.  All this is part of the process of growing and growing up, maturing, not always a fun process, not totally, but it is awesome. Awesome.  Next up, how do you process emotions, the ones you don’t like.

Shalom and Amen

What My Childhood Taught Me

Nothing Lasts Forever.jpg

Replace the He with She, and that is what I gained, learned from the mess of my parent’s divorce and being used as a chess piece by both sides.  I know my mom loved me, but she in different ways would also give me this message of “nothing lasts forever”.  What I did was create a life of constant temporaries, of constant flux, which in turn wreaked emotional havoc on me and destroyed my well being.  This even created instability in my faith life, made it hard for me to commit to any particular faith path, even within the Christian faith.  When as a child you get the subliminal message and then reinforced message in different ways that nothing lasts forever, nothing can, even faith is hard to sustain on a deep level, even connection with God is hard to sustain on a deep level.  Now 50 something I find myself as the poem says wishing I had something, something more long term in my vocational path, a companion that I had built lasting memories with.  I wish I had not been given a message of nothing last forever, but that there are things that can last with intention, faith and right investment emotionally etc.. put forward.  I wish I had been given that balance, taught that because I think I would have gone less in circles.  Please remember that the phrase “Nothing lasts forever”, not really true.  WIth right nurturing etc.., solid deep faith and spiritual life can last forever, healthy relationships can last a good long time.  With marriage for example, even if the marriage ends, the relationship can still be one of friendship, caring and good will towards the other, if the intent and nurturing of it is there.  Our spiritual body also is every lasting as Scripture tells us, so there are things that last forever. Take heart and never let that be what defines and drives your life, or you could end up going in circles, too many circles for too long.


The Amusement of Oxymorons, Oy!

Confused Face

Oxymorons are nothing new, we even have them in grammar and teachers had to correct students.  Remember the “not talking to nobody” thing, well if you’re not talking to nobody then you must be talking to somebody.  Politicians when they pass a Bill or are going to and tell you it’s sure to be great, but haven’t even looked it because it’s so monstrously long they can’t, won’t even understand what reading, when they tell you than, an oxymoron.  Recently there was a post of a supposedly huge anti Trump rally and it was a Socialist Democracy rally, and I had to scratch my head, as I thought of Venezuela and a few other places.  Why?

 F.A. Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom, “Democracy is essentially … a utilitarian device for safeguarding internal peace and individual freedom.” Essentially the principle of Democracy and a Democratic Republic is self governance to the best of one’s ability, taking responsibility for self (seems that has gotten lost in the world),  self-determination politically and  freedom of expression, without threatening or acting in violence please, thank you.  My earnings, my talents are my own to distribute as I see fit, not as the government sees fit.   My rights come not from government essentially, but from God, from my being a thinking etc… being capable of informing myself of all sides of the argument and making decisions. It is the principle that the private sector is to be encouraged to thrive and grow, yes ethically, with integrity, but never is government to be the largest employer, ever. Never to population to depend more on government for sustenance and daily bread as a whole than the private sector, than use of its’ own gifts and talents.  Charity, yes in truly dire cases where no other alternative exists, but that is a choice to be made and sustained by the individual, private sector and faith institutions, those cases should be vetted, with none dire cases, a program implemented to find out what their talents are and how to help them take on a second career path, stick to the development of that path, even if there are health and family issues that require lots of flexibility.  

In an article Sandy Ikeda points out the following:  What happens when you try to combine democracy with socialism?

Let’s say a socialist government has to choose between only two ends: greater income equality or greater racial justice. Even in this simple, two-alternative case, it has to define clearly what equality and justice mean in terms that everyone can agree on. What counts as income? What constitutes racial justice? What constitutes more equal income or justice? At what point has equality been achieved or justice served: perfect equality or perfect justice? If less than perfection, how much less? Seriously who decides what is perfect justice, perfect income equality etc.. and what about freedom of religious expression public and private, of speech, including the right to publicly call out politicos and their lackeys, religious leaders as crooks, heretics?  Try doing that in Venezuela and some other places, places that were Socialist or Communist and before you say they are not the same, just one shade away one from the other.  My mom lived through the Mussolini era of Fascism, and prior, so she knows what I mean. 

Government is meant to perform some very basic functions, but it is not meant to turn us into dependent children, victims, mindless bots, or to go the opposite of what JFK said in his speech “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Smaller government means less bureaucracy, but also more focused government, stronger borders etc… Socialism is all about the collective, so the rights, earnings, blood and sweat, gifts, talents, hopes and dreams of the individual etc… don’t mean a damned thing in a Socialist system. It’s all about preserving the collective and if individual lives have to be sacrificed and truth, integrity also of the individual for the collective, so be it.  To plan such a massive collective economy you have to silence, squash the individual, their hopes, dreams, thriving and prosperity, religious liberty, have to.  That is where we are now, close to it in the USA and that is scary to see, the road we are going on.  In colleges there is no more debate, free thinking exchange of ideas, nowhere is there free exchange of ideas, even with my friend of over 30 years we have had some real knock out debates, but the friendship has endured, beautiful thing.  I hope we can make U Turn in this nation and fast.


Everyone Can Teach You Something

We Learn From Everyone.jpg

Some will teaching what to do in life, how to be wise, and some will teach you what not to do, what it means to be dumb and foolish. Since we are not perfect, we are a mix of emotion and intellect, both are going to be people we come across in life. Both have value.  Observing how one person’s behavior is destructive, self destructive is important and hopefully we don’t do the same, and doing the opposite in one whose behavior is constructive on different or a number of levels including and especially spiritually is important.    Don’t just look at those with positive behavior, also look at what you can learn from those with negative behavior, they can also teach you, teach you what not to do.  For example the Bible talks of people being Stiff Necked, stubborn had to have it their way, live it their way etc… and his precepts, way of things, guidance be damned, well didn’t bode well for them.  Stiff necked with God, or even with people who have wise profound life and spiritual wisdom, not a good idea, at least listen, meditate on what is said. Let yourself learn from others what you should and should not do or how to and not to behave, positive and negative patterns.

Shalom and Amen

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Loving Yourself, What Does It Mean?

Loved Herself

As a person of faith, I understand that I will stumble and fall, and I understand that I have made some lousy choices in my life.  I have been lost and searching for my center, only in the last year or two found it.  I realize I am not perfect, will never be perfect.  However, as a child of the Most High, I realize that it is a privilege that He thought I was worthy of being created.  As my parent he would want me to make good choices, decisions, would encourage me to do so, provide solid advice for doing so, which he does in Biblical truth.  This also means that I need to value this very much, as well as my God given gifts, talents, apply them rightly with ethics and integrity.  I need to value myself as a sacred temple in all my actions, choices etc…, It means no one has the right to harm, use or abuse me in any way, that I have no right to harm myself either.  Life has thorns, no denying that, but if I remember that I am the beautiful rose loved worthy of being created, and understand that of others, though I may not agree with their worldview, actions and lifestyle because they are contrary to biblical truth, I have an obligation to somehow share this view with them, but how I do it matters.  How I share with others matters.  I hope I can achieve full understanding of this and grow as a person, an artist and in all things, this understanding as a core principle. 


God’s Voice VS. Satan’s

God Vs Satan Voice

When liberals say that one should not judge or condemn and use one or two bible quotes, argue that God loves no matter one and he never judges, not accurate.  Why not?

If you refuse to judge, to discern lifestyle and worldview according to biblical truth all of it, not just the parts you want to use for living life as you please, only as you please or refuse to see clearly America’s for example First Principles of the founding, that John Locke a devout Christian, was a strong influence on the founders of this nation, then you do yourself and others a grave disservice, a disservice to the heart, spirit and soul.  This includes judging not in a paralyzing life way, but in an honest assessment way one’s lifestyle and views.  If you come to understand truth, and then don’t share it clearly, firmly with others, you do them a disservice.  I prefer to share through my blog and the arts, others might share through direct ministry, but to not share truth, the truth that your worldview and lifestyle matter a great deal to God is not love.  Love means you share the truth, even if the person does not like that truth, especially when it comes to scripture truth.