Confederate Etc…Stay? Heck Yeah!

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have more than one family tree.  My tree consists of four grandparents and my parents were cousins.  My grandfather was on dad’s side though he was a model citizen here in the USA, was not so in the old country of Italy, oh no. His daughter, my aunt, many swore was Satan’s child, vindictive bitch sad to say.  Her brothers, not model citizens, except for my dad who couldn’t hurt a fly, break a law even if you twisted his arm, but RIP, was a bit of a wuss, never quite stood up to his kin, his sister, a bit too much of a mamma’s boy.  My mom’s dad, a bit of a temper on him, no saint, my mom’s brothers and sisters, all good souls, and her mom, and mom’s mom, model’s of charity and goodness. The family tree is not perfect, got some real blemishes I could tear up dad’s photos that I have in my wallet, could tear up all photos of me as a kid with Dad’s family, but I refuse.  I don’t have to like that there are all these blemishes, all these stains.  I can hate all of that, hate what any of them did in their life, and that’s fine, but what I must never do is erase evidence of their existence in my history, in my life because then I create a lie, a false life, a false narrative.  I won’t do that.  My mom was very much hurt by my dad leaving and by them in different ways, so she had done her best to erase them, pretend they never existed and I respect her right to do that, but she has also never been able to forgive, and it has hurt her, this inability to accept them as part of history, our history, this inability to forgive.  How does this influence my view on Confederate and Holocaust symbols etc…? It does so 100%.  

History must be told, preserved good bad and ugly, visibly so and conveyed from a human emotional and also purely factual intellectual point combined.  It must not be eradicated, wiped off the map pretending it never happened, it did.  What counts is that we stick to the facts, even within the emotional context of it all, and we learn greatly from it, that we come to a point of unity rather than greater division.  Tearing down history because one group is offended by it is not unifying at all, and they should understand that and find a way to come to terms with that history, still keeping its’ existence visible to all as a lesson in time.  Also, a good point was made in this article , the point being where does it end? Mike Huckabee brought out a good point about well if abortion clinic offend Christians, can we just go destroy them?  What if Conservatives feel offended by Roosevelt as the author of the New Deal and Progressivism?  Can we just to tear his statues down? Atheists hate God, Christ, Christianity, religion, so can they demand all faith symbols, all churches with crosses be torn down because crosses offend them?  Can Muslims make similar demands and start tearing stuff down?  This opens up the door to anarchy and it violates our Constitution.  Erasing history is not something the Feds or even state officials have the right or authority to do.  As much as I might not be thrilled with everyone in my family, their background, I don’t have the right to erase them from my family history or tree because like or not they are the family God gave me.  Does that mean I have to speak to them, hang out with them, be buddy buddy, no.  However, I don’t get to erase them from history, my history, not how it works, not how life works, or how history works.  Hitler, Tito, Stalin etc.. they did horrific things, but we must never forget them, those events and the horror of Communism, Socialism etc…, those symbols must be visible to all always and forever.  The same goes for our Confederacy and history of slavery, not pretty but it is our history, part of our fabric and must never be erased or buried, ever.  If it offends, sorry, tough, get therapy, create a successful life, show you are not a bitter, chip on your shoulder snowflake big baby!!! Don’t try to escape by erasing anything from history, or the public square!



Protocol, Preparation Critical, Why?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

See that light, that beacon, that lighthouse, that’s the Protocol and Preparation Lighthouse of life, vocation, relationships and faith.  For all the free spirits out there, those who chafe at the mere thought of protocol as I use to and really wanted to always wing it in life, and be a free spirit, now that I have actually grown up, realizing free spirit still needs some kind of boundaries, but why?  The inner child is throwing as does the inner child in all of us the preverbal tantrum jumping up and down and screaming “why why why!”  As one whose greatest strength is to be an improvisational speaker, poet, songwriter-singer, right there on the spot, free spirit, go with the flow, with the moment, don’t plan or worry so much seems like a really awesome thing, live in the moment.  I pretty much did that most of my life, lost in the maze of figuring out my way out of the confusion and crap borne out of my childhood, my parents’ tug of war and mess with me in the middle, and my mom’s bitterness about the divorce, my dad’s family, all that jazz.   It didn’t work out well for me, not even as an artist.  Recently in my capacity as Music Associate and Coordinator for Most Precious Blood in organizing a benefit concert my colleague and I had a meeting with a group that was supposed to perform for us, as a service to the community, however, there was not enough preparation, not for lack of trying for the event and the meeting.  The first impression made on the person who came for the meeting was not a good one and they backed out, but we have managed to secure other talent and I will be meeting with them this week, so all is not lost.  However what it did teach me is what life has been teaching me and that is that while you can be a free spirit within your artistic framework and your work to an extent, there still has to be protocol, coordination, excellent preparation in other respects.  Let me address that.

When you are dealing with others, if for example you say you are going to be meeting and for whatever reason that meeting then is not going to take place, you communicate that to that person.  If you do tell someone you are going to have a meeting with them you hold yourself to that, you keep your word, you don’t then suddenly change your mind and just not show up or not have the meeting with them after you said you would.  Common courtesy, common protocol, common sense and manners.  When you are going to meet with someone, be sure you know their background if it’s a professional meeting, that you have looked over what they have send ahead of time, make the time.  Have that info with you or take highlight notes with you and be able to access the full files if necessary..  Be very well prepared, as first impressions will make or break you, your team and your organization.  If you are organizing an event, for friggin goodness sakes, do not put your team or colleagues in a position of having to rush through planning, plan all events at least 8-12 weeks in advance, including promotion and ticket sales, if not 12-16 weeks. Lots of good planning, coordination and communication, you and your team, no exceptions or excuses.  Be sure you communicate and if you say you are going to meet for a meeting an introduction etc.. and you can’t or there is a change, you let people know, you have that courtesy.  Common courtesy protocol.  This is also true for any relationship.  If you give your word, keep it, barring a medical or other emergency, keep it.  This is why being a busy bee butterfly is problematic, quite problematic and being someone who can’t say no who feels they always have to say yes, can’t turn anyone down can be problematic.  Who and what to say yes to has to be carefully determined, schedules carefully worked out, one can’t say yes to everything and everyone or one will end up breaking one’s word to everyone or a number of people.  This is one reason I have withdrawn from most of my meet up groups and even Israel support groups because I know I want to dedicate my time to the church, Hadassah and the Petrosino lodge, so what is the point of trying to commit myself to a whole bunch of other things if my heart is with these groups, these people?  I will end up having to break my word, back out of things when their schedule conflicts with events at the church, Hadassah and Petrosino, so what is the point?  The artist and minister who always rebelled against protocol, wanted to be a purely free spirit know realizes there is not such thing and that protocol, coordinating, planning are essential to life, though we can within the framework of our vocation be free spirits in some way and that is a good thing.





Young People, All Is Not Lost


When I think all is lost with the younger generation, I come a cross something like this and my hope is restored for them and even for the Church perhaps, including the Catholic Church.  This young lady understands the dangers of relativism to our society.  Hoorah!


Please listen and let us all learn, let us fight to reverse this ugly trend in schools in all facets of society that has done so much damage and continues to do so, and seeks to eradicate all truth of our foundations as a nation.  If you look at all four stanzas of our national anthem you will understand them, what they are.

Realistic Optimism, Focus, a Grown Up Thing

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Many times one would like to go back, relive youth and do all one didn’t do in their youth, reclaim dreams not realized and all that jazz. What happens?

Oy, Mamma Mia!  I didn’t see every dream realized in my life, in my younger years, now at over 50, I am looking at life from the point of view of hopefully maturity and that means being a focused optimistic realist.  I love to write and perform, as much as I love to inspire and teach, but realistically, I have no voice training, am not trained in terms of musical instruments though I like to fiddle with the piano and keyboard and can get some decent music at times.  I have done nicely performing poetry and my songs have been licensed recently via the Harry Fox agency, and some good stuff has happened with my songs, artistic gifts.  This coaching blog has been a blessing to others it seems, and is growing.  I hope to have live seminars in NYC soon, hopefully this Fall that you can attend and we can meet in person.  However, realistically, for me to think that at this point in life I am going to become some major performing artist is pie in the sky.  Would I be Optimistically Realistic to think that with promotion of my music to DJ’s and with it being posted, even samples of it online, I might get some local performance gigs? Yes, of course.  Would I be happy to do local performances NYC, and maybe if Florida would have me and pay all expenses, sure, why not, but not June-September.  Would I be smart to be all over the map musically and with coaching? NO! I have been told my best work is when I do with my natural style which is surprisingly R&B/Soul, and as for the Coaching, with my own life path, my best niche is Motivational and Spiritual Coaching.   Realistic Optimism is a great thing, and with focus and planning that can make for a great life.  The spotlight of fame and huge fortune may not be very realistic and trying to relive my lost youth, to recapture any lost years or lost anything is a game only fools play.  Optimistic Realist and wise ones look at where they are at and work very well with that to create something awesome for the now and the future, to leave a very distinct, very focused legacy, a very mature legacy.

Some may think why realism? Why does that need to be part of anything? Why can’t I just be super optimistic, free spirit and full of faith, roll the dice live in the moment etc.. and all will be well, why do I need both realism and optimism? For one like I said, called being a grown up!  I also did some research to find out why you need both.  If you are going to process and face problems etc.. in life, you had better friggin have a good dose of both and not be a snowflake or a “free spirit” butterfly that runs whenever their is an issue, or a bunch of lousy memories thinking that will solve it.   Also when there is a blind optimism about life, there is this tendency to think quantity not quality of everything, that includes activities and friendships, so one never has any intimate close connections or friendships to anyone.  One may know a whole slew of people be the life of the party, but not be able to have a true intimate, raw, know you inside out, heart on the line connection. The article points out and I would agree:  “So when it comes to optimism or pessimism, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is an ideal motto. To achieve that you must be honest with yourself about your usual approach to life. Discover the ways in which your past may be distorting your present. Doing this can transform your grip on the truth for the better. By far the greatest cause of the emotional disturbances that make us avoid reality is our childhood relationships with our parents. Surprisingly few people have an understanding of the true role they played in their family,”  I myself am still exploring that further.

I am glad I am not a pessimist, nor a false unrealistic over the top optimist, but rather I would hope a grown up optimistic realist and that I always well be and a focused one that looks at and for quality, never quantity when it comes to people, relationships, and activities in my life.


Catholic Must Always Remain Catholic


When I hear of compromise, of reform in regards to the Catholic faith, I get a bit antsy.  I know some would find it quite amusing since I have never been religious, spiritual, philosophical about my Catholicism, not very religious about it.  

Due to the fibromyaltia, I have often watched Mass on TV, as I was crashing and not feeling very well, or went to the nearest church to home, and it has been a long and winding road to make my way back home to the Catholic church.   When I felt a call to minister I even went to a “Catholic” church that ordained women, did not really follow Church teachings because I thought call to ministry had to mean priesthood, which now I understand is not the case.  I am now back home and I am realizing the gift that Magisterium and the teachings of the Magisterium are to us, if we are truly willing to learn, to understand and seek to apply those teachings to life.  I hear people say that the Catholic Church should be run more like other denominations, should do things like other faith groups, like the Jews and Protestants do it.  As my we used to say to kids “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you do it to?” I would hope the answer would be no.  I recently posted articles that showed that the churches that are growing are actually the conservative ones, not the liberal ones.  

Let’s look at what makes Roman Catholic distinctly RC, let’s start there.  There five things in particular, core things: Papal Authority, The Eucharist and Transubstantiation, The Immaculate Conception, Purgatory (similar concept exists in Judaism, similar not exactly, similar) and of course there is also and I am adding the Priesthood with all attention given to the Church, marriage to the Church.  These are cornerstones of the faith, the industrial strength glue of the Church, very fabric of it.  These are all interwoven into the foundations of the Church, so what happens if you start pulling at the threads?  If you start pulling at the thread, any thread of a sweater, of anything, it unravels.  We already see how society with all its’ liberalism has unraveled, as it has moved to socialism, marxism, global identity etc.., no national identity, no pride in one’s nation, one’s cultural identity, or pride in a way that is destructive not constructive, a world where borders are being erased, so is law and order, where boundaries in all things are being thrown away.   The Roman Catholic Church with a beautiful uniqueness called the Magisterium that gives us a body of wisdom, when it stays true to conservative biblical principles, is the greatest gift we have for all the world.  

What should the Church do?  Not worry about size, God will determine the size it wants it to be.  It should seek to be strong as a beacon of Conservative values across the board, including politically, stand with a strong Capitalist Democratic Federalist Republic Model and Concept as well as a strong Constitutional form of government model for all nations, as well as strong national sovereignty and borders be honored.  It should stand strong with traditional marriage and pro-life, all of that.  It should show great support for the arts as a way to teach the faith, the conservative values of the faith and these forms of governance as the ideal model.  It should retain the character that makes it always uniquely Catholic, never bow down to the cultural landscape of the moment, but rather influence for God and Country.  Does the church need to reform to have more accountability for the clergy and have greater involvement of the laity? Yes, but the core of what makes us Roman Catholic must never change, and the RC Church must be a shinning light of Conservative values and it must not become a liberal institution, nor must it become a socialist marxist institution, nor a “sanctuary city” break federal law because we are a church so we can institution.  It must be a Church and have empathy, yes, but it must not participate in violating state sovereignty rights of a state to enforce its’ borders and border laws.  It must find a perfect balance between empathy and not violating state sovereignty, between living in the world, but not being of it, being a Conservative institution loyal to Biblical Truth and teaching it, no matter how painful it is for us to hear, with empathy, also understanding that nothing is ever hopefully where there is Christ in the heart.

Whatever happens in society, may the Roman Catholic Church always remain unique and uniquely Roman Catholic.



How To Spot Butterflies and Honeybees

butterfly honeybee

Often we can come across what I call the butterfly and or the honeybee, and they seem to be in the thick of it all, don’t they? 

They are really on the scene and they seem to be really busy all the time, and I used to have a complex about whether I was busy enough with life, whether I was useful enough in life based on whether I was busy enough, involved enough in enough stuff.  I could have become a butterfly and a honeybee, like some I have been observing.  What is a butterfly and/or honeybee?  Often such a person has their plate full day and night, they are involved in so many events, in different causes, even within one aspect of something cultural, spiritual, philanthropic, are all over the map.  They do not leave any time for being with themselves, as if being with themselves is something they can’t quite fathom.  They often have droves of “friends”, know lots of people, keep accumulating people in their lives, but are often in a cloud and won’t even remember what was said to them by anyone, and if you share anything of your work etc… they are so busy with busy work for the sake of busy most likely they don’t even look at it.  They may later on in life be trying to do all they feel they didn’t, realize all the dreams they feel they didn’t earlier on, and really have a hard time with just doing nothing, even just being with one person in a very deep intimate setting, situation emotionally, spiritually, and not even doing anything, just being present in the moment, chatting, just in the moment.  The butterfly also may have a sense of not wanting to see what is really happening, and positivism a good thing can be taken to where reality of a situation is ignored, decision making turned over to others and the fluttering here, there and everywhere continues.  There is no core venue or project of focus for the energy, no streamlining for achieving the cultural, spiritual, philanthropic etc… goals in one place, it’s scattered all over the place and nothing concrete gets accomplished long term.  Often there is no plan, it’s just winging it, which works for the short term, but not for the long term, ever.  They also often fail to realize that if you want to accomplish great stuff long term, you have to find the right partnership/s because that can be the key to make or break a lot in life.

Remember, being a butterfly, honeybee, even the lone ranger, rebel with a million causes is fine when you are in your youth and exploring who you are, what your gifts, talents, dreams are, but at a certain point in life, sorry folks, but it is time to stop fluttering the wings and pollinating here there and everywhere.  It is time to get streamlined, get focused, really figure out the venue where you are going to channel your energies, talents etc.. and make it happen, have that star light up and be a beacon for the world to be inspired so on and so forth.  It can still be fun, exciting if you make it so, constructively please, thank you.  Hopefully, at some point, butterflies and honeybees can learn to streamline on one field, one flower.



Palm Sunday Into Easter, Anything To Glean?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

We had the Garden where Jesus was shown what was coming and the agony he went through, the struggle within, momentary hesitation, but then accepting to willingly give his life so we could have life.  

He knew ultimately the outcome would be glorious, and he would be seated at the right hand of the Father, all the governance of the world upon him, the ultimate CEO.  Talk about inheriting the family business, one heck of a load to inherit. He starts off with Palm Sunday, riding on the donkey, glorious, pretty great start to the CEO’s entry into the fray, but then it takes a harsh turn, soon you have false testimony against him, abandonment by those closest to him, except for mom and John, even Peter denies him three times, they wager on his clothes, mock him every which way to Sunday as they say, it’s brutal beyond words, going from that glorious donkey ride into town, palms laid out for you, waved for you, to that.  Remember a glorious resurrection and ascension is coming, but it was not going happen without a lot of sweat, blood and tears, hiccups and all that jazz.  Some might say that he saw what was coming, so should have prepared him, well, a weather person can give you all the visuals of a storm, earthquake etc… try and prepare you they want, but when that earthquake hits, that devastating storm hits, still hell.  We can see all the red flags etc.. that something is coming our way, but until it hits, we may not move out of the way, know what I mean.   As for Christ, his gift, for it to be appreciated and truly paid attention to it couldn’t come on a breeze, a wing and a prayer, too easy.  It took a lot of of prayer, wrestling, struggling within, all of that stuff to get from Palms to Resurrection and Ascension.  However, he had a clear goal, set goal and he did not waiver, it was singular, very clear, solid and he though he had perhaps moments of fear, he never let that fear overtake him.  Granted he was the Christ, the Word Made Flesh, Son Of God, but in his human incarnation he had all the anxieties etc.. any human has when faced with crap, abandonment when you most need people to be there.  Again, he was unique, had a unique mission as the Word Made Flesh, but he still was human in that incarnation and had human emotions, anxieties, fears.  The point is, more than one and here they are.

  • Vision, Goals and Focus Matter, Crucial, Critical!!!
  • Get one, Set them, Get focused, Move Your Tukkus!!
  • There will be crap along the way, even people who don’t have it together, clueless as to the need for Vision, Goals, Focus
  • Life Happens, constructively deal with it
  • God will help, but likely you have the tools etc.. if you Get One, Set Them, Get Focused, like yesterday!
  • Never let fear rule anything, you rule it always, never the other way around
  • Know that there is resurrection, redemption, even if you mess up along the way
  • Main thing is prayerfully determine Vision, Goals, Focus and move on it, them, focus, laser sharp
  • Remember butterflies that flutter here there everywhere are lovely for nature, not for succeeding in life or in love either for that matter

You thought the Bible was a boring book? Says who?