What Are This Gal’s Goal, Plan?

https://katherineappello.bandcamp.com https://www.eventbrite.com/e/connect-to-the-intuitive-self-tickets-46473937799 I think it’s important to have a core goal, an idea of what you want to do and achieve with your gifts, so I thought about this even for myself and I would love to share that with you.  Artistically and as a Motivational Caoch: Impact wise: In terms of the impact, I […]

Realizing My Potential etc.., Patience Required?

Establishing myself to the global public as a writer creative and as an Inspirational/tough love coach takes time, work, patience different elements to come together.  What I do during the time of building success will mean a lot.  It will be a reflection on me, if I remain true to who I am, my “calling”, […]

What’s Happening With Memberships?

I wanted to update you on what is happening with the direction of the blog, memberships and membership levels.  Let me start with the direction.  I am going to steer the blog in the direction of spiritual, life coaching and inspirational.  In terms of spiritual, my background is metaphysical, Christian, and artist, so it will […]

The Plan -Coaching and Arts

I want to figure out how to best approach the artist and coaching path, which in a way I see as connected and both matter to me, very much. I have worked out a plan for this, as planning wisely is important in life. Here is what I plan and I hope to see it […]

Quality or Quantity, Hmmm?

I had an interesting dream recently and the details are not important to share, but what came out of it for me that is the main thing.  What did come out of it for me? It was a sort of culmination message on this journey and particularly as regards my vocation.  I signed up for […]

My Path Forward

As I realize that God intended for us to be a light and that though it is important to be able to pay the bills and all that,  though if you have extra to live a comfry life, travel a bit to learn , see outside your world, invest for later in life, I find […]