Ready to Bid Adieu?


The Journey That is Life.

Ready to Bid Adieu

When you find yourself feeling like you are talking to the wall,

Or that you are  banging your head against it,

Though you know in your heart what needs to be  for the greater good, sadness comes.

It is a subtle sadness that swirls around you like a subtle breeze, a phantom,

You may find yourself thinking why am I even here?

You may find yourself ready to bid adieu.


When you feel it is an uphill climb, everyone in the dark,

None seeing the light of what can bring forward a new beginning, new day,

Your smile fades, and the hopes you had along with it,

As you see others groping around in the dark.

As sad it might be for you,

You may find yourself ready to bid adieu.


Though you came in with a heart full of love and hope,

Had hopes of helping the stars to shine bright,

The sun to rise above for the Lord to smile upon each day,

When you hit a wall, you see this likely how it will often be,

You may find yourself ready to bid adieu.

Question is will you, will you bid adieu?

My Holidays Wishes For You


Inspiration and Love

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all. I thought about what my holidays wishes for each person I have a connection to, including all my followers is and this is what I hope for you for this holiday season into the New Year.  

I wish you to fearlessness and wings,

Fearlessness to pursue your dreams even true deep and spiritual love,

And wings to fly to your fullest potential and fulfillment of those dreams.

I wish you to let go of the past, release it into the heavens,

Never let it hold you hostage or keep you from moving forward, from flying.

I wish you the ability to be open of heart, spirit and soul to your intuition,

To be able to reach out to those dreams, including that true love,

And to find your bliss, and authentic self in all things.  

I wish you the courage to stand up for yourself,

Do so constructively and firmly always,

To love and appreciate who you are, your gifts,

And know that you do deserve to be happy, prosperous and wise.

As the song says “above all I wish you love, true deep, profound, spiritual and lasting love in your life forever.