Than You For the Landscape


Bloggers, those with integrity, whether it be news bloggers or bloggers in any sphere are a gift when they are authentic, their true selves, share that and that perspective with the world, particularly doing so in Christ, from a deep spiritual place within.  We don’t have to all agree, we can vigorously agree to disagree, that’s okay.  For all you bloggers here and those who follow me.

For that I want to say thank you

Thank you for the landscape you provide,

Thank you for the different shades and hues you bring to our day.

Thank you for taking the time to share all that you share,

Even when it is not appreciated, when the response is callous etc…

Thank you for making us think, perhaps from perspectives we otherwise wouldn’t,

Even if we don’t agree or change our own view in the end.

For this and all that you contribute, thank you and God Bless.

Thank you fellow bloggers for your words, images, for all you bring forth.


Mom, All Encompassing


A mother is like this garden in a sense. A garden huh? Yeah, a garden.

A garden has different flowers and trees and though weather and seasons may cause periods of dormancy in the garden, it will bloom, it will survive.  A mother must be like that as well for her children.  A mother must have different tools in her arsenal to help her children become health adults and be able to contribute to this society with their God given gifts.  They must also however be wise gardeners of their own garden lest they burn themselves out and be unable to then be of any use to anyone including their children.  They must cultivate their own garden, but also be careful in cultivating their children, who can also be considered a garden full of potential, so they can learn to become wise gardens for themselves at some point.  Mothers have quite the task of being many things, wearing many hats of having to love, but not to the point of creating dependency so the child never quite becomes a truly independent adult, yet still maintain a strong bond with them.  They must be clear that they are the parent and not their children’s buddy, though there must be trust both ways. Mothers have quite a task nurturing their own gardens to stay healthy on all levels and at the same time the garden that is their kids.  Not an easy task.  If that mother has issues of their own, even trickier.  Mother, the ones who bring us into this world when not warped by modern feminism for hatred of motherhood and marriage, and of men are the linchpin of society.

My tribute to mothers I give by sharing this poem by Lucretia Maria Davidson

O thou whose care sustained my infant years,
And taught my prattling lip each note of love;
Whose soothing voice breathed comfort to my fears,
And round my brow hope’s brightest garland wove;

To thee my lay is due, the simple song,
Which Nature gave me at life’s opening day;
To thee these rude, these untaught strains belong,
Whose heart indulgent will not spurn my lay.

O say, amid this wilderness of life,
What bosom would have throbbed like thine for me?
Who would have smiled responsive?—who in grief,
Would e’er have felt, and, feeling, grieved like thee?

Who would have guarded, with a falcon-eye,
Each trembling footstep or each sport of fear?
Who would have marked my bosom bounding high,
And clasped me to her heart, with love’s bright tear?

Who would have hung around my sleepless couch,
And fanned, with anxious hand, my burning brow?
Who would have fondly pressed my fevered lip,
In all the agony of love and wo?

None but a mother—none but one like thee,
Whose bloom has faded in the midnight watch;
Whose eye, for me, has lost its witchery,
Whose form has felt disease’s mildew touch.

Yes, thou hast lighted me to health and life,
By the bright lustre of thy youthful bloom—
Yes, thou hast wept so oft o’er every grief,
That wo hath traced thy brow with marks of gloom.

O then, to thee, this rude and simple song,
Which breathes of thankfulness and love for thee,
To thee, my mother, shall this lay belong,
Whose life is spent in toil and care for me.

The Plan -Coaching and Arts

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I want to figure out how to best approach the artist and coaching path, which in a way I see as connected and both matter to me, very much. I have worked out a plan for this, as planning wisely is important in life. Here is what I plan and I hope to see it come to fruition.


  • Continue to offer songs and poems on the blog
  • WIth your financial support, this is crucial, create greater quality of work
  • With your financial support, periodically create video pieces as well


  • Continue sharing my personal life experiences through this blog
  • Create short meditations you can listen to anytime on this blog, and should be able to download, as I know everyone is pressed for time in our society these days
  • Create longer meditations for when you can take more time for yourself perhaps on weekends, those would be for sale on my Bandcamp site, higest quality mixed and mastered works, with your help and support
  • See what else in time the spirit leads me to offer

I could offer everything for sale, but I don’t really want to, I really would like with your help to offer what I can on this site to as many people as possible.  Not everyone has the ability to go out there and pay for a Coach and even buy books of poetry and enjoy music performance, so with your help, we can bring poetry and more to a wide audience.  Thank You.



What’s Cooking?


The holidays are coming up and I am walking between two world right now Judaism, that I am truly drawn to and Catholicism, which is the faith of my family, and out of respect will not turn my back on for conversion as long as mom lives or until I have done a full discernment with the help of Rabbi Sebert and others at the Synagogue.  That’s one thing that I am amusingly journeying through, this living between two worlds right now.  It’s okay, I am fine with it.

Then there is the artistic stuff. I was my album, the holiday one with my original pieces and some known songs that I plan on doing with my own twist to them and copywriting this stuff, the cost, which can add up.  I realized with a bit of internet research I should be able to solve that problem and I did.  I found copyrighted and registered it with them for free.  There might be a limit of let’s say 30 items and then beyond that for unlimited a small fee each month, but that’s okay.  I even copyrighted this website.  I have as a the goal to have everything recorded by the end of this coming week and the album uploaded to bandcamp and routenote.  I also will be practicing for what will be the start I hope of many participations in a monthly music series at Most Precious Blood Church with my dear friend and sister Kim.    I hope to then find other such opportunities to put forth my material and also to share material I come across that touches me, and put forth a reflection on it.    This is I time for me to really come into my own as an artist, and find a way to make a living at this, to really figure out how to make a living at being a spoken word artist and getting a space to have access to 24/7 so I can quietly practice, record, and create. I am praying for that to be one of my Christmas gift.  

I hope you will support my music, my spoken word poetry, and I love sharing what the heavens inspire in me with all of you.

Two New Pieces On Youtube


Inspiration Peace and Love

These two prayers are prayers that I chose because they are ones I am drawn to.  The Holy Spirit prayer is one that I love because to me it is the Holy Spirit of Hashem that gives me the words etc.. and I am simply a vessel to receive the inspiration given that comes from the Holy Spirit, so this prayer asking God to send His Spirit, His inspiration, guidance makes sense to me.  The other one about the ship, well life is an ocean and we are the ship, and if we don’t know how to steer our ship of our individual boat, then we are not going to do well, we will sink and sink fast.  We require good navigation equipment and a good lighthouse as well.  To me that is my spirituality and my faith, which for me is Judaism and true Kabbalah, which I am discovering and it is not a huge mystic mish mash as sold by many books etc.. That’s another blog for the future.

Faith and Freedom Series

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

When Obama said recently we were not Americans, but global citizens, and as I watch sports figures spit in the face of the foundations of our nation, those who gave their lives, including African Americans.    That really got my goat because if you have no love of God and country, that of birth and that which has given you new life, opportunity, of your children, grandchildren, parents, what foundations do you have?  You have no foundations, none.  

For this reason I am working on recording three poems/songs I already had written and working on writing three more to fit this series, and will then post them all on my youtube channel.  I hope you enjoy them and please subscribe to my kappelloarts youtube channel.

Thank You

9/11 Once Again, Always With Me

One of our greatest gifts is the clause in our Constitution that says government can not create a state church, nor can it interfere with our religious exercise, and that means private, public, business life, all of it.  When they hit those Towers that day, and when any one group tells a religious institution change your doctrine to suit our lifestyle, that is a violation of that gift of Freedom of Religion Speech and Assembly.  None of it is acceptable.  Whether the source is external or internal, no one or no group has the right to infringe on the right of a faith institution or individual to adhere to or hold the tenets it does and express them.  This is why we are not Wahhabi Islam or an Islamic State.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen