The Problem, Not The Laws, People

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

Sadness, but we must not be silent.

People keep balking about the laws, how crappy the laws are and how awful society is, and in 2018 Conservatives thought everything would change and the nation would take a right direction.  Problem with that and I am realizing that now, just how naive any of us were.

For this nation to truly change, you have to go a lot deeper than the laws.   You have to dismantle the education system that has been taken over by the liberal progressive left, so we can get back to a true classics curriculum and true classic liberal conservatism that says keep strict law and order, national sovereignty all that and government involvement to a minimum in our lives, honor the letter of the Constitution and the Federalist Republic as we are not a Democracy, which is why these marches that want a free for all, no borders, sanctuary everything really make no sense.  You have to really dismantle the education system that has lead to the radical progressive left and the snowflake society and generation.  You also have to dismantle the whole New World Order concept that we are a global society and national borders etc.. don’t mater.  Bull they do as God in the Bible makes it clear they do and he established the whole nation border thing and created Israel, so the New World Order of a free for all no borders, no national sovereignty or identity, no.  Not to say you can’t collaborate with other nations for common projects and stuff, but borders, cultural identity matter.  Even when you become a citizen of a new nation, yes you should assimilate as much as you can, but still retain some cultural identity from your ancestors, though of course nothing barbaric please.  The laws are made by people, by politicians at a local and national level, influenced by academia, the cultural atmosphere of the society, which is influenced by the world of academia and okay also Hollywood, so that would have to clean up, but good luck with that.  For this nation to clean up and society to clean up, well you have to have changes at several key levels:

  • Academia and education, total overhaul and that also means no unions holding schools hostage when they need to make changes to be student centered, a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, teaching core skills, communications and fire teachers who are incompetent or brainwashing with their own crap ideology, that includes colleges.  These people are also voters, potential voters, candidates even, and that can mean the making or breaking of our Republic, yes Republic dimwitted Americans, not Democracy, we are not that, so get over it!
  • The Church needs to get out of the PC correct crap mode.  I am not saying be mean about it, or cruel, but for the sake of souls, be clear about sin is sin and Christ as the salvation point.  Also, be clear about law and order, respect for law and order, national borders all of that.  Get it right, stop being a bunch of excessive bleeding hearts and part of the law breaking!  Seem harsh, not, reality.
  • Media.  Media needs to stop focus on ratings and focus on accurate, true precise news and separating news and editorial.  Even in the editorial, when they give it, use true statistics, accurate recent ones to back up your editorial, and logic Constitutional Common Sense.

Once these have gotten straightened out then we need to get very solid true Classic Liberals and Conservatives into office and reform the campaign system so that truly everyone has an equal chance financially of running a good race and not ending up in debt after.   Once these people are in office, in the judge’s chairs then laws can be made and defended etc… that are truly Constitutional and in line with a Republic.  Also those who vote won’t vote the same dimwits, the same useless dimwit politicos in over and over that do not honor or understand that we are not a Democracy and never must be one, but always a very strong distinction of powers Capitalist Republic!  



What Founders Really Meant By…


The Journey That is Life.

In the Declaration of Independence, one of the bedrocks of our nation’s formation, identity, along with the anthem, flag, Constitution, when the founders, particularly Federal Republic founders mean by Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness, which was and Property .  but Jefferson changed it to take people out of the mindset of slavery. In regards to this and rights of citizens, it is nothing like what it has been twisted to mean.  We must pray for a peaceful, but effective revolution to get back to what they meant.  What did they mean?

We in our modern society look to happiness as something to pursue and chase, same with life and liberty.  Their understanding was not this at all.  They focused on experiencing and living happiness based on individual talents, gifts, abilities, and overcoming your circumstances with objective moral guidelines.  They saw it as part of the inalienable rights given by God along with life and liberty, liberty from government interference and interference of others in how you live your life, what faith you choose to practice, how you conduct your business, which they understood required a framework of some kind, so we started with the Declaration, then the Constitution.  They understood that you required basic framework of law to insure order, and also that people could pursue free exercise of faith, assembly so on and so forth without government tyranny, without any tyranny.  They understood that that both the Bible and positive psychology give us a very thick understanding of the word “happiness.” It is not about breakfast being yummy. It is about human flourishing, the good life, the obtaining and experiencing of all that can be glossed with the word “happiness,” but only carefully and usually with a few sentences of explanation required to flesh it all out.   The government should create a framework for society to flourish, for people to use free enterprise to get out of any sinkholes or crisis, to use their gifts, talents, and spiritual resources, even at the local community level and for states to be lab rats literally to experiment and then other states see what works very well and adapt that to their state.  The goal of government while providing protection from violence and maintaining a holistic eye on things is there to teach us all to fish, create that atmosphere through the private sector, not to provide a bunch of fish for a lifetime.  

What of equality and natural law? The true definition and understanding is as follows.  n English, equality usually suggests fairness, equity, or the equitable; but what is equitable is often not to give people the same portions, but rather to give what is proportionate to the efforts of each.  It is the European definition, having suffered under Monarchs in the past, particularly the French, and tyrants who have a different and not compatible to our founding definition of equality which suggests forced fairness, equity, or the equitable.  It is not about equal distribution of wealth by force of government and excess taxation, not on the wealthy or corporations, not on anyone.  It simply means that based on what the person has rendered and their level of talent that is what they are entitled to.   It also means that we are all entitled to due legal process in public and private, to not have false information spread as truth to the damage of our reputation or livelihood.   What today is social justice is not, it is a dictatorship and Communism that dictates how we ought to distribute our personal resources, says what and how much they ought to be to make everyone feel good about life circumstances.  Social justice today is  far cry from the true meaning of equality and social justice, which is why we have a messed up world full of debt. That and an emphasis on the material instead of the spiritual.  

If we are going to truly be America then we must radically change how we view rights and equality, all of it, to get back to what the founders envisioned for us, a truly free, diverse opinion, vigorous debate, free enterprise, free market, private charity and welfare nation.


Nation, Like a House Foundation, Layers

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Liberal Progressives hate it when anyone tries do bring up the Declaration of Independence, the Christian roots of our nation, they are livid and hate it. However, a house is built on foundation and beams to stand, so is a nation. Why does the Declaration matter? It matters for a few reasons.
We were an example to other nations of breaking away, of freedom, of refusing to accept tyranny and oppression. Today’s youth think they have oppression when they don’t the idiots, and if they had lived through what my mom did under fascism and my family in Argentina did, they would know, but they don’t. They are ignorant and clueless about so much. It also justified the right of a populace to revolt if the government was being truly tyrannical, like Castro, Stalin and the likes, with gulags and torturer come get you in the middle of the night kind of thing, journalists poisoned if they did not print what the government said to print, caused extreme sustained economic hardship through recklessness, this kind of stuff, real oppression. It gave clarity to the fact that our rights, our civil duties etc.. do not come from mankind, but from God, the Creator, and all are subject to that above all, to the natural laws of God, even those who govern. It made clear that the government is only there by consent and will of the people, it is an employee of the people, there to serve the greatest good of the people as a creation of the creator and for them to fulfill their potential. It established the fact that we even have rights at all civic or otherwise. It is the foundation for the house that is the United States of America, for what comes next, which is the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
Signed on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence is considered the birthday of our nation. It helped shape some of the amendments of our Constitution revered because without it, the United States of America may not have ever come to exist. Why put in that our rights self evidently come from the Creator? If you look at the initial state constitutions, you can see why. The Charter of Liberties and Frame of Government of the Province of Pennsylvania (1681) begins by making it clear that God has ordained government, and it even quotes Romans 13 to this effect. Article 38 of the document lists “offenses against God” that may be punished by the magistrate, t least nine of the 13 colonies had established churches, and all required officeholders to be Christians—or, in some cases, Protestants. Quaker Pennsylvania, for instance, expected officeholders to be “such as possess faith in Jesus Christ.”[12]. In addition, the Declaration text references “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” and closes by “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world” and noting the signers’ “reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” The Founders’ use of Christian rhetoric and arguments becomes even more evident if one looks at other statements of colonial rights and concerns such as the Suffolk Resolves, the Declaration of Rights, and the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms—to say nothing of the dozen explicitly Christian calls for prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving issued by the Continental and Confederation Congresses.[15]. Foundations are there for God and Country, for a spiritual and Biblical basis of law making and the birth of our Republic.
Those foundations then brought forth the frame of our Constitution and Bill of Right with the first right being Freedom of Religion, not of Church Attendance, but broadly Freedom of Religion and the only separation clause is to make sure the Government never interferes with the basic tenets of the church and the exercise of it in day to day life, same with persons, including businesses owners. The Declaration is a most important document, the flag a most important symbol, etc.., not to be discarded or dismissed.

Why Dialogue?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have seen some really crazy stuff on social media on both sides the right and the left, and it is not OK, including a comedian calling on terrorists to commit acts of terror against Trump properties and a call for  a Muslim Registry, which technically is unconstitutional I believe.  We have seen BLM marches with chants calling for the murder of cops and now even groups like White Lives Matter doing the same.  All this and global terrorism due to lack of assimilation is highly problematic.  

This is where I give credit to the Catholic Church, including in the Holy Land, though I do wish they would stop using the word Palestine and Palestinians as no such thing exists, but that aside, they are at least trying to create dialogue in regards to the various religious groups.  They have acknowledged grave errors made in history and all groups must acknowledge errors made in history, as all groups are comprised of humans and humans are not perfect 24/7 or make perfect decisions 24/7.  The world can not continue in this manner and we must find a way to agree to disagree.  We must find away to help migrants and immigrants embrace the new land, assimilate without feeling they are being pushed to give up everything they hold dear in terms of the home culture.  Granted in Islam, especially Wahhabi, the more radical strain, it is a challenge, but faith leaders and even laity must come together look at where they have common ground in terms of wanting world where there is education, opportunity etc… for all, dignity for all human life, protection for life etc.. and how to create together a unified body that says to all their members across the globe “Agree to disagree, but never in or with violence because that is not accepted by us or by the Creator.  If you go to a new land, work to become a part of it, to love it, to assimilate to that land, their laws, respect their traditions, holidays, again agree to disagree, never in or with violence.”  It is up to faith leaders and lay leaders in the faith communities to work as a team to achieve this and help assimilation through their faith institutions.  They have not hate each other, but they also must respect each other’s right to be, yet also call out each other’s violent elements and such, and even within their own groups, renounce that and chastise it strongly vehemently.  

I love my Italian culture and hope to work with the Catholic community through hopefully Most Precious Blood Church and however I can to share it, to honor it, and I am a firm conservative, will share my views on that as I have them, but at the same time, if the conservatives in my rank say things I can’t accept then I will call then out on it.  I will also call out the Catholic Church if it become a sanctuary for lawbreakers of immigration, especially felons.  That is unacceptable and if that puts me in a collision course with the Church, okay, but I will call them out if I have to, any church synagogue etc..that supports a violation of immigration laws and potentially puts us at risk by harboring felons.  I will seek to be as authentic to my heart and soul, as well as Biblical truth as I can, but the one thing I hope I have learned and continue to learn about is dialogue, the only perhaps true saving grace for this society, along with strict law and order of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, true Separation of Branches and Powers with Zero Activist Judges on any court bench.  I also hope you will learn about the faith base of our nation at:  May we dialogue and learn throughout our lives.

Shalom and Amen




Problem Is Not Electoral College

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

People complain about the EC when their candidate does not win and yes it is not perfect, but there is a reason we have the EC. Not to say we can not fix it and there is a Bill being presented to make the EC more evenly keeled for both Parties. Hopefully it will pass.

If the problem is not the EC, then what the heck is the problem? Main problems are the following. First you have all people counted when they are giving out the number of electoral votes, not strictly vetted eligible voters and that is a problem because it is not truly reflecting the electorate of the state or the nation. You have no strict vetting of who votes, in terms of their being eligible according to the Constitution, to residency requirements, none of that. With those two factors alone, the EC is not able to function as it was meant to function and if we are going to be a true Constitutional Democratic Federalist Representative Republic, then we must make changes. We must make changes to the EC, which includes some kind of uniform code and rules for the states to follow across the board, only include strictly vetted eligible to vote electorate in assigning number of electoral votes per state. We must make sure that the only ones voting are those in line with the requirements literally of the Constitution.

As for why we have the electoral college, two reasons. The first reason was to have a buffer between population and the selection of a President. The second was to give extra power to the smaller states, who would otherwise be shoved aside and have little to now voice in the process and selection of our POTUS. It is also part of compromises made at the convention to satisfy the small states. Each state had the same number of electoral votes as they have representative in Congress, thus no state could have less then 3. The smaller states thus have a fair share of representation. There is no way they are going to have that taken away from them by strictly popular vote where those cities with a larger population would have a greater advantage and influence, now way. This system is what saved the day, thanks to Connecticut who came up with this compromise, so we could have a Constitution and a Republic form. Thank you CT!

Like I said, we should tweak a bit, but we are not a direct democracy, and were not ever meant to be one, so suck it up America!

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No Patience for the Snowflakes!

mourning us

As this campaign has unfolded and the reaction of academics, students etc…, I find myself at a loss and in mourning in a sense for my nation, not because of the election, but what it showed. 

We have Republic, not a democracy and there is a reason for that, so that big cities with big populations don’t always have all the say in political campaigns and who wins.  This is not a new process, yet you would think it had never been done and the sky was falling when the results came in.  Petitions to overturn the electoral and popular vote, both having gone to Trump, and then there were the “threats” and promises of leaving the USA if Trump won, though I don’t see all these people now packing and getting the hell out.  You had those in academia, even the faith community offer therapy with crayons, all kinds of stuff and even group hug therapy.  Exams were allowed to be skipped, classes to be ignored to go out and wreak havoc, blog ambulances, traffic, a whole bunch of nonsense taking place.  What it showed me was the death of America, near death, it being on life support, especially when mayors and governors encourage this nonsense, endorse it and even say they will not follow the law and continue to have “sanctuary” cities, taking an ordnance and now having twisted it into a crazy pretzel. 

I mostly have no patience for the snowflakes, which we find in the media, politics, youth and these snowflakes really are part of the death of a Republic that through blood, sweat and tears build an exceptional nation, a world leader.  However, with generations of over sensitive, paranoid, everything is victimization, phobia, discrimination, can’t handle the “trauma” of  a vote and the result of a normal to a nation process, I see a dim future for this nation  unless we start getting though on these snowflakes, toughen them up so they can handle not just a vote but every single zinger, thorn, storm etc… thrown at them and they won’t blink, but rather stand strong, and face it with great courage, not crayons and group hugs at every little tiny ripple in the pond.  If that is what awaits us in academia, journalism etc…, then we are doomed no matter who our POTUS  is, so it is time for all those in charge, including in academia to toughen up, get very much into Law and Order, Strict Original Intent, strong precedent Constitution, True Bill of Rights Understanding, Capitalist, Federalist, toughen yourselves up for goodness sake mode and fast, same with journalists and all those in authority, along with a good deal of spiritual wisdom to guide them on implementing all of this.  Our nation can not have generations of snowflakes and be a leader or a sovereign nation in control of itself, and also be a shinning light and leader to the world, so get moving everyone, enough with creating wusses and snowflakes!