Tough Love, OY!

As I stand firm in my objection to the immigrant caravans and all that, some would say I am being heartless, how can I turn away people in need.  One is supposed to love unconditionally, right? Well, yes and no.  If I love my fellow man, my family, friends, then I am going to want […]

Actions Have Consequence What’s the big deal, take a knee or take a bow, land of the free, home of the brave right? Not that simple.  Actions have consequence, especially actions that have lousy timing, that say to those who put their lives on the line each and every day in different ways, “screw you, because of […]

Founding Fathers, Christianity, Immigration Ummmm?

Social Justice Warriors and Others will insist that the Bible and God want Open Borders, that Borders, Nations etc.., that it’s fine to enter nations illegally if things at home are tough, lawbreaking is fine.  They will argue nations all of that is an invention of mankind, not of God.  Here’s the problem with that, […]

Happy 4th of July, Maybe

The founders of this nation understood very well that the Documents that started us on the road to being this quite exceptional Republic and one nation under God were only as virtuous as those willing to fight to uphold them.  These men were very clear in their faith as evidenced by the following  On this […]

Can’t Use the Heartstrings or Fake News

Growing up one of my favorite shows was Dragnet with Det. Joe Friday, and his infamous line, ” Just the Facts ” He was right as is Thomas Jefferson and we are seeing this played with with immigration and so called rights of certain groups, which now mean that other groups such as legal immigrants, […]

Why A Declaration and Bill?

The this is is just one of many such quotes one can find as well as quotes such as this one:   Why did they feel this way? Think Law and Order, boundaries, foundations.  Think of relationships, families, even a business.  Can any of these truly operate without a firm solid foundation of principles of […]

Why This Matters While I am not overly religious, though I do believe the study of Scripture, of the Bible as well as metaphysics from a philosophy and science viewpoint have a lot to teach, offer and I do accept Christ as the Messiah within my faith paradigm.  This matters because of the privilege of living in […]

The Amusement of Oxymorons, Oy!

Oxymorons are nothing new, we even have them in grammar and teachers had to correct students.  Remember the “not talking to nobody” thing, well if you’re not talking to nobody then you must be talking to somebody.  Politicians when they pass a Bill or are going to and tell you it’s sure to be great, […]

Ideology is the Core Issue

We keep hearing about the War on Terror, but what is the plan for war on radical ideology, and I am not talking general conservative political principles or holistic natural order of things Christian principles, I am talking about the war on Jihad Islam, on that mentality, on a religious ideology stuck in many centuries […]

Whose Responsibility, Risk and Reward?

Two schools of thought, ideologies etc…Socialism and Capitalism.     This chart gives the differences in a very concise manner. There are key differences, important ones being responsibility, spirituality, risk, reward ration, full realization of self, the basis or even incentive for that.  True capitalism, not crony, which is what we have had much of, but […]