Tough Love, OY!

lonely evneing road

As I stand firm in my objection to the immigrant caravans and all that, some would say I am being heartless, how can I turn away people in need.  One is supposed to love unconditionally, right? Well, yes and no.  If I love my fellow man, my family, friends, then I am going to want that is best for them and I am going to hold them accountable for their actions, no matter how much I empathize with their plight.  When these migrants come with their children or send their children off with a practical stranger, even their teens, putting them at risk of death and God knows what other dangers, I am going to call them out for irresponsible parenting.   I am going to call out those who claim to be social justice warriors and who are aiding in this trafficking of human beings, the politicians who have not had the guts to radically reform our immigration system because businesses want to exploit cheap labour and the consumers want cheap goods.  To blame the government for enforcing laws and borders, national sovereignty is insane, to blame the government when a child dies in border patrol custody in the middle of the desert, after you the parent took this child on this dangerous journey is also insane.  The organizers of the caravans must take responsibility for encouraging these dangerous treks, migrant parents must take responsibility for the rape, death of their children, as they took them on this perilous journey or sent them on it in the hands of unscrupulous people. Then there are the government officials of those countries, what have they done? Why have they not taken responsibility to create strong democratic, capitalist republics free of violence and gangs, where their people can prosper?  

If I truly love my fellow man and am truly Christian, truly seek social justice and Biblical truth then I won’t support anything that is in violation of the law, and I won’t support anything that puts my fellow man in danger, especially children, such as these dangerous caravans, these dangerous treks, or easy to cross borders that allows for the trafficking of drugs.  Love is not always about saying yes, love is also about saying NO.  It is about saying I won’t support your actions, you endangering others, your own children.  It may seem like I am being harsh and uncaring, but I am not, as a matter of fact, I am loving enough to say “NO MORE, ENOUGH”  I am saying NO to any activity that puts people in danger on both sides of the border. Sometimes, even if unpopular and even if it seems like you are being harsh, you have to love enough to say “NO, NO MORE, ENOUGH!”.

Shalom and Amen

Actions Have Consequence

What’s the big deal, take a knee or take a bow, land of the free, home of the brave right? Not that simple.  Actions have consequence, especially actions that have lousy timing, that say to those who put their lives on the line each and every day in different ways, “screw you, because of a few bad apples, we are going to ruin the game for fans and publicly spit in your face”  Actions have consequence, and you can’t get all Antifa, BLM like on the field, We The Patriots and they the Fans, won’t tolerate it.  We will strike back, and do so where it hurts most, the pocketbook.  There are now signs in bars that used to show NFL games saying that due to the disrespect shows our country, our flag etc.. those locations will not longer be showing NFL games.  They know they will take a financial hit, but they are patriots above all and do not take kindly to this kind of crap. 

I have had winding journey in my spiritual life etc.., but even within that, I stood firm in Christ, in God and Country, you honor God, Flag, Anthem, Country, those who gave their life for it past and present.  If you don’t stand for at least some of these core things, you stand for nothing.  Why? enveloped in that are certain values, certain principles and an understanding that yes we should stand up to wrong, but there is a time, a place, a way.  For example marching wearing masks, hiding like cowards, carrying any kind of weapon, ready to destroy property, to attack law enforcement for doing their job and protecting everyone on the scene etc…, calling for the destruction of the nation you live in and benefit from, that says you have no character other than a rotten one, an immature one, nothing good can come out of you, or what you do.  Tearing a country apart as those on the Left are doing, rather than One Nation Under God Indivisible etc.. has consequences, and I hate to think if things keep going as they are what those consequences will end up being.

Founding Fathers, Christianity, Immigration Ummmm?

lonely evneing road

Social Justice Warriors and Others will insist that the Bible and God want Open Borders, that Borders, Nations etc.., that it’s fine to enter nations illegally if things at home are tough, lawbreaking is fine.  They will argue nations all of that is an invention of mankind, not of God.  Here’s the problem with that, they aren’t reading scripture, the Bible, not any Christian Bible, not God’s scripture.  Here is a holistic and accurate perspective:

Then they will say the Founding Fathers were all for immigration, no problem, well no, they were not.  Not that they didn’t want any immigration, but they had real concerns about uncontrolled immigration and they were right about it ripping at the fabric of and destroying the Republic, we are witness to this.  In addition to which we enable all kinds of sins and crimes by not having iron clad borders, radical immigration overhaul etc… The founders had had something to say about the subject, notice what the judge had to say, we seeing anything like this now? hmm?  There are other quotes about assimilation or going back home they made, and if you then take this, their concerns, their overall sentiments about the Constitution, Democracy and Republicanism, you understand that open borders, and this mob democracy that the Left is egging on and the Democrats, with the cooperation of even some RINO Republicans is not what the Founders and others shed blood, sweat and tears for.

When we approach the subject of borders, security, immigration and the Constitution, who we are asa nation, let these quotes, let the values and concerns of the founders be taken very seriously and holistically. 


Happy 4th of July, Maybe

Neither the Wisest Will Save.jpg

The founders of this nation understood very well that the Documents that started us on the road to being this quite exceptional Republic and one nation under God were only as virtuous as those willing to fight to uphold them.  These men were very clear in their faith as evidenced by the following  On this day when we eat our hot dogs and hamburgers, watch the fireworks etc.., let’s not forget that those calling for the hunting down of Trump supporters etc…are not in any way America, are not in any way American, they are a foreign agent, a foreign entity that is contrary to our core foundations as a nation that looked to Scripture and God for counsel on the Republic, its’ formation and much more. Also, let us remember that the true vision of a free market CapitalistF Federalist Constitutional Republic can only be guarded, made sure to be lived dayin and day out in and out of politics by those who truly understand and embrace these foundations as our heritage.


Can’t Use the Heartstrings or Fake News

Danger to America.jpg

Growing up one of my favorite shows was Dragnet with Det. Joe Friday, and his infamous line, ” Just the Facts ” He was right as is Thomas Jefferson and we are seeing this played with with immigration and so called rights of certain groups, which now mean that other groups such as legal immigrants, law abiding citizens, traditionalists etc.. are being kicked in the teeth, their lives, children, those who work for the President, American Citizens, ICE agents etc.. are under threat, even literally.  Why?

First of all, the narrative.  You have even so called Christians with their fake social justice stuff, and the Trump hating truly biased media, those who want no borders spreading falsehood, ignoring completely the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Precedent decisions made by the courts and pulling at the emotions to try and decide law and order, thus creating the opposite, chaos and disorder, destroying The Republic for Which We Stand One Nation Under God.  The media and the no borders activists, even Latin American countries who want to get rid of people rather than fix their nations perpetuate all kinds of false narratives about Conservatives, Trump, any government agency, official that stands by the Constitution, Border Laws etc…Anyone who firmly says, stay the hell away from our borders if you are not coming legally, for the benefit of our nation, not your benefit, and only under very strict asylum criteria will be crucified, branded a Nazi etc.. Funny because by the way Trump, his family, his team, those of us who firmly demand a total immigration overhaul very strict protocols etc.. on immigration, e-verify etc.., we are the ones vilified and some of the stuff thrown at us is truly vile, but do feminists, does anyone call that out, no.  The media, they wan’t ratings and much of the media is truly skewed Alt Left, Socialist, Marxist, so anything that seeks to restore America’s exceptionalism as a True Capitalist Federalist Republic, reclaim it’s Judeo-Christian heritage values upon which the founders based its’ formation, not he fake liberal interpretation, the actual true understanding of it, they will loathe, reject.  Even the Church is complicit in the lawlessness, which is surprising considering Jesus saying that we should give to the government what is due, and we are to submit to the laws of the government, unless they truly are Nazi, Fascist, which in no way is it the case in the USA under Conservatives, but it is Law and Order 101! It is surprising since the bible makes it clear that both God and Satan run things like a government, with hierarchies, everyone having a specific assignment, ranking with some ranking higher in authority and power etc…, and you don’t cross any lines of what role you have been assigned, Lucifer tried it with God, didn’t work out well for him, got banished, and won’t have a pretty end at all.  You would think the Church would have figured out not to promote lawlessness, aid and abet it, but apparently neither the leaders or members of the Christian community have.  I guess wisdom doesn’t come from religion or theology, sadly.  Then again, someone has to fill the pews I guess.

The politicos, what’s their excuse for lawlessness, stupidity etc..? Each side prostitutes itself, nothing new in politics.  The Dems funny enough founded by the KKK and up until not too long ago in no way supportive of emancipation etc.. for minorities, now prostitute themselves for votes to the Latino and Asian community, the groups that cater to open border and illegal immigrant advocacy.   Not that my Party, the Republicans are angels, no.  They also do it, but they do it to the Koch Brothers, Commerce Chambers and the like who want cheap labor.  The hell with actual law and order, statutes, any of that, the actual danger posed to the immigrants making the journey, the children put in the hands fo the coyotes etc… the destruction to our Republic, our values, heritage of being a strong Capitalist, Federalist, Democratic Republic, not a Democracy since we don’t want any group determining law for the whole, or any large state or large group of states running the show for the nation, nor do we want, nor did the Founders want emotions, the heart strings deciding law and orders, but rather law and order, safety, security, long term benefits on many levels to tho Citizens fo the nation to determine that.  When the Church, the Media, anyone, even Politicos put lawbreakers, and their activist advocates wants before the security, sovereignty, law and order of the nation, they have shown themselves to be a disgrace to all. 

What do we do about immigrants?  You sure as hell don’t create incentives for them to make this dangerous trek, and with their kids tor for anyone to make the trek.  If you truly want to help anyone, you kick ass of the nations that allow these crossings into our border, you make it clear you expect them to clean house fast, and will help them do it, either they clean house or face stiff penalties for allowing their people to violate our sovereign borders  You also radically overhaul your nation’s immigration policy so you have people come based on what your country needs, not what they need and for the long term, with e-verify etc.. in place.  You also overhaul international policy, so you don’t go into nations to rebuild etc… in  ways that are more damaging than helpful, and that have  100 year strategy, not kidding, with as little military intervention and more logistics and tactical assistance that does not involve the military, so they do their own fishing for the long haul and don’t come to our borders.  Enough already with the fake news, the heart strings, prostituting for votes etc…, time to get tough and overhaul the world!! 


Why A Declaration and Bill?

Constitution is To Refrain Covt

The this is is just one of many such quotes one can find as well as quotes such as this one:

Declaration and PRecepts of Christ


Why did they feel this way? Think Law and Order, boundaries, foundations.  Think of relationships, families, even a business.  Can any of these truly operate without a firm solid foundation of principles of operation?  Can they do so in any healthy way? No, not really.  When the framers, founders created the system of government, they realized that they had to have a firm foundation of law and order, they turned biblical principles found in Exodus, Romans and other biblical writings, as well as the writings of John Locke Locke was extremely interested in the Bible, and he was engaged by biblical theology and religion throughout his life, though atheists will argue otherwise. 

Importance of the bible.

A blueprint is important in any journey, and for our founders, creators of this Republic, please can we get this straight not democracy, republic, they used biblical principles as their guide and prayed often, so when any politician or activist decides they are going to throw away the principles of the Republic, the core, the Constitution, Federalism, the Supremacy Clause, all these things, they are throwing away our very identity, our very heritage.  When anyone tries to wipe out Christianity from America, remove any trace of the founding fathers, they are removing the very identity of America.   The immigration debate, all of it with Conservatives, including Evangelicals on the one side and Progressives and such on the other, so called Social Justice Warriors in government in the Churches fail to acknowledge that the Bible places restraints and boundaries, which our framers were very well aware of, hence us being a Republic, not a Democracy, which gives greater restraint, or is supposed to to government, and also in a sense to the people, so they don’t get into a great dependency on government, so they have minimal dependency on government and most of the charity and all that is left to community and faith institutions. The founders, framers understood you had to have clear boundaries in government, within government, between government and the people, hence the Second Amendment as George Washington pointed out:

Second Amendment Rights

Does this mean we don’t have any laws at all? No, but the framers were aware that a government is made up of people and people can get power hungry, can start to see the populace as, the little people who know nothing and we need to control, and two ways to control is create lawlessness, including end all strong sense of faith and religion in the nation and second practically or actually destroy the 2nd Amendment.  If you an destroy the moral restraint on a society, and anything goes, and then take away the 2nd Amendment, you break down family, all things tradition and then take away arms, right o bear arms, you can then have a dictatorship, even one disguised as democracy.  Free will is a very important gift given to us, so the money, sex, the guns, the internet, none of that is the problem, it’s the flaws of human character that are the problem, and when you take away any all restraints nationally, personally, on all levels, when law and order internally or externally no longer matter, when borders no longer matter, moral, national ones of any kind, we no longer have a society that functions.  The founders, framers understood this, which is why when a lady told one of the framers how wonderful it was we had a Republic his response was “if you can keep it”.  He was skeptical that the Biblical and Christian principles, the Constitutional, Bill of Rights, Federalist Republic would withstand human corruption and judging from the level of sin and crap going on in the world, in our own nation, he wasn’t just whistling dixie as they say.  I hope and pray we can learn about those principles, about law and order, even natural moral law and get out nation, our world back on track, destroy all socialism, all those crappy isms.   This I hope and pray.


Why This Matters

While I am not overly religious, though I do believe the study of Scripture, of the Bible as well as metaphysics from a philosophy and science viewpoint have a lot to teach, offer and I do accept Christ as the Messiah within my faith paradigm.  This matters because of the privilege of living in a Constitutional Democratic Republic with a Bill of Rights which included intertwined Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Religion.  Notice very carefully it does not say Freedom of Worship.  This matters, the semantics here matter, but why?  Freedom of Worship would have meant only freedom to worship within the walls of one’s church, temple etc…Freedom of Religion mans printing religious material, expressing in private and public the tenets of my faith, it’s a broader Constitutional right.  Our Founders were also clear that the government could not establish a government church the way England has done.  Within the Freedom of Religion, one still has to adhere to zoning and other laws, but what this protects is the broader right of conscience, so that no one is forced to violate their true religious conscience.  If one went into a business that was run by atheist and demanded services that were better suited to the Christian run business down the street or three blocks over, that atheist business owner has the right by his conscience to say, this Easter Display is not something we are comfortable doing, but the guy three blocks down, great guy, tell him I sent you, and to give you a good price.  Guess what the Constitution protects his right to do so so.  Some will interpret this to mean you should be a spiteful brat, or worse and just refuse service outright to anyone who is not of your faith etc…, NOOOOOOO, not the ethical thing to do, nor the right thing.  You have to be discerning, so is it right for Church of Satan to want to have a Mass on sacred Christian ground or in a Catholic venue, NO, that is not religious freedom, that’s just spite.  However, with this ruling, the venue, Christian venue has every right to say, NO, this is in violation of our faith principles, and we do not give a permit for this.  Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist have the right to say, I am not comfortable doing this job, taking on this project etc…and we have to respect that.  That is what living in a Constitutional Republic is about.

The Amusement of Oxymorons, Oy!

Confused Face

Oxymorons are nothing new, we even have them in grammar and teachers had to correct students.  Remember the “not talking to nobody” thing, well if you’re not talking to nobody then you must be talking to somebody.  Politicians when they pass a Bill or are going to and tell you it’s sure to be great, but haven’t even looked it because it’s so monstrously long they can’t, won’t even understand what reading, when they tell you than, an oxymoron.  Recently there was a post of a supposedly huge anti Trump rally and it was a Socialist Democracy rally, and I had to scratch my head, as I thought of Venezuela and a few other places.  Why?

 F.A. Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom, “Democracy is essentially … a utilitarian device for safeguarding internal peace and individual freedom.” Essentially the principle of Democracy and a Democratic Republic is self governance to the best of one’s ability, taking responsibility for self (seems that has gotten lost in the world),  self-determination politically and  freedom of expression, without threatening or acting in violence please, thank you.  My earnings, my talents are my own to distribute as I see fit, not as the government sees fit.   My rights come not from government essentially, but from God, from my being a thinking etc… being capable of informing myself of all sides of the argument and making decisions. It is the principle that the private sector is to be encouraged to thrive and grow, yes ethically, with integrity, but never is government to be the largest employer, ever. Never to population to depend more on government for sustenance and daily bread as a whole than the private sector, than use of its’ own gifts and talents.  Charity, yes in truly dire cases where no other alternative exists, but that is a choice to be made and sustained by the individual, private sector and faith institutions, those cases should be vetted, with none dire cases, a program implemented to find out what their talents are and how to help them take on a second career path, stick to the development of that path, even if there are health and family issues that require lots of flexibility.  

In an article Sandy Ikeda points out the following:  What happens when you try to combine democracy with socialism?

Let’s say a socialist government has to choose between only two ends: greater income equality or greater racial justice. Even in this simple, two-alternative case, it has to define clearly what equality and justice mean in terms that everyone can agree on. What counts as income? What constitutes racial justice? What constitutes more equal income or justice? At what point has equality been achieved or justice served: perfect equality or perfect justice? If less than perfection, how much less? Seriously who decides what is perfect justice, perfect income equality etc.. and what about freedom of religious expression public and private, of speech, including the right to publicly call out politicos and their lackeys, religious leaders as crooks, heretics?  Try doing that in Venezuela and some other places, places that were Socialist or Communist and before you say they are not the same, just one shade away one from the other.  My mom lived through the Mussolini era of Fascism, and prior, so she knows what I mean. 

Government is meant to perform some very basic functions, but it is not meant to turn us into dependent children, victims, mindless bots, or to go the opposite of what JFK said in his speech “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Smaller government means less bureaucracy, but also more focused government, stronger borders etc… Socialism is all about the collective, so the rights, earnings, blood and sweat, gifts, talents, hopes and dreams of the individual etc… don’t mean a damned thing in a Socialist system. It’s all about preserving the collective and if individual lives have to be sacrificed and truth, integrity also of the individual for the collective, so be it.  To plan such a massive collective economy you have to silence, squash the individual, their hopes, dreams, thriving and prosperity, religious liberty, have to.  That is where we are now, close to it in the USA and that is scary to see, the road we are going on.  In colleges there is no more debate, free thinking exchange of ideas, nowhere is there free exchange of ideas, even with my friend of over 30 years we have had some real knock out debates, but the friendship has endured, beautiful thing.  I hope we can make U Turn in this nation and fast.


Ideology is the Core Issue

a dark room

We keep hearing about the War on Terror, but what is the plan for war on radical ideology, and I am not talking general conservative political principles or holistic natural order of things Christian principles, I am talking about the war on Jihad Islam, on that mentality, on a religious ideology stuck in many centuries past and not in a good way?  Once there was a strong Judeo-Chritian presence to counter all this, but Christians aside from prayer warrior truly biblical perhaps orthodox Christians have diminished, allowed their influence to diminish replaced by humanism, us as the center of it all, me me me, what I want, feel have to have, and wrong idea of social justice, of equality.  How do we counter this nutty ideology that promises, truly or falsely if twisted to untruth regarding the faith, that you will get 72 virgins in heaven for Jihad?  Good question.

To begin with, you wake up to the fact that the world has a jihadi Islamic problem and the USA should be a beacon of countering this with the faith of its’ origins, which is tough when even the statue of George Washington is being removed from the church he worshiped at.  A solid strong Constitutional Federalist Capitalist America, and a strong prayerful conservative worldview, centered in holistic sacred scripture truth and being a beacon of this for the world is a start.  Of course we have to set our country back on track, includes education and academia which is quickly becoming communist, liberal progressive ideology or none accepted.  When you determine a counter-ideological strategy, for goodness sakes get very focused, coherent and long term plan with it.  Define clear political, social etc… goals, a clear long term 30 year plan, and then proceed efficiently.  Use voices affected by Jihad extremism, of that backward in time mentality to make the danger very clear and present.  Look at patterns of extremist violent groups and what had to happen for them to be squashed, greatly crippled for the long term until they died.  Have a strong family oriented society and such, as well as clear ways to assimilate those who come in.   There also has to be a clear goal of getting the Muslim world to separate politics from Islam, keep the two separate for a vibrant democratic republicanism and federalism.  We had a vibrant viable one ourselves in the USA with lots of vigorous debate on all sides, lots of critical thinking in schools and actual learning, but the PC Police have destroyed that as have the snowflake generation and messed up academia, which now considers having Shakespeare as part of the literature curriculum is too much “whiteness”.  We must clean up our act, get strong in our Federal Republicanism etc.. then we can set things straight in regards to Islamic Extremism.

For those who think Islam Extremism etc.. is new, think again.  As you can see our founding fathers had issues with Islam, most likely the literal jihad part, and that it was stuck in many centuries past. They are not the only ones.   A large part of the change in Islam has to come from leaders in the Middle East, their clerics, and Muslims themselves saying “NO, Not acceptable, this literal Jihad, not in our name ever!”  If and when that happens, real change can happen.  Some Middle East Leaders are working towards that and I hope they succeed, for their own people and the world.

Whose Responsibility, Risk and Reward?


Two schools of thought, ideologies etc…Socialism and Capitalism.     This chart gives the differences in a very concise manner.

There are key differences, important ones being responsibility, spirituality, risk, reward ration, full realization of self, the basis or even incentive for that.  True capitalism, not crony, which is what we have had much of, but true capitalism and private community and faith based charity create an amazing society, world, but for that to happen some key elements have to be present at all levels of society.  First thing is a natural love of law and order, personal development, and of development of one’s talents, gifts, discovering what they are, a supportive law abiding community, and natural order family unit of great integrity to also show you that path and help you discover that.  A true capitalist society understands the value of individual, as well as collective contributions of gifts, talents whatever they are and even when life circumstances change, new or perhaps never before explored gifts are encouraged for continued self reliance etc… There is also in the USA, used to be a strong faith component that kicked you in the tukkus to strive for integrity etc…, not to say we are perfect and achieve it perfectly, but it was there, strongly, it mattered.  The government in a capitalist society, the education system is not the parent, is not the primary educator and shaper of worldview, rather the family and local community is.  When that is strong, solid with solid ethics, integrity, morals and thriving through true capitalism, when there is no crony capitalism, no corporate welfare, rather full range of risk and reward, everyone knowing there is no bailout, so make it work, do it right, no one is going to save your tukkus, stuff gets accomplished, innovation happens.  When government takes on a role of parent, nanny everything under the sun, and has constant bailouts for everyone, no one learns any lessons, no one develops thick skin, no one seeks to innovate.  Does that mean that government shouldn’t have some laws to keep law and order, all that jazz?  No, of course it should, but not to point of suffocating, stifling innovation.  A big part of life is this equation, not a comfortable one, but a necessary one, “risk and suck up risk if you want reward, potential reward, realize “buyer beware, if anything seems to awesome to be true, triple check it, likely is”  Life is about discovering what you and your gifts are made of, which means risk, reward, and potentially disappointment and heartache here and there.  That is what builds character.  It also forces you to learn to make decisions, to think through things critically not with emotions, or seeing boogeymen everywhere, but it teaches you to figure out how to discern things in life.  When government says “we will take care of everything, decide everything for you, guide every aspect of your life”, you are in serious trouble, for many generations to come. 

For there to be true freedom, you can’t have snowflakes in a society, a society full of them, the government micromanaging lives or society.  Human beings can not, must not be micromanaged.  Nations must as true to capitalism as possible, full risk and reward, yet community, locally and individually we should be able to constructively help those in need and those who did risk and lost in that process to rebuild.  That is true capitalism and a strong society, nation.