Conservative Is Now Criminal?

We have entered dark dark dark days when our society glorifies in academia all things Alynsky, Chavez, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Woodstock Free Love and Promiscuity, the LGBT lifestyle, along those lines of Philosophy, Worldview, Atheism, BLM, and determined that if you vote along the opposite of that, hold opposite truth, you are evil, a […]

Confederate Etc…Stay? Heck Yeah!

I have more than one family tree.  My tree consists of four grandparents and my parents were cousins.  My grandfather was on dad’s side though he was a model citizen here in the USA, was not so in the old country of Italy, oh no. His daughter, my aunt, many swore was Satan’s child, vindictive […]

Who Defines “Offensive and Hate”?

Germany has just approved an online hate speech law, scary considering history in Europe and here in the USA. Both continents have a scary history of government defining free speech, freedom of assembly, peaceful assembly etc… and it is not pretty.  Don’t get me wrong blocking highways etc.., clinics not okay because people can die, […]

The Problem, Not The Laws, People

People keep balking about the laws, how crappy the laws are and how awful society is, and in 2018 Conservatives thought everything would change and the nation would take a right direction.  Problem with that and I am realizing that now, just how naive any of us were. For this nation to truly change, you […]

What Founders Really Meant By…

In the Declaration of Independence, one of the bedrocks of our nation’s formation, identity, along with the anthem, flag, Constitution, when the founders, particularly Federal Republic founders mean by Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness, which was and Property .  but Jefferson changed it to take people out of the mindset of slavery. In regards […]

Rights Properly Understood

Progressives have taken the notion of Rights and twisted it greatly.  If we are to understand the true meaning of rights and sovereignty of a nation we must understand it through the lens of The Declaration of Independence.  

Nation, Like a House Foundation, Layers

  Liberal Progressives hate it when anyone tries do bring up the Declaration of Independence, the Christian roots of our nation, they are livid and hate it. However, a house is built on foundation and beams to stand, so is a nation. Why does the Declaration matter? It matters for a few reasons.   We […]

Why Dialogue?

I have seen some really crazy stuff on social media on both sides the right and the left, and it is not OK, including a comedian calling on terrorists to commit acts of terror against Trump properties and a call for  a Muslim Registry, which technically is unconstitutional I believe.  We have seen BLM marches […]

Problem Is Not Electoral College

People complain about the EC when their candidate does not win and yes it is not perfect, but there is a reason we have the EC. Not to say we can not fix it and there is a Bill being presented to make the EC more evenly keeled for both Parties. Hopefully it will pass. […]

No Patience for the Snowflakes!

As this campaign has unfolded and the reaction of academics, students etc…, I find myself at a loss and in mourning in a sense for my nation, not because of the election, but what it showed.  We have Republic, not a democracy and there is a reason for that, so that big cities with big […]